How To Maintain Your UPS

With the advancement of technology, we have adapted our lives to depend greatly on computers. They hold valuable information and enable us to accomplish great work and communicate with the people we care about. With so much at stake, it makes sense to protect our data in times of power outages or power surges. Losing data can be costly, especially for businesses. A solution for keeping your information safe is to install an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. A UPS is an electronic apparatus that is able to continue transporting power to your computer even when the main power supply has failed. The device stores energy in a battery back up until the time is needed. There are three types of UPS that accommodate various needs. The offline standby UPS is a common variety that is the least expensive and most efficient. It remains in a standby mode until the main power source fails, signaling the device to respond. The UPS then sends the stored energy to your computer or other electronic equipment. A line-interactive UPS is like a standby UPS but has a special transformer that regulates a smoother transition when power from the back up is required. An online UPS is ideal for equipment that is more sensitive to power fluctuations. It is designed to run continuously so that energy is not interrupted and is considered a true uninterruptible power supply. Although it is less efficient because it is running all the time, it is valuable to more critical applications. Considering how important the uninterruptible power supply is, UPS maintenance seems to be a necessity for the upkeep of such a significant apparatus to ensure the quality that it can provide.


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Regular UPS maintenance should occur on a regular basis and include several things. Quarterly, your equipment should be visually inspected for any loose connections and signs of wear. A loose connection can create a fire hazard and cause significant damage to your equipment or surrounding facility. Semiannually you should visually check for any leakage coming from batteries and capacitors. You should also vacuum the equipment enclosures and make sure the temperature and humidity device is functioning properly. Annually you should perform a thermal scan on the electrical connections making sure that they are not loose and generating heat, which can indicate a possible problem. Also, at this time, you should run a complete operational test of the system to determine if any battery cells are nearing the end of their productivity. Biannually you should test items such as the transfer switches, maintenance bypasses and circuit breakers to continue with quality UPS maintenance. If a generator is a part of your UPS system, it should also be tested either monthly or quarterly.

UPS maintenance is a good way to protect your data and prolong the life of your equipment. Although a UPS wouldn’t be hard to replace if it were to malfunction, the equipment and information that might be damaged in the process is irreplaceable. It’s important to take care of your investments and run regular UPS maintenances on the devices that are protecting your computer and other electronic apparatuses. When you take the time to properly care for the things you depend on so much, you will find them to be more reliable in helping you to accomplish the things you value most.

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Protecting Your Data Files With UPS Maintenance

Data CenterMany businesses depend fully on their computer source and the ability to back up files and save them to a main data base. There is a hazard, however, when dealing with computers that require a power source in order to function. Often times, computer disruption can cause fatalities, injuries, data loss or serious business disruption. A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply or source, is an electrical device that allows a computer or output device to function, even if the main power source fails. These uninterrupted power source units need to be maintained properly if they are expected to perform correctly when the time comes that they are needed.

Many UPS units come with standard UPS maintenance contracts and warranties. Depending on the size of the unit, will determine the period in which the warranty is active. Usually, the larger systems are given a 1 year warranty while the smaller systems are given a 2 year warranty. For an additional cost, the manufacturers of the units will offer an extension to the warranty for periods of 5 years.

Under a UPS maintenance plan, your unit will be replaced if it ever breaks down or needs repair that cannot be done onsite. This requires your power supply unit to be removed from your network computer system and then reintroduced once the new unit is in or once the old unit has been repaired. Time is of the essence when this situation occurs; due to the fact that without your UPS unit hooked up to your computer system, you network is at risk of losing your files or having a fatal error of your network program. Because of this, the maintenance plans that are offered by uninterruptible power sources suppliers are often ranked in a particular order according to response times. The response time refers to the period of time where your computer network is left without a UPS unit attached. A four hour response time is considered customary.

When entering into a UPS maintenance contract, many suppliers will schedule preventative maintenance visits on a quarterly basis. They will also include specified replacement parts that are included in the contract in case something should malfunction on your UPS unit. Some other suggested maintenance tasks that your company can perform annually to help ensure the functionality of your unit are scanning equipment for excessive heat, calibrating equipment regularly, verifying proper sharing among modules, testing switchgear, operating the circuit breakers, as well as many other important tasks. Quarterly, your company should be inspecting the environment where the UPS is located and checking for cleanliness and security as well as checking air filters, proper air movement, verifying alarm status and indicator lights.

