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Banner Health-Estrella

Titan Power received an emergency call that Banner’s legacy system was failing and needed a new system. Because the UPS system supported state-wide critical functions they needed an expediated solution to protect their load with no exceptions. Understanding the urgency, within 48 hours Titan Power sourced and delivered, from out of state, a rental UPS; installed the UPS to the existing maintenance bypass cabinet, and had Banner’s critical loads supported by the UPS. The facility remained on the rental UPS system during the installation and testing of the new UPS system. Aware the facility supported critical functions state-wide for Banner Health, Titan Power recommended to avoid this situation in the future to install either a parallel UPS system, which provides more redundancy, or a A/B UPS system. Client selected the first recommendation of the parallel system. Titan Power provided and installed two Toshiba G9000 UPS with tie cabinet and maintenance bypass cabinet.