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Power Distribution Units

Objective and Unbiased Recommendations – Titan Power specializes in the sale and service of Power Distribution Units (PDU). Unlike manufacturers of critical power and air equipment, Titan Power sells, installs and services all major brands. This very important differentiation not only allows us to be completely objective and unbiased in our equipment recommendations but also offers our customers a single source solution for their power and air requirements.

Equipment Sales & Installation – As a licensed Contractor, Titan Power installs and services the equipment we sell. This truly separates us from other organizations selling Critical Power equipment.

PDU Manufacturers we represent:

  • Eaton/Powerware
  • Emerson/Liebert
  • PDI
  • On-line
  • CPC

Power Disribution Unit FAQ

Q: Does the installation of IT rack power distribution units (ePDU) change efficiency of power usage within a data center?

A: No, ePDU’s do not directly affect the efficiency, however, smart ePDU’s provide the ability to control and monitor the power usage at the rack level allowing the customer to effectively manage their own power usage.