UPS Maintenance Is Key To Data Center Success

Keep Your UPS Performance Up With Scheduled Maintenance

data center maintenanceYour uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a series of batteries whose function it is to maintain the flow of power to critical equipments within your data center that are unable to withstand power interruption. Your UPS is also able to shield your data center equipment from blackouts, brownouts, voltage spikes and frequency variations as well as any transient disturbances in incoming power. A majority of your equipment requires uninterruptible power to function properly, which is why your UPS is so critical. Breaks in utility power supply are inevitable, and most equipment will shut down after a few cycles of disruption to their power source. Consequently, your UPS is an essential component of your data center system.

Minimizing disruptions to the power source starts during the power system’s design phase. A reliable power system depends on quality equipment and reliable design. A facility’s UPS should be designed to protect critical and high-tech equipment and to facilitate planned power outages so technicians can perform maintenance.

Preventative UPS maintenance should be a regular occurrence for anyone with a data center. Routine cleaning, testing, and inspection will reduce incidences of downtime and increase the longevity of data center equipment. To achieve optimum results, preventative maintenance should be performed at regularly scheduled intervals. For example, a standard UPS maintenance service plans might include the following maintenance schedule.

Visual inspections of data center equipment could occur on a quarterly basis. If your data center’s backup power system includes a generator, it might be tested at quarterly visits as well. Semiannual maintenance would likely include backup generator testing and checking for liquid contamination effecting capacitors or batteries. At these same visits, UPS equipment and enclosures would be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. HVAC equipment would be checked at these visits as well to ensure temperature and humidity are at appropriate levels.

Annual and Biannual inspections should also be incorporated into your UPS maintenance schedule. Annual visits would include thermal scans on electrical connections. These scans verify that connections are tight and are not producing heat. An operational test of the entire system is also appropriate at an annual inspection. Biannual inspections include the testing of UPS transfer switches along with maintenance bypasses and circuit breakers.

This is just one example of a possible UPS maintenance schedule, and is neither exhaustive nor wholly comprehensive in scope. Nevertheless, it gives you a clear sense of the thorough over site and care that your UPS would undergo with such a service plan in place. You can easily imagine how malfunctions and needed repairs would be detected in a timely manner. Many potential problems would be averted completely, as UPS maintenance is highly preventative. The incidence of downtime would be markedly diminished and efficiency would remain at peak levels.

The mere existence of an uninterruptible power supply does not ensure protection from power surges or failures. If you want to be able to rely on your UPS, you must be sure to provide it with routine oversight and care. Regular testing of the UPS will protect data center and institutional equipment from power fluctuations and distortions, and ensure it is operating a peak potential. In so doing, critical systems will be protected and be enabled to operate reliably as well.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Importance

Having An Uninterruptible Power Supply Is Important To A Data Center

data center equipmentIt is when a power source fails that can result in loss of data, loss of applications, and other impacts including angry end users.  Having an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential as a buffer between the usual power source and the equipment in a data center.  If the usual power source fails is when the UPS will kick in to protect against loss of information.  The most common reason for the UPS to be needed is due to a power outage.

Whether you are in charge of an existing data center or in charge of setting up a new data center you need to understand the types of equipment that are going to be used in the data center as well as the equipment being used by end users.  It is this information that will determine what type of uninterruptible power supply your data center will need.  Understanding what the system requirements are will have an impact on how the electrical systems are planned.  Systems designers will need a detailed plan including all requirements outside of the data center.  All of this accumulated information will have a bearing on picking the best uninterruptible power supply for your business’s situation.

There are many things that can go wrong in a data center; losing power has to be one of the most frightening because of the repercussions of what would happen if everything went down.  Having an adequate uninterruptible power supply is essential in protecting electric equipment from a sudden and unexpected loss of power.  There are cases when having a UPS in combination with a generator makes the most sense to ensure that if there is an extended power outage your data center would be covered.  In some cases it is not just data that could be lost if there were a power outage.  There is some equipment that could be damaged if there was a loss of power.

