Where Does the Power Used by a Data Center Come From?

Keeping a data center supplied with the power required for ongoing function is a more complex undertaking than many people realize. Since a data center has to operate without interruption, careful engineering is required to meet this particular requirement. While … Continue reading

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Are Redundant Batteries Important for Data Center Power Supplies?

Data centers require a secure flow of electricity in order to function correctly. With the right power supply, each center will provide the performance a company requires for ongoing operations. Each center designed by Titan Power makes use of the … Continue reading

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Dealing With IT Equipment That No Longer Gets Used

Dealing with unused equipment can be a challenge. Create a plan to harvest or dispose of decommissioned equipment.   A datacenter is often a beautiful facility. Efficient data centers contain rows and rows of flashing lights and rack-mounted servers. However, … Continue reading

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Critical Steps for Relocating or Migrating Your Data Center

Even the best IT team is often frightened by the thought of needing to migrate or relocate a data center, but for many companies it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when you will need to perform … Continue reading

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Malls and Retail Stores Are Being Converted to Data Centers

What happens when that big box store that was built several decades ago goes out of business? What about malls or other retail complexes that hit hard economic times and go under? In some communities mall and retail stores are … Continue reading

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Utility Incentives and Rebates can Increase your Data Center ROI

Utility Incentives

Data centers have become an integral part of every business operation, from small local businesses to major corporations. As the volume of data increases every year, the amount of space required for data centers is also increasing. Whether you are … Continue reading

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Cloud Data Center to be Powered by Apple’s Solar Farm

Data Center Power

Apple continues its commitment to provide environmentally-friendly power to its data centers.   Apple has a long-standing goal to run data centers in an environmentally-responsible manner. Its latest project is an 18-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant constructed just east of Reno … Continue reading

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How Advanced PDU’s create enhanced Rack Power Distribution

Advanced PDU

Data-center managers can optimize their essential power distribution through the use of advanced PDUs.   As experts in planning, construction, and maintenance for datacenters, we at Titan Power are very familiar with the utility of advanced power distribution units (PDUs). … Continue reading

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Single- vs. Three-Phase: Which is For You?

Understanding the subtle differences between the various power sources available to you in the data center environment is essential if you hope to be able to maximize the money spent on powering your server racks while still being able to … Continue reading

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Managing Your Unstructured Data

It’s estimated that every year, your unstructured database grows by 40% to 60%. By properly managing all of this “stuff” taking up space on your server, you reduce the risk of confidential data loss and lower your data management costs. … Continue reading

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