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Equipment Replacement & Installation

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The man installs a new battery into the uninterruptible power supply. Replacing the power module in the server room rack.

Specialty Contractor with Nearly 40 Years of Expertise

Founded in 1986, Titan Power has established itself as a specialty contractor, expertly serving Data Centers, Computer Rooms, and Mission Critical Facilities. With nearly 40 years in the field, we bring unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the unique needs inherent in these critical environments.

Tailored Project Management for Optimal Results

Our approach to each project is customized, ensuring alignment with your organization’s specific requirements for both present and future:

  • Discovery Phase: In this initial phase, we work closely with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and challenges, conduct site-surveys and develop a conceptual plan.
  • Design Phase: Our team integrates your specific goals into a comprehensive design, covering architectural, mechanical, and electrical aspects. This phase facilitates precise cost estimations and ensures all elements meet your criteria.
  • Delivery Phase: Construction begins with obtaining necessary permits, managing timelines, coordinating with subcontractors, and overseeing the installation of equipment.
  • Maintenance Phase: Our relationship with clients extends beyond the project’s completion. We provide training on the new systems and offer ongoing maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your equipment.
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Board directors having a meeting with the team in the office at the construction site

Why Choose Titan Power

As a seasoned specialist in constructing and maintaining critical environments, Titan Power is committed to delivering excellence and fostering enduring partnerships. Trust us to build and maintain an infrastructure that not only meets but exceeds your operational needs.