Sole Source with Titan Power’s AZ State Contract

Titan Power, Inc. currently holds a State of Arizona, Department of Administration, State Contract # EPS070086-A5 for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment and services.

This “State Contract” allows Arizona governmental and municipal organizations to take advantage of a master agreement and receive up to 40% off manufacturer’s list prices without having to go out for bid. This saves not only time and money but also eliminates the bid process.

This contract includes providing, maintaining and servicing UPS systems manufactured by:

Who Can Utilize The Contract?

The below link lists all Arizona public cooperative purchasing entities, as well as all members of the Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) and Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools (GPPCS), that can purchase off of this contract.

Co-Op Member List (follow link then scroll down)

Contact us for all your Uninterruptible Power needs and mention Arizona State DOA Contract # EPS070086-A5 to receive your discounts. Titan Power is an approved contractor for the purchasing function of the State of Arizona, and is thereby pre-approved to provide its services to any Arizona municipal entity in the State.

Titan Power has experienced UPS/battery service and installation professionals in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado.  For more information go to www.titanpower.com, or call (800) 509-6170 to speak to an emergency power professional.

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Need Equipment Service Labels?

Our Field Service Engineers try to get these “Call for Service” stickers on all of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Power Conditioning units we service so it is easier to get a hold of us in emergency situations or when replacement batteries are needed.

However, if your equipment does not have a sticker or you would like additional stickers, just send a quick email to info@titanpower.com or contact us letting us know how many you would like mailed to you.

We are always amazed how often these stickers are put to good use. They are handy not only during normal working hours for quick reference, but really prove their worth at 2:00AM when the equipment goes down, and a limited support crew or individual scrambles to make sense out of how to restore power.

Our support center is available at 800-509-6170 for emergency calls or scheduling 7x24x365

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Titan Power Provides ASU With an 800kW Rental Back-up Generator for Their Fall 2011 Registration

Titan Power provided ASU with an 800kW rental generator for back-up power during their 6-week, Fall 2011 registration period. The generator is located alongside Palm Walk, which is a main drag through ASU campus.

ASU Rental Generator

The Sun Devil Book Stores also took advantage of this opportunity to advertise their new textbook rental program. This back-up generator is required due to the influx of online traffic during class registration.

Visit our album on Facebook for pictures of the rental generator on Palm Walk.

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Titan Power Expands Sales Team to Serve Increasing Customer Base

Titan Power is excited to announce the addition of two new Sales/Account Representatives to better serve our expanding customer base. Gene Reeck and Jack Gieseking have extensive experience in Account Management, Sales and Customer Service.

Below are Gene and Jack’s profiles, territory responsibilities and a link to press releases written about their appointment at Titan Power.

Gene Reeck, MBA
Titan Power, Inc. Expands Sales and Account Management in Scottsdale, Northern Arizona and Colorado

Titan Power Inc. headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, has undertaken a customer-centric expansion of sales and service.  In the continuing effort to fulfill the needs of emergency power customers in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado, Titan Power announces the appoint of Gene H. Reeck, MBA,  to serve customers in North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.
In addition to serving clients in the greater Phoenix area, Gene will introduce new emergency power solutions to clients in Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and Colorado. His background in Industrial Technology and Design has formed the framework for a career of finding creative, cost-effective solutions for his customers.

Read Press Release written on Gene.

Gene Reeck
Office: 800-509-6170 ext. 104
Cell: 480-223-3232
Fax: 480-968-3111


Jack Gieseking
Titan Power, Inc. Introduces New Critical Systems Sales Representative to Serve Southern Arizona

To better serve mission-critical power operations in the East Valley, Southern Arizona, and Eastern Arizona, Titan Power, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Jack Gieseking, who will add his expertise to the Titan Team. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Titan Power Inc., is a major provider of uninterruptible power solutions and maintenance across the southwest, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

Jack Gieseking brings extensive sales experience to his position at Titan Power.  As Titan Power both sells and maintains emergency power components, Jack’s history of strong client relationships fit well into Titan’s responsive culture.

Read press release written on Jack.

Jack Gieseking
Office: 800-509-6170 ext. 113
Cell: 480-223-3209
Fax: 480-968-3111

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Mission Critical Construction from Titan Power

Data Center & Computer Room Construction

Data Centers, Computer Rooms and Mission Critical Facilities are very specialized and selecting the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make. With over 25 years of experience, Titan Power is at the forefront of mission critical industry knowledge with up to date technology and solutions.

Titan Power, Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor has the ability to manage the entire turn-key job including the planning, design, engineering and construction of your Data Center, Computer Room or Mission Critical Facility. Whether you are building, expanding, relocating, installing a cooling system, upgrading your UPS or adding a PDU, Titan Power will manage the entire job.

