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   3 Signs That Point to Power Quality Issues

3 Signs That Point to Power Quality Issues

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Electrically powered devices are so run of the mill nowadays, it’s easy to write off a device’s malfunctioning or breaking down as having to do with the device itself. This is not, however, always the case. Many of the common problems we encounter with our electronic devices,whether it’s a computer, an electrical motor, or even the lights in your house or office, can be traced to what is called power quality. Power quality issues are a complex matter that should be dealt with by a power management professional. Here are some common malfunctions that may indicate the need to evaluate possible power quality based causes:

Equipment Running Hot and Overheating

A very common problem people run into with their electronics is that the device becomes hot to the touch. While it is normal for devices to generate heat from the high amount of energy running through them, it is standard today for devices to have cooling measures installed, such as the cooling fans you see on PC’s and laptops. If your device is getting so hot that it cannot function, this could not only hurt your business, but could also pose a fire hazard. If your device has no detectable flaws or is brand new, the cause of the overheating is likely related to power quality.

Poor Network Communications

It is important to be able to communicate information across networks in a speedy and efficient manner. Of course, networks themselves utilize a lot of energy, and if the network is buggy or running slowly, it could be that the power source is experiencing some sort of quality issue. If you have had a network specialist check out all your connections and network elements and they found nothing wrong, then the culprit is most likely a problem with power quality.

Sudden Shutdown of Equipment

Everybody has experienced the horrible gut-sinking feeling that happens when a document or file that has had a lot of work put into it is lost in a power surge or equipment failure. These kinds of problems are almost always a result of power quality issues. If you are constantly experiencing outages or surges, it is time to get the power source evaluated.

Don’t Let Power Quality Be an Issue

There are measures you can take to be better prepared for these problems and to properly diagnose them. Power monitoring software can capture information from different meters, allowing you to hone in on the source of the problem. Getting an energy management professional to do periodic assessments can also help prevent power quality issues before they occur. Getting the right professional and monitoring software is a worthwhile investment that will save you money in the long run.





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