Help to ensure that your business does not fall victim to data center outage and data loss. By checking your uninterruptable power source equipment on a regular and scheduled basis, you can help to protect your data as well as elongate the life of your UPS unit. Because this unit can be a costly expense to your business operations, it is a good idea to take great care of it and enter into a secure warranty and service maintenance contract with the unit’s supplier.

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The Advantages Of Uninterruptible Power Supply

data center equipmentWe depend greatly on our computers. Whether for business or personal use, our computers hold a lot of valuable information which enables us to fulfill tasks of all sorts. We use them for our careers, hobbies, and for communicating to important people in our lives. It’s amazing how the computer has connected the entire world. It is important to ensure that our computers are protected from anything that can cause them to malfunction such as power outages. In the case of a loss of power, if your computer is running you could lose unsaved data. This is why it might be important to invest in an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS. A UPS is an electronic device that is capable of continuing the supply of power to your computer or other electronic equipment for a certain amount of time when the grid fails. Some models even provide protection from power surges. Generators also can supply emergency energy when the main power source fails. The greatest difference between a UPS and a generator is that a standard UPS is fairly smaller than a generator and less expensive, but lasts for a shorter period of time. Many people prefer a UPS because of its convenient size and price. A UPS is generally used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment, or other electronic devices, yet it can also protect an entire data center. The largest uninterruptible power supply powers the entire city of Fairbanks, Arkansas and other nearby communities. Problems concerning the main power source can appear in many different ways. Voltage can become inconsistent and either spike or pause. Power can fail during storms or when a vehicle crashes into a power pole, knocking lines down. Whatever the reason, it is comforting to know that your data can be secure in the case of abnormal inconsistencies.

There are several general types of UPS available, depending on your needs. The first basic type of Uninterruptible Power Supply is a standard or offline device. It is probably the most common, especially with desktop computers, because it is the least expensive. It has the highest efficiency since it operates in standby mode and only runs when the power source fails. Another type of UPS is a line interactive device. A line interactive power supply is more commonly used for small servers and networks. It is always connected to the output and uses a small amount of AC power in order to keep the battery charged. When the power supply fails, it disconnects the AC input and feeds the load from the battery or inverter. An online UPS is a true uninterruptible power supply since it constantly delivers power through its inverter even when the power source is running properly. Online devices come in two varieties: double conversion and delta conversion. Double conversion online UPS transports all of the power continuously, and even though it is less efficient than standard or line interactive models, it is used in more critical applications. A delta conversion online UPS has a converter that transfers only a portion of the power to the load allowing higher efficiency than the double conversion.

Regardless of what option you choose, it would be a good idea to invest in something to protect your data. An uninterruptible power supply is an inexpensive and efficient way to go. It can be relieving to know that your computer and other electronic apparatuses can be safe in situations you can’t control and you won’t lose the information you have worked so hard to create.

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Finding Phoenix Data Center Construction Company

When constructing a building as important as a data center, you want to be able to rely on a company that can offer you the best quality. Data centers are considered to be a mission critical facility which means it is a business that utilizes technology to function around the clock. Its equipment is critical to the business and could have a negative effect if any devices were to fail. With so much at stake, it is no wonder why it is so crucial to employ only the best builders to construct data centers. A construction company should have a reputation for giving the highest level of service, and they should have experience and expertise in the industry to assure that your project meets the highest of expectations. When seeking for a Phoenix Data Center Construction Company, there are many things you should consider.

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When locating a quality Phoenix data center construction company, you should select one that puts a great deal of emphasis on the training of their builders. Builders should be highly educated and skilled in the industry. They should understand the techniques and building methods and procedures that will provide the highest standard of work. Builders should be trained in safety and offer extreme care in the project. When safety is a priority to the company, you know that your facility will be equipped with the correct safety standards. The best designers and engineers should be employed to combine with the builders and create a team who can produce the greatest value in your project. You should have confidence to know that you are entrusting your stock in someone who has your best interest in mind.

