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MTU Onsite Energy

In today's world, any loss of power is critical. Even a moment's gap in power delivery can lead to loss of data, productivity, or even loss of life. The standard is high. Power must be available at all times. Power generating systems from MTU Onsite Energy provide this kind of performance.

In standby use, our systems keep power flowing seamlessly if there is a utility failure. When used for prime power, MTU Onsite Energy systems deliver the refined power required by sensitive computer networks, while accommodating the high transient loads of air conditioners, compressors and other vital equipment. Applications and location vary, but the need for reliable power is constant. MTU Onsite Energy power generating systems meet these needs every moment of every day.

Features and Benefits

  • Cutting-edge emissions technology
  • Advanced monitoring and communications technology
  • Digital and analog controllers
  • Digital engine and generator controls for superior performance and rapid response time
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Full scope of accessories including fuel tanks, mobile units and enclosures
  • Single-source supply of power generation needs
  • UL2200 listing available on most models

MTU Onsite Energy has over 50 years of reliable generator manufacturing experience.


Power generation systems from MTU Onsite Energy are ideal for standby and prime power applications. They feature a variety of cooling and exhaust system options, as well as a complete line of accessories. MTU Onsite Energy 30 to 3,250kW units optimize fuel economy and comply with EPA emissions standards. MTU Onsite Energy industrial-grade diesel engines are designed for confidence and built to last.

Features and Benefits:

  • Electronically controlled four-cycle engines
  • Compliant with EPA emissions standards
  • Low and medium voltages available to 13.8kV
  • Permanent magnet excitation
  • Cooling options include unit-mounted radiators, remote radiator setup and city water cooling
  • 50Hz and 60Hz operation
  • UL2200 listing available on most models

Typical Applications:

  • Data centers
  • Government and municipalities
  • Hospitals and health care
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications and cell towers
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Educational institutions
  • Fire and ambulance stations
  • Emergency response units
  • Correctional facilities
  • Utilities
  • Agricultural
  • Mining
  • Oil Fields
  • Residential
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Onsite Energy

30kW to 400kW Gas Generator Sets

Gas-fueled power generation systems from MTU Onsite Energy provide the same reliable power as our deisel systems. Gas systems, however, offer a fuel option that can reduce the costs and complexity of installation and maintenance.

Our Gas-fueled systems work well as prime power, but are ideally suited for standby applications. By using existing natural gas or LP gas supplies, these systems eliminate the need for on-site storage of liquid fuels. Agencies overseeing fuel storage have long lists of requirements for storage sites, which may include:

  • Fire suppression equipment
  • Double-walled tanks with interstitial monitoring
  • Bermed storage pads
  • Enhanced security measures

In addition, LP and natural gasses burn cleanly, which extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs. because the is no liquid fuel, there is no risk of fungal fuel growth.

Typical Applications:

  • Entertainment centers
  • Institutional facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Processing stores
  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Telecommunications
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Automatic Transfer Switches
Power Transfer & Control

Leader in Power Transfer Switches
MTU Onsite Energy provides the solutions to transfer critical loads to emergency sources reliability and with state-of-the-art products. When flexibility in power switching is a must, MTU Onsite Energy offers a variety of solutions to meet virtually every application requirement. Switches are available in open, delayed and closed-transition configurations. The neutral connection could be solid, switched or overlapped. High-speed transfer of loads between alternate power sources, regardless of amperage, is switched by a reliable, field-proven solenoid. In most sizes, replaceable main and arcing contacts are accessible from the front. Serial, Modbus and Ethernet communications allow remote monitoring and control.

Other Specifications

  • Available ampere ratings: 30 to 4,000
  • Low voltage: 115 to 600
  • Medium voltage: 5kV and 15kV
  • Listings: UL1008 (Standard for Transfer Switching Equipment) and CSA 22.2 No.178-1978 Automatic Transfer Switches

Network Your Emergency Power System

You can monitor and control power-transfer switches in your emergency or standby distribution systems with MTU Onsite Energy communications products. Local area networks and remote networks are supported with either single or multiple points of access. Web-enabled communications allow access to your power system from anywhere in the world.

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Paralleling Switchgear
You're In Total Command

MTU Onsite Energy power generation systems are sophisticated machines, and it takes sophisticated electronic controls to run them properly. That's why using MTU Onsite Energy digital generator paralleling control switchgear makes a winning combination: control from easy-to-operate screens at the system or monitor remotely from a control center anywhere in the world.

Load management is automatic. The controllers start, synchronize, parallel, monitor and protect the engine and alternator. Fault codes are stored and shutdown sequences are invoked if out-of-range conditions warrant.

MTU Onsite Energy controllers will manage up to eight gensets. Each genset will have one priority block with up to eight loads per block. Controllers work with voltages up to 13.8kV.

Digital Control Provides Reliability and Flexibility
MTU Onsite Energy digital controllers constantly monitor loads and make adjustments as needed. Primary and secondary priority loads are added or shed through up to 64 automatic transfer switches. The controller communicates through an Ethernet connection with a range of building networks using most major media and protocols.

When the automatic transfer switch switches signals that commercial power has been restored the transfer switches have transferred loads to the normal source, the switchgear simultaneously opens the generator circuit breakers. The engine then run for a no-load, user-defined cool-down period. Configuring the controllers can be done at the unit; no laptop is required. The control panel also displays event logs and other operating information.

Compact Package
Despite the full-featured design on MTU Onsite Energy controllers, the units are compact, have a small footprint and meet UL Standards.

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