Product Review for Eaton UPS Systems

Eaton UPS System

Eaton UPS systems have a proven track record of protecting mission critical hardware by offering power backup solutions via rack-based and standalone UPS. Eaton has a reputation as a highly innovative brand that specializes in power management solutions, and its … Continue reading

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A Power Distribution Unit Can Optimize Computer Operations

Computers are at the center of many successful business operations, and there are no signs that this trend will be abating any time soon. Because computers are so integral to the business world, it’s imperative that precautions are put in … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Data Center Spring Cleaning Checklist


There are numerous mission critical elements to all data centers, and regular maintenance is integral to minimizing downtime and keeping all mission critical systems running.  Arguably, it is best to take a top-down approach when itemizing which data center components … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Data Hosting Solutions

Data hosting is a serious concern for businesses everywhere. Choosing the right service can hold back your organization or give it a push in the right direction. Without data hosting services adequate to your current needs and adaptable enough to … Continue reading

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Planning for a Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution


Traditional organization separates data center functionality into two groups: Physical assets controlled by facility management IT domains maintained by the information technology (IT) department                     Analysts discovered that this scheme ignores … Continue reading

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Energy-Efficient Big Data Businesses See a Better Bottom Line

Green Building Data Center

    One of the biggest costs for a big data center is power. In fact, according to Greenpeace, data centers typically require close to 100 megawatts of energy. Put in simpler terms, that’s enough energy to power 80,000 homes. … Continue reading

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Helping Data Centers Survive a Cold Snap


    For all of their power and capabilities, data centers are still susceptible to the disastrous effects of water, fire, lightning, earthquakes and extreme winter cold. It seems that winter has received an upgrade, which means that it’s more … Continue reading

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Hack Your Way to the Truth about Hacking


  It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business is, there’s always a possibility that your website could be hacked. And the worst part is that several weeks or months might go by before you even realize that … Continue reading

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Considering the Fire Concerns of a Data Center


Data centers have become the new warehouse of the 21st century. Literally millions of bits of information flows through their servers daily, and corporations and organizations rely on them for optimal performance. A corporation’s data is among some of its … Continue reading

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Looking Into The Future Automation Of Data Centers


Data storage is as demanding as ever, pushing server providers to seek innovative solutions that are still barely able to keep up with the rapid growth. Server providers have the delicate task of maintaining fast, safe, and reliable user access—not … Continue reading

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