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Design & Engineering

Data Centers, Computer Rooms and Mission Critical Facilities are very specialized and selecting the right Contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make. With over 25 years experience, Titan Power is at the forefront of data center industry knowledge with up to date technology. Titan Power’s highly trained team of Architects, Engineers and Consultants has decades of knowledge in designing and building secure, efficient and cost effective data centers. Our Project Management process consists of working through specific phases to ensure your project is completed to meet the needs of your organization and is cost effective:

Phase I:

Decision Phase: Titan Power will work with you to establish key criteria including your organization’s specific needs now and in the future, developing a conceptual plan, and completing a risk assessment and pre-construction site survey.

Phase II:

Design Phase: Titan Power fully integrates your objectives and criteria into a design package inclusive of architectural, mechanical and electrical elements, enabling comprehensive cost estimates to be established.

Phase III:

Delivery Phase: This phase marks the beginning of construction including obtaining required city permits, timeline completion reports, management of subcontractors, delivery and installation of equipment and final inspections.

Phase IV:

Maintenance Phase: The relationship between Titan Power and our customers doesn’t end upon completion of the construction project. Titan Power provides training on the equipment and provides on-going maintenance service options on all equipment.

Titan Power maintains the following contractor licenses:

  • Arizona General Commercial License #228490
  • Arizona Computer Room Specialty License #216136
  • California General Commercial and Electrical License #884661
  • Nevada Residential and Small Commercial #77127
  • State of AZ Gaming Commission Certification #94639
  • Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax License #07393138-V
  • City, State & Municipal Licenses as required to perform work in AZ, NV, CA & CO