Design & Engineering

Titan Power’s highly trained team of Architects, Engineers and Consultants have decades of knowledge in designing and building secure, efficient and cost effective data centers. Read more…

Completed & Ongoing Projects

Titan Power’s Marketing Department makes an effort to document as many projects as possible to give visitors an idea of the kind of construction services we provide. This “projects portfolio” section allows you to scroll through pictures of different critical power & air related construction projects and/or installations we have completed or are in the process of completing. View all projects…

Electrical & Mechanical Installations

Titan Power is a distributor of a wide range of equipment products, from manufacturers that you know and trust. Our ability to draw from multiple manufacturers is a distinct advantage in that we are positioned to responsibly recommend the right product (fit, form and function) given your facility’s unique budget, application and infrastructure. Read more…

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Generator Maintenance from Titan Power, Inc.

Did you know Titan Power provides comprehensive and cost effective stand by generator services? We provide maintenance and repair services on most major brands including Caterpillar, Cummins, Katolite, Kohler and MTU Onsite Energy.

Titan Power offers the following generator maintenance services:

Preventative Maintenance Inspections: Titan Power’s preventive maintenance services on emergency generators include total systems inspections performed to rigid parameters that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Planned Minor and Major Inspections ensure your critical power will be there when you need it. Read more…

Load Bank Testing: Most manufacturers recommend that you a load bank test be performed on the generator annually to ensure peak performance. Load banks allow generators to be tested at their rated capacity. You may ask why this is important if your critical load doesn’t equal your generators capacity. The simple answer to this is you can’t predict how your generator will react in an emergency unless it is run to its rated load and given the opportunity to perform. Read more…

Repair Services: Titan Power offers personalized service to facilitate repairs and modifications to your emergency generator. Count on our trained and certified technicians for expert service, troubleshooting, quality parts, and power systems support.

Emergency Dispatch: Titan Power provides emergency on-call dispatch service for situations that require immediate action. Simply call our 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center at 1-800-509-6170.

Service Maintenance Agreements: Titan Power offers Single and Multiple-year Generator Maintenance Agreements. You may customize your generator service agreement based on your needs to include quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance frequency options, including regularly scheduled load bank testing. Request a quote

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Among the Enhancements to Titan Power’s New Website

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, Titan Power is pleased to launch our new website! The new website has the same address www.titanpower.com but an updated look and feel. It is the result of months of hard work by our marketing team. Our goal is to provide visitors to the website with news and detailed information about our products and services.

Under the “About Us” section we have added a History page and a Culture page focusing on the History and distinct Culture of Responsiveness within Titan Power.

Under the “Data Center Design & Build” section, we have redesigned our Projects page. This new page allows you to scroll through pictures of different critical power & air related construction projects and/or installations we have completed or are in the process of completing. 

In addition to the above, we have implemented a News & Events page, which includes Titan Power’s Blog, Press Releases and an archive of Newsletters we have sent out over the years.

Visit our new website.

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Titan Power, Inc. Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New Website Launch

Titan Power's New Website

Titan Power's New Website

Titan Power, Phoenix, AZ extends its responsiveness with the launch of a new website. Features include overviews of data center construction, product information including sales and service of UPS, power distribution, battery and generator products.  

Titan Power Inc. in Phoenix, AZ ratchets up its level of service with the launch of their new generation website.  Extending its commitment to emergency power customers in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Colorado and across the Southwest, the new site allows clients and potential customers to find a wealth of timely information on all aspects of mission-critical power systems.  

The site has a picture gallery of major emergency power construction projects that highlight Titan Power’s “turn-key” data center construction services.  Potential customers can register to receive updates on the company’s sales, installation and service capabilities, including technical support, sales, service and repair for uninterruptable power systems (UPS), power distribution equipment, batteries, data-center cooling systems and generators.   

One of the major additions is the ability to provide information on improvements in the broad spectrum of mission-critical equipment.  For example, a visitor to the new Titan Power website can read about new high-performance cooling systems for datacenters that allow for the addition of more equipment without expanding the footprint of the facility.  Website visitors will be able to access basic information on a wide range of products and services 24/7, with the ability to easily request additional information via e-mail or telephone.  

The new site will archive informative newsletters and press coverage, as well as upcoming educational events directed to the individuals who manage the data and IT centers for their respective organizations. The improved navigation, inclusion of an expanded product section make this new site the “go to” place for data and IT professionals needing background and comparison information for bid specification and RFP preparation.  

Titan Power customers are particularly pleased with their password-protected section of the new site.  With a username and password, they can view all their contracts, renewal dates, proposals/bids, and maintenance schedules.  As each scheduled maintenance visit is completed, Titan’s technical staff will update each customer’s record to reflect the completed task then send the customer an electronic Field Service Report (FSR) documenting the completed service.  This feature is especially important for managers who oversee data centers in multiple locations, as it provides a real-time record of this important feature of Titan Power service with a few key strokes.  

