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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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Objective and Unbiased Recommendations

Objective & Unbiased Recommendations

Titan Power champions choice and flexibility, unbound by manufacturer loyalties or contractual obligations to sell a single brand. This independence allows us to offer an impartial range of top-tier UPS systems, aligning our comprehensive power quality solutions with your specific requirements and budget.

Single and Three Phase UPS Systems

Titan Power provides comprehensive power protection solutions with an extensive range of both single and three-phase UPS systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of any scale—from safeguarding individual devices in small offices to ensuring uninterrupted operations in large data centers.

UPS Topologies
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Uninterruptible Power Supply FAQ

What is the function of uninterruptible power supply for data center?

The uninterruptible power supply, popularly known in the industry as a UPS, is an electronic device that supports computers, servers, data communication systems and other equipment during sudden power failure or voltage drop. Data Center UPS battery systems are in a standby mode to instantly provide power in case of brief power outages in data centers or computer rooms. UPS power backups are being used to prevent data loss and/or downtime during short-term power outages. They also have the ability to eliminate power surges, noise, and spikes.

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