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Rittal TS8 Enclosures/ Racks

Designed specifically for the data center, the TS8 is a modern enclosure offering strength and stability for virtually any server environment. Featuring Rittal’s patented 16-fold continuously welded steel frame, delivering 30% more dimensional stability, guaranteed to beat the competition on strength alone.

Available in light grey or sand texture black.

Rack Enclosure


  • Data Centers
  • Wiring closets
  • Office environments
  • Central offices
  • Co-location and application environments


  • Contemporary, sleek appearance
  • Multiple vendor equipment compatibility
  • Full line of accessories for individual configuration
  • Family of sizes and styles
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Strong frame structure
  • Highly functional and stylish, value packed and competitively priced
  • U markings on front and rear surfaces of each rail

Server Enclosure Design

The TS8 server enclosure features modern, attractive aesthetics perfect for a highly functional server application.


  • Universal server enclosures
  • Multiple vendor environments
  • Storage equipment
  • Termination equipment
  • Network equipment

Networking Enclosure Design:

The TS8 network enclosure features a stylish design in a viewing door concept ideal for showcase applications, offering natural ventilation with its perimeter perforated doors.


  • Networking facilities
  • Termination applications
  • Hubs, routers, switches or other components
  • Other equipment where high heat loads are not generated

As an Integrator Partner, Titan Power offers Rittal’s full line of IT products.

Rack and Enclosure FAQ

Q: What is one of the biggest factors in whether to use full enclosures versus a simple server rack?

A: Desired level of security required for equipment in the rack.