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Construction & Installation

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Construction & Installation

Leading the Way in Data Center Solutions

As a renowned name in the mission critical industry, Titan Power stands as a pillar of expertise. As a licensed General Contractor we specialize in managing complete turn-key projects, encompassing planning, design, engineering, and construction of data centers and computer rooms.

Customized Solutions for Every Unique Need

Understanding that each client’s requirements are distinct, we dedicate time to grasp your specific needs, allowing us to propose solutions that enhance system efficiency and effectiveness. Our team, enriched with decades of experience in IT and data center environments, is adept at crafting secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

ROC Numbers

Our Credentials and Certifications

Titan Power is proud to hold a range of specialized contractor licenses, underscoring our commitment to quality and adherence to regulatory standards:

  • Arizona General Commercial License (#228490)
  • Arizona Computer Room Specialty License (#216136)
  • California General Commercial and Electrical License (#884661)
  • Nevada Residential and Small Commercial (#77127)

Partner with Titan Power

Data centers and IT environments are highly specialized. Choosing Titan Power for your mission critical needs means partnering with a leader dedicated to delivering the right solutions. We are committed to providing a service and creating infrastructures that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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