The Importance of Power Distribution Strips

Just like disposal engineers actually turn out to be what used to be called garbage men, the name power distribution strips is sort of a fancy way of saying plug strips, just like the kind you might have at home next to your entertainment center. Of course, a power distribution strip is much more important than that one that allows you to plug your TV, your DVD player, and your CD player all in at once. They are designed to be used by huge servers in data centers and instead of just letting you plug in 5 things at once with maybe a bit of power surge protection if you sprung for the more expensive model, these are very sophisticated devices meant to perform many functions at once.

Data Center

First of all, and most obviously, they supply power to the servers in a data center and since no computer can work without electricity getting to it, this is a very vital function. As you might imagine, it takes a lot more work to design a data center’s power needs than just throwing the strip in there and plugging in a few things. They are composed of transformers and circuit breakers and they may also include monitoring devices so that if there are any fluctuations in the power supply or distribution of that power, alarms may sound or automatic backup plans may trigger to make sure that the servers and the data they are storing are protected. Some can be wired through computers of their own that allow for remote controlling of the power distribution so that circumstances can be monitored on a minute by minute basis. If that is the case, then systems can be shut down if necessary in a controlled way from a remote location rather than just cutting all power to the entire room or even worse not being able to control the power unless someone is on site. It is important as all circumstances to be considered. Would there come a time when the servers need to be shut down and a reboot started? Will the system be growing? Will there be a chance of a power surge or blackout and a switch to a generator becomes necessary?

When a company starts planning for a data center, considering power distribution strip placement, size, and numbers is absolutely vital. If that company fails to do very careful planning, things could get extremely dicey pretty quickly because the circuits might be overloaded or there may not be enough power distribution strips to handle all of the requirements for the servers. Also, if the company has not thought about what sort of power strips they want, they may not invest in those that fit all of their needs and they might actually have data lost by those servers and this could even be detrimental to customers if they are providing service to others or to their own business if it causes a loss of very important data. Also, careful planning allows for the most efficient use of power and considering the typical cost of electrical power these days, with no end in sight, prevention of waste needs to be a priority. In other words, all of the plugs in the power distribution strip that can be used should be used.

By planning ahead, you can get the most use out of those power distribution strips and they will be a vital tool in your data center.

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Benefits Of Installing A Proper Power Generator For A Mission Critical Facility

Does your business run into power failure problems? Have power outages become a big irritant and complaint in your business? It is vital that your business finds a mission critical facility that uses a proper power generator and is reliable for all of your network users. It is worthy to note that mission critical facilities are referred to in a vast array of other names, such as: carrier hotels, cyber centers, co-location centers, telecom hotels, co-hotels, server farms and data centers. These names do tend to cause some confusion to those that are new to tech world; with this being said please know that there are many brick-and-mortar buildings that will utilize space to be a mission critical facility.
Mission critical facilities play house to computer and network servers for anything from a very large corporation to numerous businesses alike. If there is a power failure or system downfall, numerous people and businesses can be affected. In fact, some types of power failures in mission critical facilities can result very costly and expensive penalties and fees. The customers, the company, investors, board members, vendors, employees, net value and even the reputation of the company itself can all be affected by a power failure.


Data Center

So, with this important fact combined with the liability of millions of dollars in revenue and a bad reputation, it is imperative to install a mission critical facility power generator to 100% guarantee that your systems and users are not ever subject to a power failure or any type of power interruption. Because it is not just important to make sure that the entire infrastructure housing the equipment has excellent mechanical and electrical systems, the facility must also have a power generator for cases when power failures and interruptions happen do happen.

When a mission critical facility power generator is used then businesses and companies can save not only on time but also on costly expenses. Chicago, LA, San Fran, New Jersey, New York and other large, metro hubs of business are where hundreds of mission critical facilities are held. It is crucial for these sites and buildings to have a reliable and dependable mission critical facility power generator. When the system never goes down, more and more businesses will want to use those services.

