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Waterless Clean Agent Systems

Waterless Clean Agent System

Waterless systems / Clean Agents – Using water to extinguish a fire is not always the ideal choice. While sprinklers can often save buildings, they will also likely permanently damage high-value electronic, computer and IT equipment. For that reason, Titan Power installs and services top quality waterless fire protection systems. When the very early smoke detector senses a fire, the control panel sounds an alarm, shuts down the equipment, and activates the system. This waterless system is made up of a clean agent liquid material stored in pressurized cylinders. The material flows through a piping network to a discharge nozzle where it is deployed as a gas in a fire situation. In ten seconds or less, the protected area reaches a concentration level that will not support combustion.

Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

  • Minimize downtime due to fire/smoke damage
  • Require minimal space for cylinder storage
  • Do not leave residue - Clean Agents rapidly vaporizes to gas during discharge and evaporate cleanly, leaving no residue behind, which means no costly cleanup
  • Electrically non-conductive/non-corrosive, so no damage to electronics or delicate mechanical devices
  • Suppresses fire within 10 seconds - designed and extinguished a fire in its incipient stage - before it has a chance to spread
  • Are non-toxic: harmless to humans, electronics & environment
  • Are designed to provides a wide margin of human safety –safe to use where people are present
  • Do not deplete oxygen
  • Are Earth-friendly - non ozone depleting and have a short atmospheric lifetime