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Spill Containment & Safety Products

Spill Containment & Safety Products

Spill containment systems are rapidly becoming standard equipment in all battery rooms. Titan Power understands that safety is an important aspect of any battery installation. That is why Titan Power offer a line of spill containment systems for any flooded or VRLA battery systems.

Contact us to design and install a spill containment system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps bring battery room into compliance with building codes.
  • In full compliance with federal and local regulations.
  • Custom designed by Power Battery to fit your battery system.
  • Installation is easy in new or retrofit applications.
  • Trays, Barriers, Floor coatings, Neutralizing Mats/Tubes and Kits Available
  • Environmentally friendly materials allow for safe installations and minimal disruption to facility
  • Thin profile minimizes intrusion into aisle.