There is more than one benefit that results in businesses that decide to house servers in a mission critical facility. First things are they are reliable and dependable. Having the ability to focus on the operations of the business itself and making data exchanges more efficient within computer networks is imperative for companies to succeed when they don’t have the resources available for their own protection against power failures.

Customers everywhere in all businesses want service availability all the time, not just during banking hours. This is why technology must never fail due to a power outage. When a mission critical facility power generator is used and properly installed, business systems are guaranteed to operate 365 days a year, 24/7. It will feel good knowing that no matter what happens in regards to power failures or power interruptions the network will not go down. Companies can rest easy knowing that they can deliver to their customers the access they have promised as well as offering support around the clock. Networks can operate seamlessly and dependably for the maximum revenue possible.

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Eaton UPS Creating Energy Efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies

data center equipmentPower protection is extremely important in keeping IT assets protected from power loss issues. Even small outages are a problem to most companies and businesses. Losing power, even only for a second, can result in events that leave IT equipment down from fifteen minutes up to a day or more. This downtime is extremely costly for companies because lost time means a loss in money. Utility power isn’t clean and it isn’t very reliable when everything depends on the power to be stabilized and available around the clock. Voltage can vary and this means that while utility services promise that they will deliver a 208-phase voltage they can actually deliver a range approximately from 190 volts to nearly 225 volts on any given moment. These variations are wide enough that they can cause significant damage to IT equipment. Eaton UPS can create an uninterruptible power supply that can save sensitive electrical equipment in the event of a power loss.

So what is a UPS? UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. Simply put, it is a device that provides a backup power for when the electricity fails. It provides power for as long as necessary for critical equipment to shut down properly to avoid data loss or long enough to retain operational until a generator can come back online. A UPS also monitors incoming power and conditions it so that surges and lags are not able to cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment. There are three main types of UPS; single conversion systems, double conversion systems and multi-mode systems.

The Eaton UPS single conversion systems work to feed the incoming AC power from the source to the IT equipment and when the input falls out of range from the inputted limits, the UPS will work to use its inverter to draw electricity from the battery virtually disconnecting the AC input to prevent major problems from backfeeding. The unit remains on battery power until AC input resumes or until the battery dies.

A double conversion system converts power twice. Firstly AC power is converted into DC and fed into an output converter. This inverter then converts the DC power back to AC power before feeding it into the IT equipment. This process isolates and smoothes out the loads that are received from the utility power feeds, ensuring that the equipment only receives reliable and clean electricity. In the event that AC input falls under predefined limits then the converter begins to draw battery power.

An Eaton UPS multi-mode system combines features from both the single and double conversion systems while providing improvements in reliability and efficiency. While operating under normal circumstances, the system keeps voltage within safe limits. However if the AC input falls under the predefined limits then the system switches over to double conversion mode which isolates the IT equipment from the fluctuating AC source. If the electricity goes out completely then the UPS utilizes the battery to keep loads running so as to not lose any data or revenue.

No matter which system is chosen for power manageability, it is important to remember that all electrical equipment is sensitive and prone to damage from electrical instability. Eaton UPS help to protect sensitive computer equipment by providing an uninterruptible backup power system for use in home applications or large commercial applications. As technology increases, so does the need for businesses to have many options in managing the power of their data centers.

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How to Properly Design a Data Center

When designing a data center there are more things to think about than just simply putting servers and racks in a room and naming it the data center. There are steps that can be taken to be sure that the data center is well designed and efficiently runs. A properly designed data center will be reliable and dependable for a company and all the network users.


How to Properly Design a Data Center

Planning ahead is the first step. Failure to do this could result in mistakes down the road. Consider all the possibilities of what can go wrong and plan for all outcomes to keep everything running smoothly. Planning for the worst scenario that can happen will help to eliminate headaches when these problems do occur. Acts of God must also be considered as well as internal network issues. So by utilizing a solid plan when designing a data center, numerous problems can be minimized, if not eliminated completely.

