On Site Data Center Maintenance – Battery Monitoring

Data center maintenance includes monitoring batteries and testing them appropriately.  You need to find out how much charge is left and how long it will last.  When conducting battery testing, you need to specify the test conditions so you can obtain repeatable results.  The factors involved are method, temperature, load and duty cycle.

data center maintenanceQualification testing is one way to figure out whether a battery is a good fit and it is fulfilling its purpose.  Mechanical testing is another simple test to determine accuracy and environmental testing uses environmental conditions to see how the battery reacts.  Finally, abuse testing verifies that the battery is not an immediate threat to the user.

When it comes to data center maintenance, battery testing is an important factor to consider.  Not having optimal performance of your batteries can cause a lot of money and headache.  Cycle life of batteries can be decreased due to uncontrolled temperature in the area through cycle testing.  Load testing shows whether the battery can produce enough power when needed.

Prevention is key to the success of the battery.  It is important to know the warning signs of battery failure and to test appropriately so you can do the proper maintenance or make the right adjustments.  Having the right temperature is key to making your battery last longer in your data center facility.  Typically, you need to have a regular schedule of checking battery power.

You should have an expert on batteries present for all data center maintenance.  To determine the current state of health of your battery, you need to have a battery analyzer.  This gives you a quick reading on the battery and measures different things.  You can then act accordingly based on the reading

Data center maintenance, specifically battery testing, is an important component that cannot be overlooked.  Without a well functioning battery, your data center could be useless to you.  Through testing, you can stay ahead of any problems and replace batteries as needed before they fail.  Without proper testing, you wait for the problem or failure to arise and then problem solve it by replacing the battery.  This could cause unnecessary downtime of the data center.

With an on site spe t, data center maintenance occurs on a regular basis.  Having a spe t might cost extra money to the company, but with regular testing, it can thwart a potential disaster.  It is all about checks and balances and using the knowledge of someone to save the company money long term.  This can be done through regular battery tests.  Batteries do not last forever, so they will eventually need to be replaced.  It is important to stay on top of this maintenance.  If you do not check the battery and how it is functioning, it could cause an emergency situation to get the battery replaced.  By hiring an on site spe t, these emergency situations will lessen because your spe t will know the ins and outs of each battery in the data center.

With the right spe t, he or she will carry out the right tests on the battery in order to prolong its life and divert potential future problems.  Do not hinder your data center by neglecting the importance of having your batteries tested.

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Benefits of Data Center Equipment – The Eaton UPS 9355

data center equipmentWhen choosing data center equipment, the first step is to take the requirements of the data storage and transmission, and separate them into physical servers.  These servers are the computers that perform data storage and transmission exclusively – they are not designed to perform calculations, receive mouse or keyboard inputs, or display screen results like a commercial portable computer.  The size and placement of these servers is part of the physical design of the data center.

The second step when choosing data center equipment is to design the power distribution.  The main power input, either from an electrical source or from an electrical generator enters the data center and is distributed among the servers and the supporting equipment for the data center.  One of the key pieces of equipment for power distribution is the UPS (uninterruptable power supply).  The general purpose of this equipment is for reliability of the data center performance.

Many home computer users are familiar with the commercial grade UPS units available for their personal computers.  These can be essential for computer users in areas where the power is not reliable.  The main purpose of these units is to give the user time to exit out of critical applications and save associated data, and to cleanly boot down the computer if a blackout persists.

A corporate grade computer designed as part of the data center equipment setup has these duties and more.  One of the first requirements of data center performance is reliability, which is measured as downtime in parts per million.  Roughly speaking that means that the data center can only be down one second in a week.  As far as power is concerned, the main guardians of this reliability are the UPS devices.

An excellent example of a high-reliability corporate uninterruptable power supply for data center equipment is the Eaton 9355 UPS.  One of its powerful features is the premium double-conversion power supply.  This means that the output of the UPS is generated by stepping down the input voltage in two stages, with filters on each stage.  This gives a very clean output power supply to the servers for extra-reliable performance.  The Eaton 9355 also offers scalable battery runtimes.  This refers to the major backup mechanism of a UPS which is a storage battery.  The battery capacity determines how long each unit can supply the specified server load during a continuous power blackout.  This helps the servers in the data center design be scalable as well.  As new data center clients increase the need for the number of scalable servers, the power distribution units need to scale their capacity and distribution as well.  This is the goal for scalable battery runtimes on the UPS units.  These runtimes can be controlled through an optional integrated control module which may be supervised by a central control computer.  It includes the ability to bypass the UPS units for maintenance.

