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Energy & Carbon Metrics

Titan Power is proud to offer TrendPoint products, which manage your energy and carbon metrics, while providing easy-to-use solutions for remote data center monitoring. Through its web based products, TrendPoint offers solutions for monitoring sites, both large and small, whether you have one site or hundreds.

TrentPoint One

TrendPoint One is a valuable tool for data center management. It securely provides four different types of information to individual users via password-protected secure socket connections.

The four types of information are:

  • Energy Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Cooling Management
  • Heat Management
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EnerSure® is the first product that lets you affordably track your power metrics at the circuit level. By gathering information for all circuits within a power panel, EnerSure® is very cost effective and can sub-meter any facility for less than $85 per circuit. Billable grade data provides you with many different opportunists including:

  • Customer Energy Chargeback
  • Carbon Cap and Trade Data
  • Disaster Recovery Insight
  • 99.999% Breaker Uptime Assurance
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EnviroCube® is a unique environmental monitoring solution. EnviroCube® gives you complete understanding of your data room's environmental metrics. The EnviroCube® includes on-board temperature and humidity sensors as well as plug-in power, leak detection, under floor pressure and fan speed control. The data from these sensors is displayed in short and long term trends through the unit's built-in web server.
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