The best design for a data center is a simple one. If a problem does occur and the system is easy to manage, then the problems will be fixed much faster and will minimize the loss in downtime for users. Keeping in mind that technology is advancing at an incredible rate and always will it is vital that maintaining flexibility in design will also allow for the necessary room that the center will require adapting to technology changes and upgrades in the future.

Utilizing standardized sections will also make it much easier to construct a data center. When servers need to be added or upgrades need to be done, it will be much easier to know what is needed and how it will all fit together. Keep in mind that servers are heavy and preparation for housing them is essential.

Flooring underneath heavy servers can crack or even cave in if it is not supported properly in the infrastructure. Having a contractor check the integrity of the floors prior to placing them in the intended space can save hours in labor and heartache in the future. Consider installing aluminum flooring if using a raised floor. This will also prevent damage. Aluminum is stronger than ceramic or plastic tiles and can handle the weight of the equipment in the data center more effectively.

It is an important step to take the time in the beginning of the design of the data center to label all cables and cords. Unfortunately many people overlook this step and then are unsure of which cables go where and end up wasting hours and hours of time trying to figure out which cable goes where. Having to pull up a floor just to find out where a certain cable is plugged into is a waste of time and company resources.

Safety is vital as well in regards to the data center. In order to prevent accidents, it’s important to keep the data center clutter free and out of sight of the general public. People will not tamper with something if they do not know it is even there.

Keeping the equipment properly cooled is another crucial step in designing a data center. When an optimum temperature is maintained, the computers are able to keep working smoothly and do not get overheated. Certain electrical components produce heat that can be detrimental to other nearby devices, so good air conditioning and the proper ventilation are absolutely imperative when designing a data center. By installing an air conditioning system that is mounted on the ceiling of the room instead of the floor, designers can save valuable floor space. Plus it will allow for the installation of free cooling servers that will emit cold air to keep the front faces of the servers cool.

By keeping these tips in mind when designing a data center can help optimize efficiency and ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.

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Top Reasons For Data Center Outages

In a world that is run heavily by technology, a data center outage can bring disastrous results. In recent years, internet users have suffered through many significant data center outages that brought news organizations, social media, and financial Web sites to a standstill. Oftentimes, these outages cost companies up to millions of dollars and were responded to with a hailstorm of outrage on social media sites. There are quite a few ways in which a data center outage can occur.


Top Reasons For Data Center Outages

One way in which a data center outage happens lies in the limited capacity of the technology itself. Generally speaking, servers and routers are designed to handle a certain capacity of traffic and information. When a huge event happens, like the death of a world-famous music star, or terrorist event, or a world-renown sports event, the capacity of servers and routers can become stretched beyond their capacity, leading to system failure, crashes, and ultimately data center outages. Figuring out a way to take technology designed for one capacity and making it impervious to a higher flow of traffic is one of the ongoing struggles for the industry and remains one of the leading causes for data center outages.

Sometime one of the key components in a data center outage rests with a third party. While Web sites do have some control over how fast the elements of their sites load, they are limited in the speed for their-party content like widgets and ad networks. If a huge event happens and people rush to the news or their social media sites, these elements can slow things down the point of causing a data center outage. Electronic attacks from hackers present yet another distinct challenge to the healthy functioning of data centers. In past year, electronic attacks have held captive many Web sites until the defenses of the site could break through, causing an outage of usage for consumers. This kind of attack has been especially prevalent among social media sites in recent years, which are known for having less security than many other types of sites out there.

As advanced as modern technology gets, it still relies on the mechanics of its physical parts to operate well. A third important cause of data center outages comes with issues related to the physical components of the technology involved. A fire in an electric room in Europe could interrupt your email for a day. Faulty insulation for an electric duct could lead to systems overheating and shutting down. If the generator for the server for your favorite social media sites stops working, the resulting loss in power could make you wait for hours to post your new favorite vacation pictures or update your status. Even inclement weather, from lightning storms and floods, to hurricanes and earthquakes, has the power to interrupt your favorite show on the net. Often it is not the carelessness of people, but rather the harshness of physical realities that lead to data center outages.