The Eaton 9355 UPS offers an excellent capacity to size ratio.  Its small footprint helps maximize the efficiency of the power distribution components for the data center.  The tower construction matches standard server racks for data centers.  It is designed to manage the 3-phase power requirements of an advanced data center.  The Eaton 9355 UPS is an excellent choice for part of a data center equipment setup for power distribution.

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The Power Of Kohler Data Center Generators

Managers who have designed the power distribution system for their data center equipment based on Kohler backup generators have found that their data centers are virtually uninterruptable.  The reliability that they can offer to their customers is unprecedented.  In addition, data center equipment is now chosen to run at the highest efficiencies possible in order to reduce the cost of power to a minimum.  Indeed, some data centers are trying to get a green rating, and find that appropriate Kohler data center generators help them reach that goal.

The Power Of Kohler Data Center GeneratorsWithout any on-site power-generating data center equipment, the ability to handle power outages for a particular data center is limited.  This function is generally performed by a UPS (an uninterruptable power supply) which consists of a battery connected in parallel with the delivery wires.  During normal operation, the plant power is transmitted straight through the UPS while a trickle of current charges and maintains the charge on the backup battery.  During a power outage, the plant power is cut, and the battery power automatically switches from drain to supply.  This system will continue to power the servers for the capacity of the battery, until they discharge.  The discharge time is chosen to match the 99th percentile of power outages that occur in that region.  Therefore, the system can deal with most outages through the battery backup.

However, extreme instances can engender circumstances exceeding the abilities of a reasonably-costed UPS system to maintain operations.  These can include such catastrophic events as a downed transmission tower, a prolonged electrical storm, or a extended snow storm.  Modern data centers cannot compete well in the market if their reliability plan does not include contingency strategies for these events.

Data center managers are turning to Kohler generators for the reliability portion of their data center equipment.  During extended blackouts, electricity is generated on site to back up the municipal supply.  With the proper choice of Kohler generator, data centers can be designed to be virtually uninterruptable in the face of all reasonable contingencies.

These days a huge selling point for data centers is that they obtain a green rating.  This looks good for their environmentally-conscious clients, and as they cut costs through efficient energy, they save those costs for their clients as well.  The industry standard measure for the data center efficiency is the PUE (power usage effectiveness) rating.  This is the ratio of the total power consumed at the entire data center in proportion to the power consumed strictly in the IT equipment, the data servers.  If all of the input power went to the servers, the PUE would equal one.  This would be an ideal situation, but difficult to obtain in practice since a considerable portion of the input power must go to the HVAC (heat, ventilation, and cooling system) to maintain the safe operating temperatures for the servers.  It is becoming standard to publish the PUE for all data centers which at the current time average 1.8.  Ultra-efficient centers have reportedly been able to reduce their PUE to an astounding 1.05, cutting their energy costs by an amazing 40%.

Natural gas Kohler electrical generators have taken advantage of the PUE weighting factor for natural gas of 0.31 to augment the municipal supply (in addition to backing it up) to get PUE factors below 1.0.  The first facility to do so has been built in the Nevada desert and intends to meet PUE ratings of 0.96.

Reliability and efficient power generation are strong reasons for including Kohler generators as part of the data center equipment.

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The Importance Of Preventative Data Center Maintenance

The Importance Of Preventative Data Center MaintenanceYour organization depends on its data center to provide the electronic information required for daily operations. There isn’t a single day when the data center isn’t used.  It is accessed around the clock by employees in the immediate location as well as those working via remote access.  Employees in far-flung branches are also depending on the organization’s data center to be there whenever they need it.  Deals can’t be made and vital decisions can’t be reached without the information stored in the data center.  Because the data center is such an important part of your organization’s computer network, you need to make sure that it is regularly maintained.  Periodic repairs need made, old components must be removed and new one installed.  As the computer network grows, a data center maintenance team will need to come in and check to make sure that the center is handling all the new information correctly.  All of these tasks have a price tag attached to them and as every member of an organization knows, those little price tags add up quickly.  One great way to save money on your need for routine data center maintenance is to have a preventative maintenance plan with a qualified data service firm.


