When Backup Generators Must Be Installed In A Data Center

Critical Power Management

The TIA-942 Data Center Standards Overview, published by the Telecommunications Industry Association, sets several basic standards for the overall design of data centers.  The document outlines basic best practice for structural design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and HVAC in regards … Continue reading

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Using Improved Energy Efficiency To Increase Mission Critical Elements

Green Building Data Center

Most businesses today rely on computers and modern technology in order to run efficiently and to meet the needs of customers whether local or worldwide. The data center plays an important role in keeping the operations of any business running … Continue reading

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Plan Your Data Center With The Future In Mind

Plan for the Future Data Center Needs

Businesses today rely on computers and technology more than ever before. The earliest beginnings of email in the 60s marked a rapid change toward today’s almost complete reliance on computers. When considering the degree of change that has taken place … Continue reading

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The Success Of A Mission Critical Facility Starts With Good Construction

Though many considerations go into the design and implementation of a mission critical facility, few are more important than the physical construction. Mission critical facility construction has to be reliable, secure, and safe for the valuable equipment and data stored … Continue reading

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Five Mission Critical Facility Design Strategies

Mission critical facilities are vital to the continued safe and secure operation of many business and governmental operations. However, the necessity of mission critical facilities is a fairly recent development, and so many laypeople do not understand the fundamentals of … Continue reading

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Working Together With A Computer Room Power Company

Computer rooms and other data centers are becoming increasingly important in today’s fast-paced business world.  Computers are indispensible technology and are responsible for helping employees do more; with resources kept close at hand, a business can become more independent and … Continue reading

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Planning A New Computer Room

Technology is an important part of our lives and it’s sure to become even more important.  Most people use a computer on a daily basis to send email, print out forms, check their bank account, and much more.  As a … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Data With Backup Power

With the advancement of technology, some people take for granted what is available to them every hour of the day and night. Being able to hop on the internet or your fun to find information, socialize, or play games has … Continue reading

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Give Your Data Center Adequate Power

Data centers operate around the clock, every day of the year.  They are responsible for many tasks, including security monitoring and hosting the business’s Internet server.  These tasks can’t be interrupted which is why many data centers have their own … Continue reading

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Maintain The Quality Of Your Supply Of Power With UPS Maintenance

Many business owners who deal with uninterruptable power supply UPS maintenance are familiar with the operation of a UPS from their home computer systems. The heart of a UPS is a large capacity battery. This is the reason for the … Continue reading

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