Outages will occur as long as these elements continue to exist. The most we can do in the meantime is use sound backup principles and hope that these outages don’t occur during the game-deciding goal of our favorite sports team.

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Data Center Load Bank Testing

If you are a person or a company starting up a data center, whether it is starting from scratch or whether it has just grown in bits and pieces and is now being compiled into one area to make life easier for your IT person, or you, your power supply is going to be absolutely critical. It is much more complicated than you can probably imagine and making sure it is designed well is going to be much more involved than just plugging something in.

Part of the process that you will need to undergo as you start developing a plan for powering your data center is load bank testing. This is, to simplify the concept, simply allowing for there to be a dry run on your power needs, without any actual power being used, to make sure that your theoretical plan for how your power bank is designed actually can handle the load. This also might include power produced by a generator if you will have a generator as a back-up power source in case of a blackout.

Data Center Load Bank Testing

This is just not something you can do yourself with a five-minute effort as you stand in your data center right before you are ready to put your computers on line. In fact, load bank testing is quite complex and there are actual companies out there who offer the service of coming in and doing your load bank testing for you. If you want to make sure that your load testing is done correctly, you might be wise to hire such a company which can offer you expertise and assistance. Of course, the process will be done differently depending on the company you hire and your needs so it is hard to predict exactly how the tests would be conducted, but you would be wise to ask exactly what they will do for you, how they will analyze the results, and what they will do if your system shows some problems. Will the company be twisting your arm to buy their products? Will they simply help you know what you need to buy to make improvements but then not give you any more information? Neither of those might be the most useful approach, but of course you will need to decide what you want to have happen during your testing process and afterward.

It might also be wise to make sure that all of the people who will be dealing with your power system, or those who will train those who will be dealing with your power system, are present for the analysis of the system so that they can understand how the testing has worked and what changes need to be made and why. This would be something you might certainly discuss with the people you bring in to do the testing as to how the data will be presented and analyzed and who should be present for that. After all, your power needs will undoubtedly not remain static for the rest of the existence of your data center. In fact, you might need to institute a program where the testing is done on a regular basis so that any potential breakdowns can be caught early.

Make sure that you do your data center load bank testing correctly, interpreted correctly, and corrected properly, so that you and your data are protected for years to come.

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What to Consider When Hiring a Data Center Design Company

If you are interested in having a data center for your company or a group of companies, designing such a thing may be well beyond your technological skill level. After all, unless your company is actually providing technology expertise to others, it is likely that you feel more comfortable doing your work rather than doing the job of an IT professional. If you have an IT professional on your staff and he really knows computers and servers and all of their needs, then he might be able to help you, but it is just as possible that actually developing a data center from design to reality is far beyond his comfort level. You might very well be better off, and get more value for your money, if you hire an outside company specifically to come in and design your data center for you.

If you decide this is what you want to do, then before you sign a contract with such a company, you need to decide a few things. Of course, setting a budget is always one of the first things you need to do because it is very easy to quickly go way over budget and then regret it as you have to take away things that sound wonderful and useful. If you go in with your budget in mind and that is almost the first thing you tell any prospective companies, then they can avoid going crazy with marvelous options that you just cannot afford. And keep in mind that the cheapest bid for your business may not be the best one for you. So often with computers and other technology aspects there are many things that go into creating value. If a company costs a little more for their design services but offer extras such as free system checks on a regular basis or perhaps the ability to come in and help you as you expand down the road, then such a company might actually be worth the extra cost.

What to Consider When Hiring a Data Center Design Company

You should probably have an idea of how many servers you will want to house and what the servers will be doing. If they are simply going to be backup storage, then the protection of the power grid around them may be much less vital than a server that provides medical interfaces with a series of clinics and hospitals where a server outage is simply unthinkable. That does not mean you have to make the final decision on size, brand, or number of servers, but you should know whether you will just be working within your own company or whether you will have clients counting on you.

