Helping Data Centers Survive a Cold Snap


    For all of their power and capabilities, data centers are still susceptible to the disastrous effects of water, fire, lightning, earthquakes and extreme winter cold. It seems that winter has received an upgrade, which means that it’s more … Continue reading

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Hack Your Way to the Truth about Hacking


  It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business is, there’s always a possibility that your website could be hacked. And the worst part is that several weeks or months might go by before you even realize that … Continue reading

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Considering the Fire Concerns of a Data Center


Data centers have become the new warehouse of the 21st century. Literally millions of bits of information flows through their servers daily, and corporations and organizations rely on them for optimal performance. A corporation’s data is among some of its … Continue reading

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Looking Into The Future Automation Of Data Centers


Data storage is as demanding as ever, pushing server providers to seek innovative solutions that are still barely able to keep up with the rapid growth. Server providers have the delicate task of maintaining fast, safe, and reliable user access—not … Continue reading

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The Damage Caused by Downtime


Data center reliability has helped to increase the operational effectiveness of thousands of companies around the globe. Improvements in technology and the design of server farms, as well as in the facilities that house them and the level of training … Continue reading

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How to Select the Hard Drive That is Right for You


Selecting and purchasing a hard drive used to be a simple task. Generally people would find a few of the highest capacity drives they could afford, pick the fastest of the group, and were done. Today, however, there are many … Continue reading

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The Future of Data Center Design and the Open Compute Project

Recently, Intel and facebook banded together to create the next-generation of data center rack technology. The prototype includes an innovative type of architecture called the photonic rack architecture. The design of this new prototype improved every aspect of data center … Continue reading

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Data Protection Solutions and Virtualization

In today’s modern world, protecting data from hackers and viruses has never been more important. There are many different types of data protection available on today’s market, all of which possess unique features, which can make it difficult to select … Continue reading

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Ways to Ensure Security Within a Data Center


If you are designing a data center, one of the most critical issues to focus on is security. There are an abundance of threats that the data center will face, some of which can be prevented with proper planning. Hackers, … Continue reading

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Should You Build Your Own Data Center or Partner With Someone Who Already Has One?


There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction that comes with doing things on your own, but you might be better off working with someone else for certain tasks, such as data storage. Even if you have a small business, there are … Continue reading

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