Gamatronic (UPS)

Gamatronic's Modular UPS technology promises you the best technology in the world for maximum power control and efficiency:

Power+, Gamatronic's leading brand, is the mark of the cutting edge of UPS world technology today, and the only UPS technology that meets the growing complexity and sophistication of 21st century power needs, especially in heavy power dependant industries such as Computer Rooms, Data Centers, IT Centers, Telecom, etc.

On-line, Double Conversion, Modular UPS for 19" Rack
3 Phase 10kVA - 100kVA N+1
On-line, Double Conversion, Modular UPS
3 Phase 10kVA - 100kVA N+1
Stand-alone, On-line Double Conversion UPS
3 Phase 10kVA



Simply Ingenious: True on-line double conversion technology; with N+1 redundancy and real "Hot Swap" modules, offers you the highest reliability in the world in power protection solutions. Smart UPS architecture simplifies maintenance significantly - offering you self serviceable power protection with more power control.

Gamatronic's ambitious mission is to revolutionize the way power-dependant businesses and industries think about power protection. We call it "Power Confidence", and it stems from Gamatronic's highly successful and unique modular perception of UPS architecture.