You should also have an idea of who will be working with the system so that the company can structure the data center to work with the sole employee who will be in charge of the center or all 500 of your employees that need to understand how to work within it. You should also need to know whether you will have an IT staff of professionals working with your computer or whether it will just be amateurs who need to have very easy designs and instructions.

Once these decisions have been considered, then it is time to find a date center designing company that will give you exactly what you need.

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Data Center Battery Repair

data center maintenanceSince the invention of the computer and the age of technology have taken place, computers are now an absolute necessity for nearly every business and company to function and compete in the marketplace. Then there are homes. Nearly every home in America has a computer or the people in the home go somewhere to use a computer. Needless to say, computers are now more than just a way of life and that is not going to change anytime soon.

With this in mind, companies and corporations must also offer reliable and dependable service to their customers and stakeholders through computers and technology to keep them happy. Sometimes it just takes one bad battery to bring down your system during a power outage.  Computers, customers, businesses and more will not easily accept the results that are caused by power outages and electrical interruptions. This is why it is imperative that your data center for your business has the best battery power to ensure that the system is still operational in the event of a power outage or interruption in service.

A battery is necessary because surge protectors strips are not going to always protect equipment from failing or even ensure that service is always available. There has even been damage to some computer equipment when users have utilized the strips for reliability and protection all the time. Equipment that has been powered off but still connected to the electrical supply source have even suffered major damage when surges happened. Having a reliable and trustworthy battery backup for your data center can not only prevent damage to your computers but also can keep you from having to deal with loss in data that many others have suffered when they have depended on power surge protector strips instead of a proper data center UPS and battery.

It is recommended that using a good UPS system along with great battery backup can keep businesses from experiencing problems and costly issues that result from power surges, black-outs, brown outs and sags in the power supply itself. It is also beneficial for virtually eliminating the loud noises that come from some sources of power. Every battery must be checked out and serviced to maintain its true integrity. It is entirely possible to lose everything in the event of a power outage when a battery is bad and goes down. Yes, just one bad battery in the mix can cause thousands of dollars of damage or more because of the failures and loss in data that can result.

Don’t be like so many others and wait for costly errors and power failures to happen before taking action and installing a UPS with a trustworthy and reliable battery backup source. Prevent power outages at the office and house from affecting the work performed. Getting the UPS and battery is a simple matter and in comparison to the amount of money saved in regards to the risky, expensive outcomes is much more cost-effective. Avoid the loss in data, damage to computers, equipment and very expensive computer bills for the repairs by installing the UPS and battery. Doing all these things will not only keep business from losing important information and data but will make the stakeholders feel good in the service promises made when you can ensure that the data center battery will always be in good working order. Always have maintenance audits and checks to verify the equipment is in proper order and does not require any repair.

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Computer Room Air Conditioning for Optimum Equipment Performance

Proper Computer Room Air Conditioning Can Keep Data Center Equipment Running At Optimum Performance.  Any time that computer system equipment is contained in a typical sized server room, the environment can fluctuate quickly. Computer room air conditioning is an essential part of data center designs. The equipment in a computer room is usually running all day long, every single day of the year, non-stop. This generates in immense amount of heat that can inhibit the functions of the computer equipment in the room as well as the network users. When the heat increases, many problems can occur such as slow performance and system breakdowns. However, these problems can be avoided by making sure that the data center has a proper computer room air conditioning system installed.
Computer room air conditioning not only cools the temperature of the machines, it also lowers the humidity in the room. All electrical equipment needs the correct humidity level to operate effectively. If the level of humidity were to rise above 55%, then irreparable damage can occur. While this isn’t a factor everywhere, in areas where high humidity is likely, then humidity control is required so that malfunctions and breakdowns do not occur. Moisture can build up inside the equipment and will definitely destroy it. Replacing this equipment costs money and creates stress that data center operators do not need.


