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Battery Replacements

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Did you know…

Battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime?

The single most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality?

All it takes is one bad battery in a string to bring your systems down during a power outage or other interruption?

Battery performance varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Making the wrong decision on batteries can have a serious impact on UPS uptime reliability, causing potentially devastating consequences from power interruptions.


Titan Power is recognized as an expert in maintenance for uninterruptible and power supplies UPS Battery Systems and have replacement solutions for VRLA, Wet-Cell, Telecom or Medical Batteries. In conjunction with our UPS maintenance service, Titan Power’s battery inspection program ensures the reliability, safety, and integrity of the UPS system.

UPS Replacement Services

Titan Power provides a solid understanding of intricate interactions between batteries and equipment. Our trained and experienced Service technicians have the expertise to handle logistical and management requirements of complex battery replacement projects. When it comes to UPS replacement, Titan Power takes safety responsibility seriously and has included in its safety-training program NFPA 70E Standards.

Authorized Battery Sales, Installation, and Service

Six questions to ask when replacing UPS batteries:

  1. Is the battery manufacturer qualified by the UPS manufacturer?
  2. Are you getting a multi-year warranty on new battery purchases?
  3. Is the warranty from the battery manufacturer or the supplier/vendor?
  4. Are the batteries U.L. listed/approved/compliant?
  5. Are the batteries new or used/refurbished?
  6. Are the old batteries being disposed of properly by your battery supplier/vendor?
UPS Replacement Services