Pima County UPS & PDU Installation

Titan Power’s scope of work for this project was the design and build of Pima County's Data Center Upgrade of the current UPS power system and redistribution of power to the existing telecomm racks.

Titan Power provided engineered documentation for the installation of an additional Eaton/Powerware 80kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply Module to assist the two (2) current Eaton/Powerware 80kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply Modules in the Data Center. The three UPS’s (the new UPS and the two Current UPS's) were then relocated to a central location and connected via new 250 Amp Parallel Tie Panel with three (3) 125 amp module output breakers and 250 Amp MIS & MBP Breakers with Kirk-key interlocks.

The Parallel Tie Panel feed a new Eaton/Powerware 225KVA Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with K20 TP1 Transformer and four (4) 225 Amp Sub feed Breakers, that in return feed three (3) new Eaton/Powerware Remote Power Panel Distribution Modules (RPP). Existing panels and distribution were then demo'd as power now was being distributed to existing telecomm racks via the three (3) new Remote Power Panels (RPP). Titan Power also installed remote monitoring on separate circuits via TrendPoint, to allow constant access to load requirements that were being fed by the new system that the county required to be monitored.