Most computer servers are left up and running twenty-four hours a day so that end users can access the information they need.  As more employees are becoming mobile and taking their work with them it is essential they have access to the server(s) at all times.  This may be especially true if there is any international travel involved.

In addition to interruption protection an uninterruptible power supply may include features that protect against power surges or sustained spikes in voltage or brown-outs.  If you are in a smaller data center your UPS would switch to battery power.  If you are working in a larger data center your UPS may include transformers that are able to step up or step down the voltage as necessary.  If you have a high-end unit it may be able to function as a power conditioner that protects against variation in power that could be harmful if your business is using any kind of sensitive equipment.

Which type of UPS is going to be best for your data center is going to depend greatly on the type of business your data center is serving.  You may find you will need different UPSs for different departments within your company.  Having the right UPSs is something that needs to be well thought out.

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Importance Of UPS Maintenance Plans

UPS Battery Maintenance

UPS MaintenanceThe fact is that the battery is the most vulnerable part of a UPS.  It is battery failure that is the leading cause of downtime and the reason to have a UPS maintenance plan in place.  Having an understanding of how to adequately maintain and manage your UPS batteries will extend your battery life and go a long way in avoiding costly downtime.

The most common battery that is in use is the maintenance free battery.  These batteries are usually sealed in polypropylene plastic which does not contain any sloshing liquid that might leak or drip.  Recombination of water is essential to their maintenance.  Anything that adds to the rate of evaporation reduces the battery life; another reason that UPS maintenance is so important.

The end of the life for a battery is when it can no longer supply eighty percent of its ampere-hours in its rating capacity.  After it hits the eighty percent mark the aging process seems to accelerate and it should be replaced.

There is some difference between large and small UPS.  In most cases a small UPS will only have one battery where a larger UPS could have a multiple string of batteries.  In either case it is important that there is UPS maintenance in place.  Obviously the larger UPS will be more complicated to maintain.  It must be monitored closely so that one bad battery does not take down the whole system.  As systems get larger it is common for wet-cell batteries to be used.

If you have batteries that sit unused and you have not included a charging regiment in your UPS maintenance plan their life will decrease.  The lead-acid types of batteries have a self-discharge characteristic and it is recommended that they be charged every three months of storage.  Without this regular charging you can expect that permanent damage will occur within eighteen to thirty months.  To further prolong their shelf life they should also be stored at temperatures fifty degrees F or less.

The most typical reasons that batteries fail are because of high or fluctuating temperatures.  If there is a float charge voltage that is inaccurate could cause a failure.  Having inter-cell links that are loose or connections that are loose could cause a failure.  If because of drying out or a damaged case there is a loss of electrolyte this could cause a failure.  General lack of UPS maintenance, UPS repair or aging can cause failures.  All of these are reasons there needs to be a maintenance program in place.

If you are looking to purchase a service plan you want to make sure you understand exactly what it is covering.  Support agreements for large UPS models are likely to only cover internal electronics with the option of purchasing battery coverage.   A strong plan will have comprehensive service coverage for your UPS basic electrical components, excluding the batteries.  You can then purchase battery parts and labor coverage.  The general held belief is that batteries should be replaced a minimum of every five years with a higher replacement time if they are frequently discharged or they are used in a warm environment.  You may want to consider remote monitoring so that significant changes are caught quickly.

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Full Service Data Center Construction Services

A data center is an essential component of any business, large or small. Your data center provides your company access to the internet, is equipped with key software for company use, and allows you to store large amounts of data. There are a number of factors involved in data center design, installation, and maintenance. Using a full service data center construction service will ensure your data center needs will be attended to astutely and reliably from its inception on.

While data center construction may seem straight forward and simple enough for anyone with fairly extensive IT knowledge, it really requires some specific skill. Full service data center construction services employ certified engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in working with data center builds and maintenance. They are able to design and configure your data center not only to your specifications, but so that you will virtually eliminate data loss from power surges, black outs, or brownouts. You company will suffer minimal downtime in the event your servers are down, which will directly protect your bottom line.