A Phoenix data center construction company should offer the most competitive prices. They should be knowledgeable of current market conditions so that they can offer the best value to their customers. Insurance and bonding should be a part of the plan to protect both the client and the company from fraud or any loss. The company should be aware of environmental risk and respect codes concerning factors such as asbestos, dust, debris, mold, or other issues that might affect the air quality. They should also be aware of and respect the codes concerning any hazardous materials that might affect the soil or ground water. A Phoenix data center construction company should continue to offer support even after the facility is constructed to guarantee the quality of their service. Any questions you have concerning the project should be addressed immediately. If any issues need to be corrected, they should be attended to in a timely manner.

It is relieving to know that you can locate a Phoenix data center construction company that will meet your expectations. They can assure that the project will be done within a timely manner, and within the budget agreed upon. You can find satisfaction in the quality when a company cares so much for their clients. With an investment as large and significant as a data center, you can expect only the best and know that you can rely on someone to see your facility created as you envision it and make it become a reality.

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Choosing A Reliable UPS Supplier

If you are in need of a quality UPS unit, uninterrupted power source, then you need to find a company that is experienced in providing exceptional equipment for large-scale business such as yours. UPS units are crucial to large scale businesses because they protect the data storage that is necessary in order to operate the business. If the computer network were to fail due to a loss in the power source, the company runs the risk of losing precious data and files that may be fatal for the company. Ensuring that a constant power supply is ready in case of a power outage, is essential in ensuring the function for the computer network system. Many different companies sell various kinds of UPS units as well as maintenance plans and warranties that go along with them; however, Eaton UPS is the only provider of excellent equipment and the great customer service that makes your buying experience pleasant and enjoyable.

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Many people are aware that when you purchase a UPS unit, you must schedule a maintenance appointment quarterly and semi-annually to be sure that your machine is working correctly. This piece of equipment can be a major purchase for most companies and so it is essential to take care of it properly. This will ensure a long and quality life for the uninterrupted power supply. Eaton UPS is qualified to sell and maintain UPS units according to industry standards. They go above and beyond when it comes to servicing your equipment. Paying attention to detail is what makes Eaton UPS stand above the other UPS manufacturers and distributers.

Because of the scheduled maintenance that is required for the UPS units, it is important to purchase your equipment from a supplier that you will want to have a relationship with over the years ahead. If you don’t receive the customer service that you are looking for with another company, try shopping at Eaton UPS. Dealing with a company that is customer friendly, pleasant and has a great attitude can make all the difference. Why not make your experience a pleasant one?

When choosing a company in which to purchase your UPS unit, select one that has extensive experience in the field and that has been in the business for a long time. Selecting a company that is an expert in the field is important in making sure that all of your potential problems will be able to be solved and dealt with in a timely manner. Having a company that provides a comprehensive selection of various equipment is a great benefit in that if you ever need any other type of equipment, you can simply purchase it from the same company. This will help to make your purchasing much more organized and efficient. Also, you only have one company to call if a problem should ever arise.

Eaton UPS can easily be found on their internet webpage. There you can find all of the quality and reliable products that they supply to companies all over the world. With their extensive group of clients, all in various industries, you can see that they will be a great match for your company as well. Let Eaton UPS make your uninterrupted power supply needs reliable and simple.

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Understanding Costs & Reasons For Data Center Outages

Reasons & Costs Of Data Center Outages

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Making Your Data Center More Efficient

Making Your Data Center More EfficientIf you are planning to design and construct a new data center or just renovating your old data center, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to be sure that your data center is functional and runs efficiently. Making sure that your data center design is well organized and operational is imperative to its overall contribution to your business. Planning ahead for your data center project can bypass possible major mistakes in the days ahead. Consider possible problems that might occur and figure out what to do about them now, before they happen. Also, keep your data center design plan simple. Simplicity is the key to organizing your data center in a user friendly fashion. When and if a problem should arise, you will know exactly where everything is and where to go in order to fix it. Make sure that you leave room for adjustments and flexibility. As new items come and old ones are replaced, there needs to be room for rearranging within your data center room. You should be able to arrange your equipment in a fashion where upgrades are easily accessible. Using standardized measurements and sections will also help to make constructing your data center much more easily. The data center design should include shelving that is uniform so that adding more servers is as easy as adding more standard shelving. Knowing how everything fits together also simplifies the process.

