Titan Power’s Responsiveness Eases Crisis Caused by Thermal Runaway

Fire damage in battery cabinet

Fire damage in battery cabinet

Titan Power, Inc, in Phoenix, AZ designs, installs and maintains all components of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and batteries. They are distinguished within the industry for their rapid response and thorough system inspections.  A recent client response scenario illustrates a number of reasons why Titan Power customers are so loyal.

At the initiation of a new contract, a Titan Power UPS and battery maintenance customer indicated they had just had an inspection by the UPS manufacturer, so the client suggested a three month delay before scheduling the first Titan Power maintenance.  Before Titan’s first scheduled inspection, however, a fire broke out in the UPS/battery area which required the

Phoenix Fire Department’s intervention.  Within minutes of receiving the emergency dispatch, Titan’s experienced technicians were on site. Upon review it was discovered that the fire had originated in the battery cabinet, and that the manufacturer’s representative had not performed a thorough inspection of the batteries just two weeks prior to the fire.  One or more batteries in the “string” were not functioning properly, and the result was a fire and “thermal runaway,” which was caused by the extreme heat generated by the failure.

Fire damage on batteries
Fire damage on batteries

Titan Power ordered replacement batteries on the spot, and was able to remove the fire-damaged debris, deliver and install 160 new batteries within 24 hours.  The customer’s interruption of critical services was held to a minimum, due to Titan Power’s outstanding supplier relationships and their culture of responsiveness.  Read entire article.

Contact Stephen Berney, Director of Marketing: sberney@titanpower.com, or 480-968-3191 x102 for more informaiotn.

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The Importance Of Continuous Power

If you live in an area where there are often a lot of storms, you might be familiar with what it feels like to be without power. Even when people prepare for loss of power, it can still catch some by surprise. Some people these days find it difficult to function if they don’t have their electronics to keep them occupied. Have you ever wondered what the power companies do when their facility has some sort of power failure? What about internet companies? What about places that are government-related? Places like federal government buildings or even a power company need to have continuous power through a mission critical power company. Thus, in the threat of a storm or some other cause of power failure, it is vital that some places still retain power even when there appears to be none available.

It might be important to some people that they are still able to use their cell phones even if the power in their home goes down. Some might still want to at least surf the internet even though they can’t plug in or charge a certain device. If you have ever done this when your home is out of power, did you wonder how your internet service provider was still functioning, or why the cell phone towers still had power? To some, these companies may be considered mission critical, or facilities where loss of power could be disastrous. Places like these may choose to invest in a mission critical power company to keep them up and running even when the rest of the town may be without power.

You could almost think of a mission critical power company as a sort of backup generator. There are precautions taken so that even if a facility doesn’t have power all of a sudden, there is still power being generated. This allows business to function as normally as possible given the situation, and also allows people to work toward a solution to the problem. These power facilities also have the ability to support a facility when it’s in need of maintenance. This allows a facility or business to keep running on backup power even while the main power is being worked on.

Sudden loss of power can have disastrous consequences when it happens unexpectedly. If the proper precautions haven’t been taken, a lot of data can suddenly be lost when the lights go out. If you have ever lost data due to sudden loss of power, you probably understand how devastating this can be. Now just imagine this happening in a building that depends on power to keep people safe from harm. In such a light, access to a mission critical power company is vital.

There are some people who are familiar with how the loss of power feels. Other areas get struck suddenly and without warning. Whether it is expected that a few power outages will happen in your area or not, continuous power is vital for some facilities. Using a mission critical power company allows certain buildings and businesses to continue to function even through the loss of power. Like a generator, such a critical power facility keeps things running even when it seems like everything has stopped. Although you may not realize it, you probably benefit from such critical power facilities more often than you realize.

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How A Mission Critical Facility Benefits You

You have probably come in contact with some sort of mission critical facility and didn’t even know it. Such facilities are all around you and help many everyday businesses to continue to function. These facilities provide invaluable help to buildings and businesses all over the world. These facilities need to be able to function at all times of the day or night, and must be protected against unwanted intrusions or sudden loss of power. It is simple to see why such facilities benefit certain businesses, but how do they benefit you?

A good example of a mission critical facility is any business that holds a lot of data. Government buildings would fall under mission critical, as well as internet service providers and other data storage centers. Being able to access your data at any time from anywhere means that a data storage service must be reliable and accessible at all times. Interruption of power could lead to people not being able to access their data when they need to, which could be bad for the data storage service. A facility can get labeled as mission critical if it so happens that any loss of power would result in financial or physical harm to the facility or business. Such facilities generally call on the aid of critical power facility to keep them up and running even when the power seems to go out.

