Data Center

Titan Power History


Hi-Tech options founded as a distributor of UPS products


Hi Tech Options becomes an Arizona Licensed Contractor to provide construction services for data centers & computer rooms


Hi-Tech Options forms Titan Power as a sister company to begin offering UPS Maintenance Services to its customers


Andrew Berney joins Titan Power as Director of Service Operations

Titan Power expands service to California & Nevada


Hi Tech Options and Titan Power combined to form one Company: Titan Power Inc.


Owner retires; Andrew Berney purchases Titan Power Inc. and becomes President & Director of Operations.

1998 - 2005

Titan Power expands Service Operations:

Add Service Technicians in Arizona & Nevada

Adds services to Emergency Generators & Computer Room Air Conditioning

Implements CRM software to enhance customer responsiveness and provide online access for customers

Customer Base increases by over 45%


Titan Power expands Data Center Design & Construction Services positioning itself as Specialist in Data Center Design & Build Services:

Obtains Contractor Licenses in California & Nevada

Add Project Management Team

Completes over # 35 Construction Projects

Titan Power expands In house Service Operations:

Adds Certified Thermographer to perform Infrared Thermography Testing

Expands Emergency Generator Maintenance Services

Titan Power becomes exclusive distributor for Gamatronic modular UPS in AZ, NV, NM

Titan Power’s customer base grows by over 40%