Because of the enormous weight of the various servers and computerized equipment, it is imperative to have flooring and structures that will hold up under extreme weight. Thinking of this now and not waiting for a problem to occur, such as a floor caving in, is crucial in ensuring that your data center will have a long life. Although ceramic or plastic tiles might crack or give under the weight of the servers, aluminum tiles are great at holding the weight and standing up under pressure. Aluminum is the perfect flooring material to use in a data center design.

One of the most important aspects of your data center is labeling each piece of equipment and the cables that are associated with them. Taking the time to label these things now can save you from extensive problems later on. With a clear label on everything in the data center, it will be easy to spot your items as well as easy to fix if a problem should arise.

Make sure that you keep your data center clutter free. The center should only contain the servers and equipment that is required to be in there. Keeping the room clear of other items and debris is imperative in allowing the room to be functional and easily accessible. Messy and cluttered rooms can lead to accidents and problems as well. It is much easier to keep it clean.

In order to ensure that your data center design includes all of these important aspects, you will want to make sure that you hire the right company to construct your data center. Insist that the company you hire holds a data center specialty license. This specialty license is needed to ensure that the company has the necessary training and experience in building exceptional and functional data centers.

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The High Costs of Downtime in a Mission Critical Facility

It isn’t hard to imagine what the outcome would be if a mission critical facility lost power for even a minute. With so much depending on those significant businesses, it isn’t surprising that thousands of dollars in revenue would be lost with every minute of down time. It is crucial to make sure that mission critical facilities receive the back-up they require to remain functioning at all times since they have so many people depending on them. There are many different mission critical facilities that demand the highest level of technical expertise. These include call centers, command centers, microwave and radio tower facilities, web-hosting telecom sites, network operation centers, optic transport facilities, storage and distribution centers, and data centers. Furthermore, for these facilities to succeed, they must undergo maintenance to assure that they are not going to fall into unseen problems. Data centers, for instance, should undergo data center maintenance to prevent down time incidences.

Some down time situations can’t be avoided, such as in the case of weather induced circumstances. But there are many other instances where down time can be prevented which might affect the performance of the facility. One difficulty might be the failure of a cooling system or server. If the equipment is properly maintained, the difficulties can be prevented. It is estimated that about 30 percent to 40 percent of system breakdowns that were caused by infrastructure hardware failures could have been avoided had the systems been properly maintained. Facility performance is affected by lack of preventative data center maintenance and can have a larger impact than down time. For instance, when a task takes longer to accomplish because of lower performance from the equipment, this can have an accumulative effect on productivity, costing a great deal of money. The percentage of loss in the performance can equal greater loss in revenue than down time. Data center maintenance is often placed on the back burner for several reasons. Sometimes the task seems arduous and the daily demands of a facility are overwhelming. A company manager might blame a lack of time or resources to be the reason for putting off necessary procedures. However, data center maintenance can actually save money and time by preventing costly problems in the future.

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There are many things in a data center that require maintenance on variable levels. Transformers, air and water distributions systems, and power distribution units require little maintenance. But fire alarm systems, chillers, and generators depend on a high level of care. Other devices such as an uninterruptible power supply is somewhere in between. Some apparatuses seem to get overlooked more than others such as switchgear, circuit breakers, power distribution units, UPS’s, batteries, and HVAC systems. A data center maintenance strategy can be implemented to help accomplish your maintenance goals. The first thing to do is to define your maintenance program goals and assign maintenance priorities. The next thing is to keep track of your maintenance history and other information. Another point is to make sure you are consistent with regular maintenance procedures. In addition, you should set safety and cleanliness standards. All in all, the benefits of preventative maintenance is truly an advantage to a data center or any other mission critical facility and can help to keep the company running, safe, efficient, and strong.