If you have never noticed or complained about the loss of power or access to certain data, such as storage on the internet, you have probably benefited from a mission critical facility. The job of a critical power facility is to make sure that you don’t notice that there are any problems should any arise. This is great news if you happen to store a lot of data online or use a cloud so that your data is accessible from multiple devices at any time.

If you have been able to use your cell phone when your power has gone down as well, you should be thankful for a mission critical facility that probably helps to keep those towers up and running even when all other power goes out. Emergency centers and hospitals need to be able to access patient records and keep power going in order to treat their patients. If you have ever needed to go to a hospital in the middle of a power outage, you have probably benefited from a critical power facility. It is so very important that these facilities be able to function when others cannot, and that’s why mission critical facilities are so very important.

You may have experienced at one time or another the loss of service of a cell phone carrier or even an internet service provider. If you haven’t, you have benefited greatly from a mission critical facility. Thanks to such facilities, customers of various services all over the world can usually count on internet access and line availability on their phones. The loss of such services even for a few minutes can mean a huge financial loss for such companies. Mission critical facilities are very important, and you probably benefit from them everyday without even realizing it.

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The Importance Of Reliable Power For Mission Critical Facilities

data center equipmentMission critical facilities are those which need to be fully operational at all times regardless of the impact the surrounding environment may have on them. These facilities face many unique challenges, not the least of which is maintaining a steady supply of power at all times. If mission critical facility power fails, then important services will be delayed and in some cases important electronic data will be lost. If you are the manager of a mission critical facility, here are some pieces of equipment that you may want to consider implementing to make sure that your facility always runs at full power with no interruptions.

Power supplies

A reliable power supply and backup power generator are both essential components of mission critical facility power. Standard mission critical facility power can be obtained through the regular means of the local power company, but mission critical facility management ought to be extra careful that all wiring is installed and maintained properly and all power bills are paid on time. An error that results in a temporary power outage is unpleasant and annoying under the best of circumstances but it can be disastrous if it occurs at a mission critical facility.

Even the best management will not be able to protect your mission critical facility power from natural disasters, storms, or unscheduled blackouts. For this reason, you may also wish to consider having a backup power generator that will keep all essential systems running in the event of a loss of power. Hospitals and emergency services have used these backup systems for decades to keep lights and other essential systems running in the event of a power outage. The purpose of these backup systems is not to supply full power to everything in the facility, but just to keep such things as servers, heating and cooling, or other necessary systems online until the regular power comes back.

Power system maintenance

Regular, thorough maintenance by a skilled service professional can also be an important step towards making sure that your mission critical facility power always runs smoothly. Get an electrician to check cords, connections, generators and power sources, and any switches or other hardware that may be involved in the system. This should be done at least once a year, and also after any event that might have put unusual wear and tear on the system, for instance a water leak or power surge. Remember, all the electronic parts in the facility are likely connected, so stress on one piece can cause stress on all the others too.

Additionally, take into account any suggestions the maintenance professional makes. He or she may recommend a new type of wiring, surge protector, or other equipment. While this may seem like a hefty expenditure, carefully weigh the costs before making a final decision.


Regular power is something you may take for granted until the moment disaster strikes and the power is gone. Since mission critical facilities have to stay online at all times, making sure that they are supplied with a reliable source of power is essential. Remember, good planning early on in the facility design process and a little regular maintenance can help avert disaster later on.

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How Data Centers & Mission Critical Facilities Are Maintained

The heart of your business operations is the data center.  This special center powers the technology that your business relies on each day.  Unlike other aspects of your business, the data center works around the clock powering security systems, fire suppression systems, the computer network, centralized data storage drives, Internet servers, computer backup, and much more.  Because the data center is so important, you should make its care a priority.  Regular care and maintenance is required to keep your data center running smoothly.  By working closely with qualified data center maintenance technicians, your business’s valuable data center will be kept in peak condition.  It will always be there when you need it.

data center maintenanceYour data center is responsible for many tasks.  As a data backup, it keeps copies of important files and software programs.  This is important because if the primary computers are compromised you’ll need an accurate backup of important information.  Compromise can happen in many ways.  A building fire, earthquake, flood, or even a heavy storm can damage computer components and make using them impossible.  Even if the computers themselves are intact, exposed to high temperatures, smoke, or damp can hinder their normal function.  A data center will allow you to replace the files contained on the damaged machines; this seamless transition is only possible if data center maintenance is performed correctly.

