Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Objective and Unbiased Recommendations – Titan Power specializes in the sale and service of both single phase and three phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. Unlike manufacturers of critical power and air equipment, Titan Power sells, installs and services all major brands. This very important differentiation not only allows us to be completely objective and unbiased in our equipment recommendations but also offers our customers a single source solution for their power and air requirements

Titan Power partners with major power conditioning product manufacturers providing a broad range of products. The volume of sales we offer these manufacturers provides us discounts unavailable to smaller resellers or end-user, which we pass on to our customers.

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Equipment Sales & Installation – As a licensed Contractor, Titan Power installs and services the equipment we sell. This truly separates us from other organizations selling Critical Power equipment. Titan Power has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of planning, design, engineering, sales, installation, start-up and on-going maintenance of your UPS power system. Our experts will ensure your project meets all code requirements and stays within budget.

Uninterruptible Power Supply FAQ

Q: How do you determine whether your UPS system needs a back-up generator in case of power failure?

A: There a few things that will help you decide if you are ready to install a generator:

  1. Can you shut down your systems before the UPS batteries run out of battery power?

  2. Are the systems that the UPS supports critical to your companies operation?

  3. What does it cost per minute in dollars/loss of revenue if your system goes down?

The first item is almost always “No” and the second is “Yes”, the third is a bit harder to answer. It has been our experience that the cost of installing and maintaining a generator to provide power during an outage is always less costly than the cost of downtime.