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The Importance of a 24/7 Data Center Emergency Response Company

Life is unpredictable and can produce unexpected circumstances. Hurricanes, lightning and wind storms, and tornadoes can result in damage to your computer systems and destroy important data. Although you can’t control natural disasters, and you can’t always protect your equipment in the midst of one, you can prevent the destruction of important data and have confidence in the security of your valuable information. With businesses, data is critical for survival. It’s nice to know that when so much is at stake, your information can be secure with a 24/7 data center emergency response company. The benefit of a company offering around the clock services is that you have the best in repair and technical support to attend to your emergencies whenever they might occur. A response team can prevent a long down time and save your business money. In addition to repairing your equipment in the case of weather related incidences, there are many other advantages to building a partnership with a data center emergency response company that can truly benefit your business.

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A 24/7 data center emergency response company can provide maintenance services that not only predict but prevent problems that may lead to down time. Predictive services can ensure that every component of your mechanical and electrical system is up to date and within the manufacturer’s specs. Other services may include air conditioning or uninterruptible power systems and back-up generators. Whether you choose a traditional perimeter, ceiling mounted, or a refrigerant-based high density cooling system, focused heat removal is the answer to high density cooling and can be obtained through a quality cooling installation. Power generators and UPS systems come in different varieties and are crucial in backing up your system in the case of a power failure. Generators can include diesel, natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Products relative to power distribution and circuit protection are switch boards, transformers, panel boards, safety switches, power monitoring and control systems, and distribution and control components. These products can help provide your system with high efficiency and effectiveness. Another option that 24/7 data center emergency response companies can offer is data storage. In addition to creating extra working space, your company can save time and money and allow your staff to focus on the more significant tasks they were trained for instead of storage maintenance.

Finding a good 24/7 data center emergency response company may require some research on your part, but it will pay off in the end. The company should be able to guarantee any of your mechanical or electrical projects to run smoothly and be performed by qualified and experienced technicians. When an emergency does arise, the response center should provide the best diagnostic and restoral technologies so that they can expedite a full system recovery. Their technicians should be highly trained with the latest electrical and mechanical technology.

A 24/7 data center emergency response company should be dedicated to their customers and have the experience to be able to provide you with the most reliable and quality service. By placing your trust in a 24 hour service, you can rest assure that your needs will be met no matter what time of the day it is and your business can continue on the road to success.

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UPS Maintenance

Data CenterThere will be times when the normal supply of power for your electrical equipment will no longer be sufficient. It could be that too many items are plugged in, that you are operating your equipment beyond its normal capacity, or that a winter storm has knocked out power to your neighborhood. When these problems occur, you lose productivity, profits, and you can lose important data not yet saved on your systems. It can even be dangerous to lose power without advanced warning, say for those in the middle of root canal at the dentist’s office. You need a backup system that will provide you with necessary power to maintain your systems in the event that some such event should occur.

An uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, steps in to provide this backup service. It is an item of electrical hardware that is places between the main power supply and the electronics you need to keep running. Depending on which model you choose, it will have the power capacity to supply your equipment in the case of a power outage for the amount of time you choose. And as its name suggests, it ensures an immediate, nonstop supply of power so that there are no costly gaps in power. Often UPS systems are made to plug conveniently into a normal socket.

Another added benefit of a UPS is that it can filter out disturbances from the main power supply. When the voltage from the main power source decreases, leading to a brown out, or electrical noise, like surges and spikes occur, it can really affect the life duration of your electronics. Such problems made your electronic devices age faster, making them wear out and need to be more replaced more often as well.

While it would be nice to just plug the UPS in and let it go to town, there are certain things you must do in order to make sure your UPS can do its job effectively. Most UPS systems come with user-friendly software that enables the unit to take over in the event of a power outage or surge. Without installing this software, the UPS device is an utterly useless piece of machinery gathering dust under your desk. Also, if you do not plug in the cable connecting the computer to the UPS, they will not be able to communicate in the case of a problem.

Checking the levels of the UPS battery regularly also helps avoid UPS failure. Make sure that the battery holds a charge and the strength necessary to power the systems should the main supply fail. Schedule these reviews regularly so the test never gets missed. If in these tests anomalies occur or a battery fails to pass inspection, always replace it immediately.

One of the more common reasons a UPS fails is because people hook it up to their laser printers. Inside each laser printer is a fuser that melts the toner applied to the paper, which is heated in a burst of power. Most laser printers will overpower the UPS and cause it to shutdown. UPS are simply not fast enough to meet the demands of these kinds of printers.

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