Facebook Opens First Data Center Outside of United States


  The city of Lulela, Sweden is situated in the frigid northern part of the nation. Just sixty miles from the Arctic Circle, temperatures in Lulea can sink as low -41C. Lulela has a big new resident; social media giant … Continue reading

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A Guide To Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Center

Modular data centers became popular when the economy started to swirl the drain. Businesses needed new ways to secure funding in small amounts while simultaneously decreasing the risks that came with creating a data center. Two of the main gripes … Continue reading

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Data Center Regulations And Construction Requiring PUE Surveys

Low PUE Data Center

Possible Future Ramifications For Data Center Regulations And Construction Requiring PUE Surveys There are three main categories in which PUE surveys would likely be used in the future construction and maintenance of data centers.  These include future government regulations pertaining … Continue reading

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A Look At Google’s Data Center And What It Takes To Keep It Running Smoothly

Inside Google Data Center

Google currently has 13 data centers located in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. These data centers house the thousands of machines needed to run Google’s operations. Whether a customer is using Google to send an email, make an … Continue reading

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The Pros And Cons Of Different Cooling Methods For Data Centers


Unique changes in technology and the energy used to run these important pieces of equipment have created a need for new and innovative cooling methods for data centers.  Cooling methods were first designed over three decades ago, when it was … Continue reading

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance Planning and Execution

UPS Maintenance

                  How An Uninterruptible Power Supply Is Maintained Maintenance is a must for all computers and all computer network components.  Without maintenance, developing problems are left unchecked, updates and upgrades don’t get … Continue reading

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Industry Changes in Technology

UPS Technology

            Important Changes Taking Place In The Uninterruptible Power Supply Industry It’s taken for granted that the technology field is changing every day.  Because data centers and the uninterruptible power supply systems connected to them … Continue reading

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Places Most In Need Of The Benefits Offered By A Data Center

Business Data Centers

            There are many businesses that benefit from the usage of a data center.  A data center is essentially a computer center where a company will hold all servers and equipment necessary to keep the … Continue reading

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Five Key Elements Every Data Center Should Have


You’ve probably heard the term data center, but may not completely understand what it means.  Data centers are often referred to as computer centers, and are large facilities that are built as home to computer systems and any other associated … Continue reading

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Why Phoenix Is A Great Place To Build A Data Center

Data Center Best Location

Phoenix is a great place to build a data center due to ample cheap land, proximity to an urbanized area with a skilled workforce, available power grids, and existing telecommunications infrastructure.  One of the first things to remember when building … Continue reading

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