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Achieving excellence is the result of high performance throughout the entire organization. Titan Power’s “Standard of Excellence” Program sets in motion our core values by defining customer service standards for the entire Titan Power team. Every employee shares in the responsibility for performing specific standards that promote excellence. We strive for excellence in Teamwork, Integrity, Timeliness, Positive Attitude, Professionalism, and Quality Workmanship and to exceed our customer expectations in everything we do.
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Say goodbye to backup power nightmares. Say goodbye to UPS battery problems. Say goodbye to your IT headaches. Say hello to Titan Power.

Our industry experts maintain your UPS system so that it's in excellent working condition. And because of our high sales volume, Titan Power is able to offer competitive pricing to our customers. Titan Power helps you save critical data and eliminate downtime by providing reliable backup power. Tell us what you need, or let our expert team evaluate the best solution and make recommendations. Our ongoing commitment to providing excellent customer service makes us an industry leader for data center maintenance services. For 30 years, Titan Power has been a partner you can trust.