Specialized data center engineers can design your data center with the hardware you need to keep your business functioning. Trying to wire your data center yourself can become a jumbled nightmare. Professionals have systems that keep cables and chords neatly and effectively routed and organized. They have the experience to arrange your data center in such a way that space is efficiently utilized. This is important, because the size of the space you use to house your data center will have a direct effect on the cost of keeping your data center cool.

Cooling is another key component to data center construction. Overheating can cause a data center to crash, causing interruption in business function as well as loss of data. An inadequately cooled data center is hard on hardware, and may result in your having to replace hardware sooner than expected. Overtime, this can become a significant expense. Professional data center designers have experience in building data centers with state of the art cooling systems that are more energy efficient as well as effective.

Once your data center is built, your full service data center service provider will be an invaluable resource. When you need to uninstall software or install new software, they can save you precious time by doing this for you. They will regularly inspect your data center to ensure it is functioning properly. In the event of a security breach, they will be there to assist you and contain the breach as quickly as possible. They can quickly and ably diagnose and repair any damage or problems that may result. In the event of power surges, brownouts, or blackouts, your full service data center service will provide certified technicians to limit interruption to your business productivity.  Hardware, generators, and cooling equipment can all be properly maintained by a professional data center construction service.

Simply put, using professional data center services will protect you from unnecessary frustration and loss of business productivity due to data center problems. From the outset, your data center will be knowledgeably designed. Construction will be efficient. Data center function will typically be more energy efficient than if you had built it yourself. Ongoing maintenance will ensure your data center is in working order and will result in as little down time as possible when power interruptions occur. You data will be more secure and you will always have sufficient data storage while not having more hardware than you need.

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Choosing The Best Data Center Maintenance Plan

You may have had a professional service design and install your data center which is now up and running. However, you would be wise to continue to utilize their certified personnel to oversee your data center maintenance. Utilizing ongoing data center maintenance plans limit the downtime your company may experience due to outages. Regular maintenance will also allow you to enjoy continuous availability.

Preventative data center maintenance focuses on early detection of component or system problems. It also involves the replacement of various components that may be performing questionably before they have a chance to wreak havoc. All of the equipment in your data center can benefit from preventative maintenance, including your UPS, computer room air conditioning, and generators.

data center maintenancePower outages are not only frustrating, they can also be extremely expensive. The halt of productivity and business transactions during a power outage can have far-reaching effects, the consequences of which can last for quite some time. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed to protect your data center function in the event of such outages. Regular UPS maintenance ensures proper functioning at optimal levels. This, in turn, ensures your UPS will be ready and waiting when called upon.

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) is essential to proper data center function. Managing a cooling system falls outside of typical IT areas of expertise. This is an excellent example of where professional data center maintenance is a boon. These certified professionals are adept at both IT and CRAC management and maintenance. As components continue to get smaller and more efficient, their cooling needs become even more critical.  Data center professionals can design and install a cooling system that will keep your data center data center maintenanceat appropriate temperatures for optimal component functioning. Their maintenance programs will ensure that this cooling system continues to work properly and that components are not overheating.

A generator is another piece of equipment in a data center that needs maintenance care to ensure proper function. While battery backup exists to ensure continued data center function for a few minutes in the event of an surge or outage, generators can pick up from that point and keep your data center running much longer. A unique aspect of your generator is that it does not run continuously. This makes it harder to monitor if it is in working order, ready to jump into action when called upon. With a data center maintenance plan, your generator will be routinely inspected to insure it is always ready and able to do just that.

Proper data center maintenance not only ensures proper data center function, it also significantly increases the life expectancy of critical equipment. Extending the life of this equipment saves you money and reduces the need to switch out old components for new ones. Such switches can cause temporary business interruption. Consequently, minimizing the incidence of switches is highly preferable.

