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Data Center Maintenance and Repair

Titan Power understands critical backup power and air systems are designed to integrate and interact seamlessly within a facility to ensure production continuance and uptime during utility outages. Most outages within a data center or other mission-critical IT facility are preventable, as backup power systems are put in place to preserve uptime. Titan Power has a truly unique approach to a professionally managed maintenance program that is ‘systems’ focused on the integrated interaction of all critical power and air equipment. We are in business to help customers maximize uptime while reducing risk. Whether it’s service for a single computer closet or a large data center, Titan Power has the technical expertise to deliver high reliability and performace required by technology in the modern workplace.

We offer one-year and three-year maintenance service agreements, across the manufacturer spectrum. Upon completion of all of our service visits, comprehensive Scopes of Work and Electronic Field Service Reports are emailed directly to you. Each customer is also given access to a password-protected online portal to view their equipment, contracts, history, recommendations and proposals.

Examples of Field Service Reports:

UPS & Battery

Generator & ATS


NFPA 70 E Compliance – In today's work environment, safety for employees is one of the most important objectives for a company. Titan Power takes this responsibility seriously and has included in its safety-training program NFPA 70E Standards. NFPA 70E standards are safety procedures related to electrical hazards and are the industry standard on electrical safety. The goal of these standards is to keep workers free from hazards of shock, electrocution and arc flash. NFPA 70E covers the full range of electrical safety issues from safety-related work practices to maintenance, special equipment requirements, and installation.

Spare Parts – Titan Power maintains a 4000 square foot warehouse facility with over $1M in extensive spare parts inventory. We are also authorized to buy direct from all the major manufacturers, minimizing delivery time and costs. This enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs. We are strongly committed to the obligations we have to our valued customers to keep their power up, uninterrupted, and reliable. The entire Titan Power Team is very proud of our customers who collectively provide the strongest validation that we deliver what we promise – outstanding, comprehensive and no-nonsense services.



Frequently Asked Maintenance Question

Q: Are there protection plans available for Data Center maintenance and repair that would cover scheduled testing?

A: Yes, Titan Power’s maintenance agreements can be customized to fit the needs of each customer.