Preventative maintenance is a necessary part of owning and operating a data center.  Even though all data centers are designed to be durable, stable, and highly secure, you have to be aware that regular upkeep is required if your organization’s data center is going to last as long as it has the potential to.  Preventative data center maintenance includes a thorough check of all components to assess the efficiency and responsiveness of each element.  If a component is slow to respond or entirely unresponsive, it will need to be replaced.  These small problems don’t take very long to fix.  During repairs, there will be little or no noticeable system downtime.  No one in the organization has to have their workflow interrupted by the preventative maintenance taking place.  However, if regular maintenance is not performed, the little problems will begin to compound and turn into larger ones. The money you thought you were saving by skipping a preventative maintenance check will have to be spent many times over when it becomes necessary to repair large portions of the data center.  Larger center repairs may require system downtime, which will slow workplace productivity to a considerable degree.


It’s clear how important it is to have preventative data center maintenance performed on a regular basis.  A great way to ensure that your data center is regularly maintained is to purchase a service plan.  Many data service firms provide these maintenance plans to organizations just like yours.  Your service plan is a flat rate cost, so you’re never caught by surprise.  You don’t have to waste time calling one service firm after another asking for quotes in order to find a good deal.  You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying, so you can always be certain that you’re getting a good deal.  And because your preventative maintenance plan will keep those small problems from turning into large ones, you’ll save a lot of time because your data center will never need to be taken offline for extensive repairs.


Purchasing a data center maintenance plan for your organization is one of the best things you can do.  Keep your valuable data center in good repair through regular preventative maintenance checks.

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Facts About Casino Data Center Design

One interesting fact about casino data center design is that it is run almost the same way as a comparable sized bank, even though it appears very different to the customer.  When a bank customer visits his local branch, everything about the building and setup exudes a serious atmosphere.  All the colors are in white, blue, and silver, giving an air of permanence and stability.  Everything in the bank is run by a centralized computer – this is a surprise to no one.  Each bank representative and teller has a computer terminal.  The ATMs, the phones, and the security cameras are all under computer control.  Customers understand that their account records are stored in a central database.  The display of automated control is shown to the customer on purpose in order to engender trust.

data center designIn contrast, patrons do not get the same impression when they enter a casino.  The dignified silence of the bank is replaced by dinging slot machines, clacking chips, and loud conversation.  The bank tellers are replaced with smiling hostesses in short skirts.  The main atmosphere of a casino is fun.  There are no overt clues given to the customer that they have strolled into a business controlled by a sophisticated casino data center design.

Everything in a casino is controlled by a computer to some extent.  This is because the casino makes money on the “house odds”, the small percentage that favors the casino in each game of chance they offer.  These odds can be destroyed by anomalies: a malfunctioning slot machine, or a player that counts cards.  These spell anathema to a casino, and so are controlled very carefully by both computer and human supervisors.

For instance, the slot machines of a modern casino are an integral part of the casino data center design.  The computers are not allowed to control each outcome of the slot machines, but they do know the numerical algorithms that generate the random numbers for the machines.  The data center computers include a test module which exercises the algorithm millions of times to calculate the odds of winning.  The wins and losses of each machine or monitored as well, and verified to make sure they match the calculated test outcomes.

The casino data center design also includes the ability for human input on those games which are not automated, such as craps.  As serious players know, the odds of winning on each throw are 25%, the same as the odds of losing.  The other 50% of the time, the gambler gets to throw again.  This makes it seems that the odds of winning or losing are the same, but the delayed nature of the win/loss outcome pushes the odds in favor of the house by about 5%.  The outcomes of each game of craps are entered by the croupier or the data center workers, and the results monitored to verify expected play.

One of the most interesting uses of modern casino data center design is face recognition.  Players that consistently beat the odds are registered in the database, and at some point, can be asked to leave the casino.  Neighboring casinos often share this database, and the casino data center can alert the security manager right away that a very lucky player has entered the casino.

Casinos are a serious business and it is reflected in the uses they find for their data centers.