Data center maintenance consists of several elements.  First, structural integrity must be maintained.  That is, the physical components of the data center have to be free from damage.  The maintenance technician assigned to the data center will begin their regular inspection by examining each element for physical damage.  Though cracks and chips may appear to be only a cosmetic concern, these weak spots will spread.  Given time, the delicate electronic components kept inside will become vulnerable t damage from the outside. Next, the technician will check to make sure that the data center’s climate controls are working correctly.  Air conditioning and fans are necessary parts of data centers, especially large ones.  Your data center will require a considerable amount of power; all this electricity generates heat that must be dispersed.  If the heat isn’t channeled away from the computers, their performance will suffer; if too much heat is allowed to gather, the electronic components inside the computers will suffer damage.

Finally, a data center technician will update software and replace any old components with up to date materials.  This will ensure that all security protocols and information security procedures are in keeping with the latest developments in the field.  Your computer system faces the threat of hackers and other unauthorized users.  Keeping the security programs updated will help you prevent breeches of information.

Data center maintenance needs to be an ongoing consideration.  Make it a priority to work with qualified technicians.  Only then can you feel certain that all maintenance tasks are being performed correctly.

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Titan Power is Now an Exclusive Distributor for Gamatronic

Titan Power Inc was awarded the contract to become an Exclusive Stocking Distributor (ESD) for Gamatronic UPS & Power Protection Equipment in the states of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. This opportunity has allowed Titan Power to become factory trained and certified to sell, service and install all models of Gamatronic Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and Power Protection devices.

Gamatronic is  the worlds leading provider of cutting edge power modular solutions and technology. Their Modular UPS technology promises the best technology in the world for maximum power control and efficiency. Read more.

  • Power+, Gamatronic’s leading brand, is the mark of the cutting edge of UPS world technology today, and the only UPS technology that meets the growing complexity and sophistication of 21st century power needs, especially in heavy power dependant industries such as Computer Rooms, Data Centers, IT Centers, Telecom, etc.
  • Simply Ingenious: True on-line double conversion technology; with N+1 redundancy and real “Hot Swap” modules, offers you the highest reliability in the world in power protection solutions. Smart UPS architecture simplifies maintenance significantly – offering you self serviceable power protection with more power control.
  • Gamatronic’s ambitious mission is to revolutionize the way power-dependant businesses and industries think about power protection. We call it “Power Confidence”, and it stems from Gamatronic’s highly successful and unique modular perception of UPS architecture.

Gamatronic Power+ UPS Systems:

Rack Mount Series

On-line, Double Conversion, Modular UPS for 19″ Rack
Classic Series
On-line, Double Conversion, Modular UPS
Stand-Alone (SA) Series  
3 Phase, 10kVA
Stand-Alone, On-line, Double Conversion UPS  
3 Phase, 10kVA – 100kVA, N+1 


3 Phase, 10kVA – 100kVA, N+1 
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Infrared Testing; Can You Afford Not To?

Infrared Thermography Testing

Electrical system failures, whether they involve a single branch circuit or a major switchgear component, can be very costly. Titan Power’s Infrared Thermography Testing can identify the problems caused by poor electrical connections and defective equipment before they progress to catastrophic failure.

What Can Infrared Thermography Do For You?
Infrared Thermography has emerged as a powerful, versatile and accurate diagnostic tool used to uncover excessive heat loss in systems or materials. It is a non-contact; non-destructive means of testing that identifies and documents abnormally warm or cool connectors, conductors, or components that may be a potential problem in electrical systems. Many dangerous conditions cannot be seen by the human eye, infrared thermography testing can find potential electrical system trouble spots before they become disastrous.  Analysis of the collected data will help you detect problems before they become serious and costly issues.

How Does It Work?
Titan Power utilizes an infrared imaging system with powerful software designed to provide a fast and effective means of identifying potential problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, refractory and insulation materials. This information is compiled into a comprehensive report using easily interpreted text with the infrared image and a visible light reference. From the test report, preventive or corrective repairs can then be scheduled on a priority basis.

Equipment that can be inspected with Infrared Thermography include:

  • Category III Transformers
  • Relay Panels
  • Fuse Disconnects
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Fans for Bearing Degradation
  • AC & DC Capacitor Banks
  • Harmonic Filters for Capacitor Degradation
  • Batteries to Detect Thermal Runaway

Infrared Testing of your electrical systems not only provides peace of mind, but also allows the flexibility to be proactive rather than reactive in your risk management practices. Contact us to learn more about Titan Power’s Infrared Thermography Testing Service.


