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Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

Dynamic Enviorments

Dynamic Environments – Providing precise environmental control for areas that house sensitive electronic equipment is of vital concern, as they simply cannot tolerate fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This process becomes evermore complicated due to the dynamic nature of most data and telecommunications centers. Equipment is quite often moved, added, or deleted therefore compounding the problem of achieving consistent and appropriate CRAC/HVAC cooling and humidity balances.

Challenges – As manufacturers build more processing power into smaller packages, the challenge of choosing the right CRAC/HVAC cooling equipment and a reliable, comprehensive maintenance program becomes critical to continuing operations. Titan Power has the expertise to ensure that the equipment and service levels provided are appropriate for your unique application and requirements.

Balance consulting and evaluation - Gain efficiency and eliminate “hot spots” through proper placement of air returns, perforated tiles and sensor protection.