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Achieving excellence is the result of high performance throughout the entire organization. Titan Power’s “Standard of Excellence” Program sets in motion our core values by defining customer service standards for the entire Titan Power team. Every employee shares in the responsibility for performing specific standards that promote excellence. We strive for excellence in Teamwork, Integrity, Timeliness, Positive Attitude, Professionalism, and Quality Workmanship and to exceed our customer expectations in everything we do.
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A Culture of Responsiveness Distinguishes Titan Power

Titan Power prides itself on its Culture of Responsiveness and attention to the needs of its customers. The organizational format is designed to provide prompt and efficient response to customer's requests and emergencies. Titan Power has worked hard to eliminate the "red tape" that may hinder any ability to respond as quickly as possible to our customer's needs.

The management at Titan Power not only trains our personnel to be responsive, managers keep themselves in the response chain. Titan's President, Andy Berney is available to his customers and his technicians 24/7, ordering needed equipment and marshaling resources that satisfies seemingly impossible deadlines. "Fortunately for me, I love to help people, so supporting our customers when they have a crisis is personally rewarding for me. And we choose our sales, technical and support personnel with the same mindset. It is not only good for business; it creates the sense with our customers that we value being a part of their power management team."

All Members of our Team are "Power Systems" Experienced

Titan believes that your time is valuable, and that power systems problems are serious business. Therefore, everyone who answers the phone when we receive an inquiry or request is knowledgeable about the industry, issues that are specific to power management, and our products and services. When you contact Titan Power, we will connect you with the proper back-up resource to satisfy your needs. For example, our Office Administrator has 15 years of experience in the critical power industry. Our marketing, sales, and project management representatives have devoted their entire careers to the power and data management support business, dating back to the 1950's. We equip our staff with satellite connections to their work stations so they are a resource to their customers…with all the appropriate data at hand…24/7, 365 days a year.

Education is not an Option, it is the Keystone of our Success

Titan Power's management team strives for excellence in other ways as well. We support on-going education for our entire staff, inviting specialists from across our product lines to present frequent "Lunch and Learn" sessions. Wherever reasonable we believe in cross-training for our sales and support staff, and expect everyone who interacts with the public to respond to urgent situations appropriately. In addition to guest Lunch and Learns, Titan Power does internal "Lunch and Learn" sessions presented by employees of the company who are knowledgeable in fields that others may not be.

"Red Tape" Runaround Doesn't Exist at Titan Power

Regardless of the nature of your call, the Titian professional at the other end of the line will satisfy your needs or will link you to the appropriate resource within the organization. Our President, Andy Berney, will often accompany our sales staff on a preliminary "walk-through" for a potential client so he can insure all resources are woven into a proposal or RFP. Our construction sub-contractors are chosen with the same care, so that our "turnkey data centers" are both technically sound and scalable. Titan Power Aims to be the Last and Only Choice for our Customers

A Culture of Responsiveness strives to create an environment that creates "clients for life." It goes without saying that our customers expect us to be price-conscious and competitive in our bidding. But even more importantly, they need us to "have their back," and perform as though their power back-up system is the most important one we support…and at Titan, we respond as though each of our customers' systems is the most important. It is the engine that drives our success.