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Preventative Maintenance in "Down Times"

Mission Critical Magazine recently published an article titled Preventative Maintenance in “Down Times”. As a maintenance service provider, we found this article to be particularly interesting and informative so we thought we’d pass it on.

Below is a summary of the article.


The current economic situation has many companies tightening their budgets for new equipment. As a result, data center managers should put greater focus on maintaining their current assets through a PM program. Taking this approach can greatly reduce the need to repair or replace important components.

Benefits of a PM Program
When correctly implemented, PM visits ensure maximum reliability of data center equipment by providing systematic inspections, detection and correction of incipient failures, either before they occur or before they develop into major defects that could translate into costly downtime.
Begin with the UPS
To keep running through power outages, utility spikes, and other unforeseeable power issues, critical systems depend on the reliability of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. Therefore, keeping these systems in working condition is crucial.
Frequency of PM
Small UPS devices should be inspected annually to ensure alarms, filtering, and internal batteries are all operating within specifications. For medium and large systems, vendors often recommend that inspections and maintenance take place at least twice a year to ensure proper function and operation within the manufacturers specifications.
The Batteries
Battery maintenance begins with installation. Batteries must be fully charged, battery room conditions verified, and baseline readings set for proper trend analysis throughout the life of the battery. Battery aging accelerates dramatically as ambient temperature increases.
Professional PM
UPS systems and batteries operate at high voltage and only qualified personnel should attempt preventative maintenance or repair. End users can provide preventative support such as replacing air filters when dirty, ensuring environmental specifications are met and maintained, and monitoring UPS for alarms.

In summary, the article pointed out that organizations benefit from frequent and consistant Preventative Maintenance. Preventative Maintenance programs should be in place despite current market conditions. The business case for this is stronger now than ever before.

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Data Center’s – Ten Things You Should Know

Recently, Mission Critical Magazine published an article titled Ten Things You Want in Your Data Center. The article broke down into two subsections: five things an IT administrator should NOT do and five things ALL IT staff should know.  Below is a summary:

Five Things an IT Administrator Should NOT Do 

  1. Bring liquids into the data center (cans or bottles).  Liquids not intended to be in the data center can obviously damage equipment, but even unopened cans and bottles can cause problems as well.  
  2. Attempt to solve problems with a floor tile puller.  Problems arise when the IT staff doesn’t understand that pressurization and airflow of a raised floor “system” is vital to maintaining the temperature and integrity of the cooling system.  
  3. Place a fan in the hot aisle.  Placing a fan in this aisle will mix the air and create inefficiencies in the cooling and airflow, which impacts the entire system.
  4. Plug things into the extra outlets on a Rack PDU (extra outlets do not mean extra capacity).  “More downtime can be attributed to someone opening the wrong breaker or plugging something into the wrong outlet than any other human activity in the data center.” 
  5. Try to figure things out on your own.  The data center is a system, and all the subsystems must be coordinated for proper execution of any project, small or large.


Five Things ALL IT Staff Should Know

  1. Data Centers are Engineered Assets.  Changes can significantly affect performance of the equipment or airflow. 
  2. Ohm’s Law: E=I x R (the interrelationship of voltage, resistance and amperage).  Understanding this relationship can make even the most vexing power issues easier to understand.
  3. How power makes it from the pole to the rack.  If IT understood what happens to the power coming into the building – where it is distributed, what voltage it is as it makes its way to the UPS, PDU and rack – the conversation around growing data center capacity would be easier. 
  4. Where your energy is goes. Ask your facilities manager.  The reason why some IT personnel take things into their own hands vary; lack of resources or limited relationship with the facilities team are often problems.
  5. You can get killed in here!  The number of very dangerous systems in an average data center and mechanical room must be acknowledged.

Mission Critical is the fastest-growing journal providing information to data center and emergency backup power professionals. The magazine and Web site provide practical solutions to all issues facing the data center designer, manager, owner and operator.

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MCCD Data Center Project in Scottsdale, AZ

Titan Power is currently assisting Caliente Construction in the design, build and installation of an existing data center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Working with Caliente and the Maricopa Cumminity College District, Titan Power will be installing:

  • Three (3) Liebert 30 Ton CRAC’s
  • Four (4) 120kVA Powerware UPS’s
  • Eight (8) 100kVA Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Paralleling Gear
  • Four (4) Battery Cabinets
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation of the Data Center

Click the below link for pictures of the beginning stage of this project. http://www.facebook.com/search/?post_form_id=ce0b317b2bd9524e3f40a5379c0c94d3&q=titan+power&init=quick&ref=search_preload#!/album.php?aid=172966&id=163760628925&ref=mf

*Completion is in progress.

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