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IT Racks

Rittal TS8 Enclosures/ Racks

Designed specifically for the data center, the TS8 is a modern enclosure offering strength and stability for virtually any server environment. Featuring Rittal’s patented 16-fold continuously welded steel frame, delivering 30% more dimensional stability, guaranteed to beat the competition on strength alone.

Available in light grey or sand texture black.


  • Data Centers
  • Wiring closets
  • Office environments
  • Central offices
  • Co-location and application environments


  • Contemporary, sleek appearance
  • Multiple vendor equipment compatibility
  • Full line of accessories for individual configuration
  • Family of sizes and styles
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Strong frame structure
  • Highly functional and stylish, value packed and competitively priced
  • U markings on front and rear surfaces of each rail

Server Enclosure Design

The TS8 server enclosure features modern, attractive aesthetics perfect for a highly functional server application.


  • Universal server enclosures
  • Multiple vendor environments
  • Storage equipment
  • Termination equipment
  • Network equipment
Server Enclosure Design

Networking Enclosure Design

The TS8 network enclosure features a stylish design in a viewing door concept ideal for showcase applications, offering natural ventilation with its perimeter perforated doors.


  • Networking facilities
  • Termination applications
  • Hubs, routers, switches or other components
  • Other equipment where high heat loads are not generated

As an Integrator Partner, Titan Power offers Rittal’s full line of IT products.

Rack and Enclosure FAQ

What is one of the biggest factors in whether to use full enclosures versus a simple server rack?

Desired level of security required for equipment in the rack.