There are many benefits to having a preventative maintenance plan for your data center.  You will improve reliability, increase efficiency, and decrease both replacement costs and downtime. Whether you data center is large or small, regularly scheduled examinations of your equipment, cooling system, and site conditions will not only support continuous facility function, but minimize emergency service visits as well.

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Quality Data Center Design Supports Business Growth

Often, IT can be viewed as a cost center rather than factor that supports business growth. This need not, and should not, be the case. IT services must support various business objectives such as customer retention, revenue growth, and regulatory compliance. A reliable infrastructure that allows for agile decision making is absolutely key. This is where effective data center design comes in to play.

data center construction companyWhile data center transformation can absolutely have a positive effect on the bottom line, it can also do so much more. A quality and forward thinking data center design can support multiple goals, including the goal of business growth. For instance, a data center that is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind is able to adapt to upward fluctuations in transaction volume without necessitating a system overhaul. A data center with the flexibility to adapt to growth allows your IT department to focus its efforts on other technological aspects of growth. It also prevents IT from having to come to a productivity standstill every time incremental growth necessitates an data center overhaul.

A data center design should also take customer analytics into consideration. Appropriate response to consumer data drives future growth for service and product based companies. Well designed data centers will be able to efficiently and effectively scale storage capacity as well as server capacity, enabling the timely acquisition of consumer data. Database and application consolidation will augment existing data sources and can also enable almost instantaneous data analysis. As a result, businesses can adapt more quickly to consumer data and have a positive effective on continued business growth.

Intelligent data center design will support product innovation. The time it takes to transport a product from an idea to the marketplace is pivotal. Product innovations are based on current consumer demand. A delay in production can fowl up time frames that are based on consumer data. A growth-aware infrastructure will enable IT to accommodate innovative ideas, which in turn supports business growth while simultaneously minimizing spending. As a result, the time period for an innovative idea to make it to the marketplace is shortened and potential sales are maximized.

Acquisitions and mergers can become a real IT headache. The job of integrating two data centers into one can be extremely time consuming and can consume the attention of your IT department. At the same time, these actions are absolutely associated with business growth. Your goal is to have data center that can support this type of growth as well. When a data center environment is adequately flexible, it expedites information sharing across the newly formed entity. A data center that has been professional designed will be agile enough to aptly support business acquisition integration.

Whether your data center design is for a new data center or part of a consolidation or transformation process, the ability to support growth should always be part of the design objectives. Everything in a business is related to growth, and this should stand true for your data center as well. Modern technology has made it possible for data centers to be remarkably scalable and agile. Expect nothing less than a data center than can adapt and grow with your business and play a part in meeting professional objectives.

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Data Center Construction in Phoenix

Nevada Data CenterAs the necessity for large amounts of computing power increases, so does the need for a good and reliable data center. Utilizing a team of architects, IT professionals, and mechanics can ensure that a company maintains its edge, security, and the overall function and computing power of its network. More and more devices are connecting to data centers and networks, so it becomes necessary to find ways in which to store and secure those devices and the information and data they download and carry. There are many innovative designs that are coming up in the data center design market today, but they are useless without the right type of construction. This is true for Phoenix data center construction. Finding the right construction team can ensure quick, professional, and affordable work. Since data center construction is a bit more fragile and innovative than other types of structure construction, picking the right data center construction company in Phoenix becomes a bit of a challenge.

Aside from the ability of a construction company to build a Phoenix data center, they must also be able to do it in a cost-effective manner and provide ways for that data center to be energy efficient. Energy efficiency is always a concern when it comes to saving money and having as low an impact as possible on the environment, but it is especially important with Phoenix data center construction because energy efficiency is what allows a data center to regulate its own temperature. This helps to lower the cost of construction as well as the cost of overhead that data centers create. In addition, by adding increased computing power and a well constructed facility, employees of a company are able to function at a higher and more secure level. Of course, there are many aspects to consider before adding a data center to a company. Aside from the financial risks and investment taken in building a data center, there are potential interruptions of company functions while the data center is being built, implemented, and updated.