Computer Room Air Conditioning

There are many innovative ways to keep computer rooms air conditioned. Before electricity was available, building designers had to find ways to provide ventilation to the buildings they designed. One way this was done was by using eyebrow or clerestory monitors. An eyebrow monitor is described as a raised section of a pitched roof that contained windows that could be opened for increased airflow. A clerestory monitor is slightly similar except that it is a raised section of flat roof that had windows around the side that could be opened as well. When put into operation, the clerestory monitor provided huge amounts of natural light and an efficient way for outside air to flow through the building thus providing cooling.

When utilizing this technique in a data center, cooler outside air comes in through ground level vents then it is vented vertically. The only step in this process that requires assistance is venting exhaust air away from the server cabinets . Once the hot air is away from the equipment, it will continue to rise until it is removed through the clerestory monitor. A vacuum is created by the air flow through the clerestory monitor and the exhaust fan operation which keeps the air flowing and cool.

It’s very easy to see how this cooling technique is not only possible to do and is beneficial but is energy efficient as well. The only mechanical requirement is the use of exhaust fans to vent the hot air away from the server cabinets. It’s also extremely easy to accommodate outside temperature changes by simply closing or opening different windows. There are a few tips to making this type of cooling system work. It’s important to size the clerestory monitor to adequately fit the size of computer room being used. In addition, by orienting the monitor along the side towards the prevailing winds the optimum airflow is provided. Lastly, avoid utilizing this cooling type in areas or regions that have little or no natural airflow or in areas with long lasting high temperatures as it will not work and will cause damage to the equipment.


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24/7 Maintenance Plan

When Power Outages Happen, It Pays To Have A 24/7 Data Center Maintenance Plan. It would be a big help for businesses of all types if the power company could give you an iron-clad guarantee that you will only ever have power issues on a regular workday, and maybe even first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, that is just not reality.  In fact, due to the nature of storms it might even be the case that your power is more likely to have issues of blackouts, brownouts, or other disruptions in the middle of the night.  

24/7 Maintenance Plan

If you are counting on your power supply, as would definitely be the case if you have a data center that provides information, storage, and access for thousands or millions of people or even just your own company, then it is almost a necessity that you have some plan in place for dealing with power issues no matter when they happen.  The plan should not just be theoretical.  It should be written and tested and everyone who will play a part in the plan should know their duty.   If such a plan includes backup power such as ordering it from a different provider or simply having a generator turned on when needed, then testing these power supplies long before the crisis occurs is a vital part of your load bank testing.  
There should also be regular maintenance to make sure that things are always working and that everyone involved in your maintenance plan understands how and why each step occurs and how they will contribute.  Nothing should be left to chance or it is almost certain that things will go just as terribly wrong as it is possible for them to go.

Fortunately, having a maintenance plan that is developed to work around the clock does not necessarily mean that you have to have an employee sitting on site to monitor the power system.  In fact, with today’s communication technology, you might be better not having an employee on site and counting on their awareness of problems and their ability to detect difficulties.  Instead, the power system can monitor itself, much better than your eyes can, and can notify you or any of the people involved in the plan wherever they are, whenever it is needed.  If the power starts to fluctuate, without actually going out, things can be done to shut down less important systems and push the power toward vital areas of your data center and this can be done in the blink of an eye by the computer that runs the system.  It could also let you know that this has happened so that you can know what to do next.  If human input is needed, that might even be able to be done from home with simply logging into a website and telling the computer what to do.  Or, if more input is needed, then the right people can be notified so they can physically go into the data center and get things working right.  And yes, this could even be done with a power outage.  You would simply need to make sure that there is an automatic backup power source that will allow the computer in charge of notifying people to do so before the power source dies.
Never leave things to chance.  This all needs to be developed far in advance for implantation no matter when or why a power outage happens.

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