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Batteries & Battery Systems

Expertise – Titan Power is recognized as an expert in UPS battery company providing maintenance and replacement solutions for both VRLA and Wet Cell battery systems. In conjunction with our UPS maintenance service, Titan Power’s battery testing and inspection program ensures the reliability, safety, and integrity of the entire system.

What are you looking for?

Our UPS battery testing and maintenance services are designed to detect and correct potential UPS system failure and other issues before they cause problems in your data center -- including lost power, corrupted data and system failure. Over 90% of UPS system failure is attributed to battery error. As part of our maintenance inspection, Titan Power technicians look for leaking cells, cracked cases, sulphation, etc . Temperature, voltage, and conductance are also measured, tracked, and analyzed. Healthy batteries that support the UPS battery backup system are vital to ensuring maximum uptime in your facility. Titan Power also provides turn-key replacement services including recommending the optimal size and model of battery systems that best meet your facility’s specific needs. Our field technicians are also trained in the proper removal and disposal of your existing battery, installation and testing of the new batteries, and most importantly verifying that the batteries are operating properly within the UPS system.

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Titan Power has:

  • a solid understanding of intricate interactions between batteries and power equipment.
  • the expertise to handle logistical requirements of complex UPS battery replacement projects.
  • power professionals that work with you to provide the optimal battery system that best meets your organizational applications.

Authorized Battery Sales, Installation, and Service

FAQ for Data Center Batteries

Q: What is the best location to store VRLA batteries in a data center?

A: It is best to store VRLA Batteries in the same room as the UPS.

  • The battery manufacturer states that VRLA batteries need to be kept at a constant 77℉
  • Temperature higher than 77℉ and temperatures that fluctuate will cause the battery to prematurely age, causing damage to the battery.
  • It is important to have redundant air conditioning in the UPS/battery room.
  • If the air conditioning fails, the UPS and its batteries could be damaged. This could lead to loosing your critical system (load.)