Caring for Your Center’s Humidification System

Environmental control of the data center environment is a year-long job. Aside from regulating the internal temperatures to offset the heat generated by rows upon rows of server racks, data center managers also have to keep the challenges that seasonal … Continue reading

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Comparing N+1 and Fixed Capacity UPS Systems

Data centers are at the heart of our businesses, powering the technology that we use on a daily basis to conduct transactions, share information, and stay connected. But what happens when the power goes down at the data center due … Continue reading

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Maximizing Surge Protection Safety

Data centers have become an indispensible part of our daily lives, housing and processing the information that keeps businesses, consumers, friends, and family connected around the world. Downtime comes from a wide variety of sources, but one of the most … Continue reading

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Configuring a Backup Power System for a Data Center

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and other auxiliary power systems have to be carefully designed in order to provide each data center with the support required for stable, secure, and efficient operation. Just as there are many possible data center configurations … Continue reading

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How Your UPS System Works

Owners and managers of businesses with data centers need to be familiar with the fundamental principles behind these important systems. Understanding the value of backup power supplies allows decision makers to more effectively manage the data storage needs of their … Continue reading

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The Basics of Hot Aisle, Cold Aisle Data Center Configurations

Data storage centers represent a major investment for any organization. This is true in terms of the value of the data to be stored as well as the physical infrastructure itself. Maintaining this investment requires implementing an environmental control system … Continue reading

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Securing Data and Other Information Assets Through a Comprehensive Approach to Protection

Data protection can be a surprisingly complex subject and frequently means very different thing to the people discussing it. To business owners, data protection is important for protecting proprietary information, including sensitive customer information; the costs and benefits of protection … Continue reading

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Effective Grounding Methods in Mission Critical Facilities

Whenever a critical facility is being designed, it’s imperative that a great deal of attention is given to the grounding system in order to reduce the chances of overcharging, to isolate faults and to upgrade the uptime. The experts of … Continue reading

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Vital Safety Tips for Computer Data Rooms

No matter how safe and harmless your computer data room might look, you have to always keep safety in the front of your mind in order that your computer room can remain fully functional and continue to operate at peak … Continue reading

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These 10 Tips Can Help Boost Power System Availability in Any Data Center

Power systems are a crucial component of every data center. Not only do these systems supply energy to important devices, they can also prevent catastrophe from occurring in the event of an outage. Implementing the following guidelines can help companies … Continue reading

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