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Power Distributions Units

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Objective and Unbiased Recommendations

Objective and Unbiased Recommendations

Titan Power specializes in the sale and service of Power Distribution Units (PDU). Unlike manufacturers of critical power and air equipment, Titan Power sells, installs and services all major brands. This very important differentiation not only allows us to be completely objective and unbiased in our equipment recommendations but also offers our customers a single source solution for their power and air requirements.

Equipment Sales & Installation

As a licensed Contractor, Titan Power installs and services the equipment we sell. This truly separates us from other organizations selling Critical Power equipment.

PDU Manufacturers we represent:

  • Eaton/Powerware
  • Emerson/Liebert
  • PDI
  • On-line
  • CPC

Maximize Efficiency with Rack PDUs

Elevate your data center’s performance with Rack PDUs. These units provide critical power control and monitoring at the rack level, ensuring optimal power distribution and load management for each server rack. Perfect for high-density environments, Rack PDUs are a key component in streamlining power usage and boosting overall efficiency.

Socket strips PDU for server power connection in the server rack

Room PDUs: Powering Larger Spaces with Precision

Room (or floor-mounted) PDUs allow you to manage the power needs of your entire data center or IT environment. Designed to handle substantial power loads, these units are the backbone of large-scale power management, delivering consistent and reliable power to multiple racks or areas. Choose Room PDUs for a comprehensive power solution that keeps your larger IT spaces running seamlessly.

Flexible Power Solutions with Busway Systems

Adapt and grow with Busway Power Distribution Systems. These versatile systems offer a customizable power delivery solution along a busbar, ideal for overhead or underfloor setups. Our Busway systems are celebrated for their efficiency and adaptability, making them the perfect choice for evolving data center needs. Embrace the flexibility and scalability that our Busway systems bring to your IT infrastructure.

Flexible Power Solutions with Busway Systems

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