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Rittal IT Cooling (Room & Rack Cooling)

Cooling and heat removal, in the data center and at the enclosure level, have quickly become the most critical factors in data centers. With the exponential increase in deployed servers, heat loads have almost quadrupled in the last seven years, leaving today’s facilities unable to remove such high levels of waste heat. Earlier facilities were designed to support loads of 50 to 100 watts/sq ft, today’s facilities need to support up to 200 watts/sq ft and more. Data center managers are forced to seek solutions for handling these extreme heat loads to protect their equipment and their facilities, demanding alternate cooling solutions to ambient air, which is quickly reaching its heat removal limit. Even if heat could be evacuated from enclosures, that much heat in a limited amount of floor space would overwhelm CRAC units’ capabilities, pointing once again to the need for liquid cooling solutions.


HeatHow Will You Handle the Heat? Developed to remove high levels of waste heat from server enclosures, the LCP is an air/water heat exchanger providing uniform, effective and affordable cooling for servers and similar IT equipment. The special horizontal airflow of the LCP represents an adaptation of this widespread cooling principle, providing cooled air uniformly throughout the entire height of the enclosure.




Product Features:

  • No blockage of 19” area front and back
  • Even air distribution
  • Scaleable
  • Extendable
  • Retrofitable
  • Optional SNMP Remote monitoring
  • Temperature neutral climatization

In terms of a facility, water has always been present. A variety of water-cooled systems have been part of data centers for many years and remain so today. Pipes carrying chilled water often run through data center spaces, not to mention water for sprinkler systems and AC cooling. With the proper education, planning and implementation, liquid cooling will provide efficient cooling for data centers, now and for years to come. With ever increasing heat loads, liquid cooling is the best choice for data center heat removal needs.