Advanced IT Solutions
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Advanced IT Solutions

In addition to providing the power and air infrastrucutre for the data center (equipment including the UPS, CRAC, PDU, generator and racks), Titan Power also offers advanced IT equipment for the data center including:
Networking (network switches, routers/access points, firewalls, adapters)

Servers (rack mount, blade, pedestal)

Software (infrastructure management)

Storage (hard drives & virtualization)

Hyperconvergence (consolidation of data center infrastructure)

Consolidate with hyperconvergence
Let Titan Power be your single-source solutions provider for all of your data center and IT infrastructure needs. We have a team of engineers on standby to answer your deep technical questions, and a sales team with extensive training and experience. Rely on Titan Power as your industry leading resource, providing solutions across the entire data center.

Advanced IT Solutions