One of the benefits of finding a Phoenix data center construction company is that there are many options available for companies. There are ways to build data centers as an annex or as part of an existing company structure or as a completely separate facility. Through finding a construction company that has created successful data centers before, the financial toll taken can be greatly diminished and far less risky. As is the case with any company or outside professional, finding those with good experience and credentials is essential to ensuring that work will be done right. Many data center construction companies are even willing to take responsibility for overseeing construction and working out the complex details of incorporating a data center into a company’s infrastructure. These overseers work in conjunction with a company’s IT departments to ensure that company policies are obeyed and that data centers can be up and running as quickly as possible. By taking the time to research different data center construction companies, expanding businesses are sure to make the most informed decision possible and find the right construction fit to increase their computing and working power.

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Data Center Maintenance In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a reputation of setting trends in the technology world. From new laptops and cell phones to higher computing power, Los Angeles is always ahead of the curve. However, constantly replacing structures and systems that have been in place for a couple of years is not financially feasible, especially considering the recessed economy. In place of designing and building new data centers, which can take months or years and cost a company a fair amount of profit, Los Angeles companies are looking toward data center maintenance to keep up to date with security, computing power, and management of servers. Of course, updating an entire system creates downtime, and downtime impedes a company from working at their highest potential. In order to decrease the amount of downtime a data center has to undertake while still remaining functional, many businesses are looking for Los Angeles data center maintenance companies. These companies provide services that can focus on one or two aspects of data center maintenance, help to diagnose problems or fix security breaches, and even overhaul the systems in a data center. Through these Los Angeles data center maintenance services, companies can still function as highly as possible without suffering from lost computing power.

data center maintenanceSome of the specific services that Los Angeles data center maintenance teams perform focus on the function of servers. One of the worst ways in which a company cannot relate data either to their employees or their customers is when a server shuts down. These problems can wipe out the function of websites, lost data or other info, and open a company up for security problems. Whether needing to replace or repair hardware, these data center maintenance companies look to see what types of systems a company uses, where the problem area has arisen, and how quickly that problem can be fixed. Many even deliver the hardware to a company rather than making a company wait for a part to ship. Other specific services include storage support, support for an operating system, and warranty tracking. Though some of these services can be taken care of through a company’s IT department, they are still available through data center maintenance companies in instances where backup or extra help is needed.

data center maintenanceFor those data centers that simply need some parts replaced or updated, data center maintenance companies can provide local and helpful service. They can help to shut a data center down, relocate it, or provide safe shut downs. If a company is simply looking to relocate a data center, these data center maintenance companies can also help to map out and plan a good location for a future or replacement spot for a data center. Through these processes, a business or company can more easily stay within maintenance budgets, effectively plan ahead for problems that may arise with data centers, and keep their computing levels as high and efficient as possible. Through these services, even data centers that have been in place for several years can simply be updated rather than completely replaced, saving a company invaluable time, money, and possibilities. In this way, Los Angeles companies can continue to live up to their ahead-of-the-times reputation and improve the quality of their storage and computing power.

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Las Vegas Data Center Design & Cooling


Keeping A Data Center Cool And Functioning

The Nevada desert heat is not a deterrent to flourishing and highly functioning businesses and facilities. In order to function at high levels and link networks, virtual desktops, data, and other types of information, it is essential that Nevada businesses look into building a data center. However, Las Vegas data center design may not be as straightforward as it is in other areas. All data center designs must take into account the environment in which the data center will be placed. With all that computing, sending, and receiving, data centers with an inefficient design can quickly overheat and cause major problems, lost data, and security breaches. To avoid this, most companies take it upon themselves to create a cool and constantly running regulating system. Though this is very helpful in keeping data centers functioning at as high a level as possible, it can mean quite a large chunk of financial burden on a company.

