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   9 Ways Beer and UPSs are Alike

9 Ways Beer and UPSs are Alike

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Beer and UPSs: More alike than different (no, really)

Imagine our surprise when we discovered just how alike beer and UPSs are. From the need to be kept cool to the importance of being able to meet unexpected demand, we think beer lovers and UPS users can teach each other a thing or two.

1. Temperature is everything
There’s a reason some cans have mountains that turn blue when cold . . . no one wants to drink that stuff warm! Similarly, heat can significantly diminish the performance, safety and lifetime of a battery. Both UPSs and beer perform better when stored and used at the proper temperature.

2. Best if used by (this date)
Beer expires, especially the hoppy kinds like an IPA. Make sure you don’t leave the store with an expired beer. Do this once and you’ll understand the importance of checking expiration dates on everything including your UPS batteries. It’s beneficial to check and note the expiration date to ensure a replacement plan is in place.

3. How bold should you go
How full-flavored or feature-rich do you want to go? An online UPS, similar to an imperial chocolate coffee stout, has a lot to offer but could be too much depending on your needs. Some applications only call for a standby UPS the same way a cold, crisp light beer makes for a perfect after-mowing- your-yard treat.

4. Power is in the watts
UPSs are typically rated in volt amperes (VA) but you should be looking at the wattage. For example, think of a 1 kVA UPS as a six pack. Would you rather have a six pack of 8 oz. or 12 oz. beers? Similarly, the wattage rating of a 1 kVA UPS typically ranges from 600 to 1000 watts. The higher the wattage rating, the more IT equipment you can power!

5. Redundancy
Make sure you have a backup. You may think you’re only going to drink one, and then Billy stops by emptyhanded and thirsty after the stores have closed. Redundancy is key! The surest way to increase your UPS availability is to incorporate a 2N or N+X redundant configuration for fault tolerance. And let’s face it—a redundant environment can protect you from the Billy’s of the world.

6. Pairing matters
To bring out its full potential, a UPS needs to be paired with the right equipment. Think racks, rack power distribution units (PDUs) and software. You’ll be as pleased with your full solution as when you pair chocolate with a stout or a burger with a pale ale.

7. Reviews are key
It’s important to get the insider knowledge before you buy. Spiceworks. com and StorageReview.com are to IT pros as Untapped and NextGlass are to beer enthusiasts.

8. Now trending
Though we advise to tread lightly when considering industry trends, a New England Style IPA is delicious! Some flash in the pan trends should be avoided, like Gose IMO—there’s a reason that style died 70 years ago. But other trends like lithium-ion-batteries can change the UPS landscape in your favor by lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

9. Reduce, reuse, recycle
Whether a beer or a battery, don’t forget to do your part to save the world. Both UPS batteries and cans/ bottles can be recycled by Heritage Environmental Services. And for those empty cans and bottles, be sure to dispose in your nearest “blue bin.

So, if you’re planning, managing or updating a UPS solution, take some advice from the brewers and make sure your power stays fresh, crisp, and accompanied by all the right extras.

Download Infographic 9 Ways Beer and UPSs are Alike

Beer and UPSs doesn’t stop here.

Check out our video where we use beer as the tool to illustrate the difference between real, reactive and apparent power for UPS systems in data centers. (Note all beer was kept at proper temperature during filming of the video.)



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