100% Network Uptime Is An Expectation of Smartphone Users

                          If you have ever needed to use your Smartphone and not been able to access your carrier’s network you know how incredibly frustrating it is.  And if … Continue reading

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Anticipating Future Rack Density and How to Prepare for Changes

                  Much like a doomsday prepper stocking up on as much water and canned goods for the arrival of the end times, data center and IT professionals have been discussing and preparing … Continue reading

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Human Error the Cause of Data Center Downtime – Practical Tips for Minimizing

                    Ask any IT or data center manager what the most frustrating aspect of running a data center is and they will most likely tell you it is downtime.  Downtime is … Continue reading

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Tips for Maneuvering Your Way Through the Clouds

If you’re thinking of implementing cloud-based services with your regular data center services, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting into so that you don’t get lost in the clouds. At Titan Power we realize how popular … Continue reading

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Not Even the U.S. Department of Energy Is Safe From Hackers

At Titan Power, we take security seriously and design all of our data center infrastructures with your confidence in mind. Technology is always evolving, and while savvy business owners can surely capitalize on that trend, unfortunately so can hackers. In … Continue reading

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What’s Driving the Surge in SMB Data Center Spending

At Titan Power, we take pride in delivering the latest solutions for data center design and management to businesses of all sizes, even when those solutions are constantly evolving. One of the biggest shifts we’re seeing in the industry right … Continue reading

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Efficiently Reducing Costs While Improving Performance of Your Data Center

Cloud computing has quickly insinuated itself into the stream of day-to-day online services and activities. Here at Titan Power we want you to reap the full benefits of cloud computing all while improving the overall performance of your data center … Continue reading

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The Benefits and Costs of Going Modular

As businesses continue to look for ways to expand their IT centers to increase efficiency, modular data centers will continue to grow in popularity. Organizations that seek to implement these data centers in a relatively short amount of time need … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cloud Computing and Virtualized Data Centers

As IT managers strive to find ways to mitigate their network expenses while improving efficiency, valuable time and money is being lost. Many organizations are experiencing a multitude of outages and failures that result in less efficiency, increased downtime and … Continue reading

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Data Center Commissioning and Why it Matters

A company’s data center functions as the repository for all information and provides essential computer network support for operations performed by employees. This center is a significant investment and will provide a company with the support required for future growth … Continue reading

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