las vegas data center coolingThis burden is intensified in areas like Las Vegas that have hot, dry, and harsh climates. For this reason, it is important to getting the right data center design to lower energy costs, have as low an impact as possible on the environment, and keep a data center functioning and regulated. There are many innovative Las Vegas data center designs that have already been put into place, but the need as ability of each company is different, so these designs may not be the best for every company. Some of the ideas that have been implemented by other companies are a use of solar panels to help power the computing and cooling systems in a data center, air-side economization (which basically pumps in air from the outside to keep a cool current going through the data center, and centers partially powered by natural gas. By utilizing these ideas, as well as coming up with similar solutions to the energy efficiency problem, the computing power of a company does not have to be deterred by the impacts the environment may have on their data center design.

There is, as with any major investment, great debate about what types of structures are the best or will be the most beneficial for a company based on their investment. However, by combining the forces of professional and experienced data center architects, credentialed construction companies, and new innovations and updates to both hardware and software, finding the right Las Vegas data center design becomes far more feasible for many businesses. Getting the right data center design can make a huge difference in how well employees and customers are able to connect to a network, download data, and use the power provided by a server. This is only possible if a data center can be regulated both by software systems and physical temperature control. Building the right data center can also help to keep security at the highest possible level for all involved. Whether battling budgets, the heat of Las Vegas, or the process of getting from a data center conception to reality, researching and finding what is best for a company is the surest way to get a data center that will work only to a company’s advantage. By keeping down costs in the long run, companies are more likely to stay afloat as technologies continue to advance.

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Experienced Engineers in Data Center Build

Importance Of Using Qualified Engineers For A Data Center Build


Your data center keeps your business running. It allows you to stay connected to the internet and backs up vital business data. Data center crashes and outages can lead to both data loss and a dramatic drop in productivity. The frustration that comes from such incidents is just the tip of the iceberg. Data center failures can have far-reaching effects that can be devastating in terms of business relationships and financial losses. With so much at stake, it is imperative that your data center build be carried out by a qualified professional. While you may be tempted to save some money by using the services of a talented and well-intentioned employee, this choice is a gamble with high stakes.

There are a number of factors that go into data center construction. Hardware must be acquired and properly connected. Software must be installed. However, the complexities of a data center go much deeper than these surface level simplicities. Whoever is building a data center must ensure that there will be effective backup storage integrated into the design. Security measures must be put in place to protect the data center from infiltration by hackers as well as infection from computer viruses. Effective cooling system installation is also a key factor in any data center build. Putting all this together represents a complex interplay between power, equipment, and security that should only be taken on by an experienced engineer.

When selecting a qualified engineer for you data center build, you will need to have a basic understanding of the key components of a data center as well as the general issues involved in data center design and data center construction. This basic knowledge is essential in helping you select an engineer that is both knowledgeable and experienced. Come interview time, you want to be able to ask the right questions and understand the requisite answers from qualified service providers.

A qualified data center engineer will be intimately aware of cutting edge data center technology. They will be certified in data center design and implementation. They will have ample experience to justify your confidence in their management of your data center build. These characteristics are not trivial technicalities. Using the services of a qualified data center engineer to build your data center dramatically increases the quality of your outcome. The results will be a stable data center with non-existent or infrequent interruption, adequate and reliable backup power to keep your data center running despite blackouts or surges, and a sense of solid data security.

Data centers are a necessity in the modern business world. While they provide incredible capability and storage, they also introduce unique complications. A solid data center build begets, and even requires, the skills of a certified engineer. While utilizing the services of such a professional may have a greater impact on your budget than using less qualified, internal staff, this investment is unquestionably worthwhile. Using a professional will improve the speed and the quality of your data center construction and will save you the frustration of having to back pedal during any portion of the build process. In short, using a qualified professional will save you time, increase the likelihood proper data center function, and avoid the frustrating and expensive consequences of build errors that result in data center dysfunction.

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