Consolidating Your Computer Power & Air Room While Increasing Its Capacity

Maintaining a computer room can be a comprehensive procedure requiring quite a bit of effort for those at the helm. Proper maintenance must entail a multi-level approach that takes many different components under consideration. These can include regular review of … Continue reading

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Five Strange and Weird Data Center Outages

Data storage is a very real concern in this day and age. Much of the world relies on data centers for everything from completing crucial work tasks to accessing entertainment. Unfortunately, even the most dependable data storage plans can fall … Continue reading

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Small Business IT Needs Versus Small Office/Home Office IT Needs

Many of the components that make up an effective Information Technology system—whether for a tiny home-based office or a small business with dozens of users—are quite similar from one to the next. However, there are some critical differences. Here is … Continue reading

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The Computer Room in Your Closet

Business loses power

The Computer Room in Your Closet: How Risks of Power Loss Can Impact Business Operations   As business owners are planning their business or making changes to their current business, they’ll do well to make sure they plan for blackouts … Continue reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Data Centers

Companies and organizations that are using data centers to store vital data should make sure that they are well aware of the best practices for making sure that their data and the actual data center are both well protected from … Continue reading

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Ten Popular Myths About Power Protection Put to Rest

Just because a notion has been around for a long time doesn’t guarantee that the idea is true. Unfortunately, this is the case with many of the ideas that affect the way data centers measure, use, and conserve power. The … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your IT Equipment Is Managed Effectively

Data centers all over the world have filled a very important role in this modern computer-linked society. From the modest server room to the corporate level data center, companies of all sizes use these centers to store sensitive information and … Continue reading

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Becoming Energy-Efficient Through a Data Center Energy Audit

Green is in, and there is little doubt that companies that can show they are striving to be energy efficient are more productive. To stay proficient, older data centers need to find ways to become more energy efficient, and newer … Continue reading

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Is it a Data Center Emergency or Just A System Notification?

In the office of today, a lot of machines beep, ring, and create various alarm notifications. Nearly everything from the copy machine to the coffee machine has an alert to bring attention to things such as low toner, finished cycle, … Continue reading

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Emerson UPS Systems Product Review

Emerson Liebert UPS Product Review

When Power Backup Is Required, Emerson UPS Systems Offers a Variety of Products As industries become increasingly reliant on computer technology to perform daily tasks, protecting integral company data and equipment becomes more and more urgent. One way to ensure … Continue reading

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