Google’s Going Green


Non-renewable Resources Non-renewable resources such as petroleum, uranium, coal, and natural gas provide us with the energy used to power our cars and houses, offices, and factories.  Without energy we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxuries that we are … Continue reading

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OpenPower Consortium is IBM’s Answer to Declining Server Market


A group of leading high-tech companies, led by IBM, has formed a new alliance to further the development of advanced server technologies that will power a new generation of faster, greener and more efficient data centers. The OpenPower Consortium, which … Continue reading

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Swedish Data Center Saves Money by Using Seawater for Cooling


In modern society, people are very dependent on technology. With all of the advancements in modern electronics and technology, data centers are essential. Many servers are required to store data and allow the expansion of both information and technology to … Continue reading

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The Best Locations for Data Centers

Data Center Best Location

Businesses often use data centers to backup and protect their vital information and data as well as the information and data of their customers and clients. Since using a data center can be a huge expense, business have to do … Continue reading

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Understanding Data Centers and Data Center Tier Certifications


Data centers have been around for ages. In the beginning of time, they were like huge computer rooms and were very complex to maintain and operate. In fact, they sometimes required a special environment to operate them properly and a … Continue reading

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What is data virtualization?


The amount of data available in the world today is staggering, estimated by a 2011 Digital Universe Study from IDC and EMC to be around 1.8 zettabytes (1.8 trillion gigabytes), and projected to double every year. In addition, the study … Continue reading

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Data encryption involving authentication, authorizations, and identity management


  The Importance of Secure Data Protection For Individuals and Businesses   Protecting data is becoming increasingly important in our highly internet savvy world. With millions of people using the internet daily, and an unfortunate amount of them using it … Continue reading

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The Benefits And Risks Of Cloud Computing

Business Data Centers

Cloud computing has become increasing popular over the past several years. It enables hosted services to be delivered over the internet, rather than physically storing information on computers. The data center is a critical part of service delivery. Cloud computing … Continue reading

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What The 2013 Data Center Census Means For The Industry

UPS Maintenance

The 2013 data center census works to give a glimpse into the future of the data center industry. Although the census is not able to completely predict the future, it can give some telling indications about where the future of … Continue reading

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Setting Up A Disaster Plan For A Data Center


In terms of disasters, few people are prepared for the chaos that can come as a result of any type of disaster. Floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even heavy rainstorms can damage structures and belongings beyond repair. Most times, there … Continue reading

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