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Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Titan Power provides and installs quality fire suppression products designed to protect our customers’ data centers and high-value IT equipment rooms from the potential devastation of a fire.

We offer customized solutions for our customers, depending on their budgets, needs, critical function of the space, and other considerations.

Our solutions offer fast smoke detection and fast fire suppression. Titan Power sells, services and installs all types of systems including waterless systems, pre-action systems, clean agent (stand-alone or combined) and standard sprinkler systems. We also offer a broad range of detection and control systems from conventional to software-based, addressable, intelligent systems. These controls can be coupled with several types of detection devices such as smoke, heat, optical and gas.

Regardless of the solution, Titan Power uses only the highest quality fire protection system components including all detection devices, controllers and agent storage containers, as well as piping, nozzles, cabling and accessory devices. Every single component has been designed, manufactured, tested and approved to work together as an integrated fire protection system.

Waterless Clean Agent
Using water to extinguish a fire is not always the ideal choice. While sprinklers can often save buildings, they will also likely permanently damage high-value electronic, computer...
Pre-Action System
Cooling and heat removal, in the data center and at the enclosure level, have quickly become the most critical factors in data centers. With the exponential increase in deployed servers, heat loads have almost quadrupled in the last seven years, leaving today’s facilities...
Water Mist and Sprinkler systems
A fire sprinkler system is an economical choice when considering fire suppression options. Sprinkler systems consist of water supply piping with adequate pressure and flow-rate, onto which...