Celebrating 25 years in the emergency power sales and service business, Titan Power knows the mission-critical field inside and out. Their breadth of sales and service delivery across the southwest allows them to provide significant emergency power consultation expertise prior to the purchase of upgraded or replacement equipment.  Their industry knowledge supports customers as they transition from less efficient back-up systems to “greener” systems that take up less room, consume less electricity, and provide more secure operation.  The success of Titan Power is grounded in their “Culture of Responsiveness,” and the launch of a more user-friendly website is yet another way they support the professionals they serve.  

Titan Power, Inc is a full-service provider of uninterruptable power solutions and preventative maintenance.  They are licensed to provide “turn-key” data center, main distribution frame (MDF), and independent distribution frame (IDF) construction in Arizona, California and Nevada, including appropriate cooling and ventilation components. Their experienced professionals provide consultation on design, engineering, specification and compliance for mission-critical installations in hospitals, public safety and military organizations, casinos, and a wide variety of large and small data centers.   

Titan Power is an approved contractor for the purchasing function of the State of Arizona, and is thereby pre-approved to provide its services to any Arizona municipal entity in the State.  Titan Power has experienced UPS/battery service and installation professionals in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado.  For more information, or to sign up for Titan Power’s technology updates, go to www.titanpower.com, or call 800-509-6170 to speak to an emergency power professional. 

Visit New Website: www.titanpower.com

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Titan Power’s Responsiveness Eases Crisis Caused by Thermal Runaway

Fire damage in battery cabinet

Fire damage in battery cabinet

Titan Power, Inc, in Phoenix, AZ designs, installs and maintains all components of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and batteries. They are distinguished within the industry for their rapid response and thorough system inspections.  A recent client response scenario illustrates a number of reasons why Titan Power customers are so loyal.

At the initiation of a new contract, a Titan Power UPS and battery maintenance customer indicated they had just had an inspection by the UPS manufacturer, so the client suggested a three month delay before scheduling the first Titan Power maintenance.  Before Titan’s first scheduled inspection, however, a fire broke out in the UPS/battery area which required the

Phoenix Fire Department’s intervention.  Within minutes of receiving the emergency dispatch, Titan’s experienced technicians were on site. Upon review it was discovered that the fire had originated in the battery cabinet, and that the manufacturer’s representative had not performed a thorough inspection of the batteries just two weeks prior to the fire.  One or more batteries in the “string” were not functioning properly, and the result was a fire and “thermal runaway,” which was caused by the extreme heat generated by the failure.

Fire damage on batteries
Fire damage on batteries

Titan Power ordered replacement batteries on the spot, and was able to remove the fire-damaged debris, deliver and install 160 new batteries within 24 hours.  The customer’s interruption of critical services was held to a minimum, due to Titan Power’s outstanding supplier relationships and their culture of responsiveness.  Read entire article.

Contact Stephen Berney, Director of Marketing: sberney@titanpower.com, or 480-968-3191 x102 for more informaiotn.

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The Importance Of Continuous Power

If you live in an area where there are often a lot of storms, you might be familiar with what it feels like to be without power. Even when people prepare for loss of power, it can still catch some by surprise. Some people these days find it difficult to function if they don’t have their electronics to keep them occupied. Have you ever wondered what the power companies do when their facility has some sort of power failure? What about internet companies? What about places that are government-related? Places like federal government buildings or even a power company need to have continuous power through a mission critical power company. Thus, in the threat of a storm or some other cause of power failure, it is vital that some places still retain power even when there appears to be none available.

It might be important to some people that they are still able to use their cell phones even if the power in their home goes down. Some might still want to at least surf the internet even though they can’t plug in or charge a certain device. If you have ever done this when your home is out of power, did you wonder how your internet service provider was still functioning, or why the cell phone towers still had power? To some, these companies may be considered mission critical, or facilities where loss of power could be disastrous. Places like these may choose to invest in a mission critical power company to keep them up and running even when the rest of the town may be without power.

You could almost think of a mission critical power company as a sort of backup generator. There are precautions taken so that even if a facility doesn’t have power all of a sudden, there is still power being generated. This allows business to function as normally as possible given the situation, and also allows people to work toward a solution to the problem. These power facilities also have the ability to support a facility when it’s in need of maintenance. This allows a facility or business to keep running on backup power even while the main power is being worked on.

Sudden loss of power can have disastrous consequences when it happens unexpectedly. If the proper precautions haven’t been taken, a lot of data can suddenly be lost when the lights go out. If you have ever lost data due to sudden loss of power, you probably understand how devastating this can be. Now just imagine this happening in a building that depends on power to keep people safe from harm. In such a light, access to a mission critical power company is vital.

There are some people who are familiar with how the loss of power feels. Other areas get struck suddenly and without warning. Whether it is expected that a few power outages will happen in your area or not, continuous power is vital for some facilities. Using a mission critical power company allows certain buildings and businesses to continue to function even through the loss of power. Like a generator, such a critical power facility keeps things running even when it seems like everything has stopped. Although you may not realize it, you probably benefit from such critical power facilities more often than you realize.

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