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24 Hour Emergency Data Center Maintenance

Business never stops, so neither should your organization!  There are people hard at work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Like many others, your organization is connected to business interests around the world, which means that in other countries, people are hard at work while your employees are asleep.  However, business doesn’t take a break just because the cycle of night and day is a little different between your organization and your interests around the world.  There are decisions to be made, deals to negotiate, and problems to solve.  Challenges and obstacles are a natural part of the business world and it’s a savvy company who trains its employees in problem-solving techniques.  One of the best ways to solve problems is to avoid them altogether.  To do this, you need some professional partners that can step in and give you the assistance you require whenever you might need it.  No matter whether it’s three o’clock in the afternoon or three o’clock in the morning, you need to depend on the data center maintenance team you’ve chosen to partner with to be there for you and your UPS.

The UPS data center your business relies upon also works hard all day and all night.  There’s no hour of the day that peak operation isn’t a priority.  Security, speed, and stability are required of your data center at all times.  But as you know, problems also never sleep.  This is why having a UPS data center maintenance agreement that covers services around the clock is so important.  You can’t afford to wait for morning.  By that time, irreparable damage may be done to your system.  Power shortages, physical damage, electrical surges, or sudden glitches interrupt the flow of work at your organization as well as at all the other locations that make use of your data center.  Added up, there are a lot of people relying on your data center to be available at all times.

If the data center maintenance agreement you have with your service center gives you round-the-clock coverage, you don’t have to worry about anything if some problem arises in the middle of the night.  Even early morning and weekends are covered.  Though some maintenance plans won’t cover holidays, a twenty four-seven plan will!  You don’t want to have anything except for the very best coverage protecting your UPS system.  With just a little searching, you’ll be able to find a maintenance plan to gives you exactly what your organization needs and deserves.

Your data center is too valuable and too vital to your organization to be left without adequate service coverage.  The information contained in the data center is financially valuable.  In fact, depending on what kind of information is stored, you could be held legally liable if anything were to happen to compromise the integrity of the center.  An all-hours service agreement with a data center maintenance team will do a lot to save your organization from the devastating results of a data loss.

Your business needs to stay hard at work all day, every day.  There’s no excuse for slowing down, and with a round-the-clock UPS data center maintenance service plan, you won’t ever have to work about interrupting the important work your organization is engaged in.  Your UPS is a valuable system, so make sure that you have the very best service agreement in the business.

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The Importance of Data Center Design

data center designEvery business owner is interested in the long term growth and maturation of their business.  It’s not enough to simply start a successful business; the real goal that every business owner has in mind is to create a business that will last for generations.  To achieve these lofty goals, a solid foundation is required.  This foundation is made of informed business decisions, forward-thinking management practices, a skilled and diverse employee force, and an infrastructure of advanced professional technology.  As your business has grown, you have seen the wisdom of hiring the best people for the job.  You’ve become skilled at placing people into the positions where they can do the most good; you know how important it is to do the job right.  For this reason, you need to work with very particular sort of company when it comes time to integrate a state-of-the-art data center into your organization.

There are a number of companies that specialize in data center design and that can provide your organization with all the support services necessary to keep your data center running perfectly.  Before your organization’s new data center can come online, it will need to be designed, constructed, and installed.  You will also have to have it maintained on a regular basis in order to keep this valuable technological asset working at peak efficiency.  A data center design company can do all this for you and much more.

There will come a time when your organization’s information needs are not being adequately served by traditional network models.  Standard network infrastructure can handle incredible amounts of data, but as more components and end-user terminals are added, and as more demand is placed on the network’s resources, the system becomes strained.  Workflow can’t progress smoothly if the network is slowed down due to heavy use and network administrators have difficulty navigating the increasingly-complicated system layout.  At this point it is advisable to have a data center designed for your organization.  This powerful center of computational operation can handle magnitudes more resource demand than a standard business network can.  Powerful high-tech components can store, retrieve, and calculate information at lighting-fast speeds.  Workflow will continue at a rapid pace thanks to a data center’s ability to handle large amounts of information.

When you are ready to bring a data center into your organization, you need to first contact a data center design company.  They’ll send a team to your organization to assess existing infrastructure support and determine what kind of data center model would be most appropriate for you.  The team will create a custom design that meets all your current needs while giving you lots of room for future growth.  The components for the data center will be obtained and then carefully installed.  You’ll be given a handy timetable so you can follow the data center design schedule for yourself.

Once your new data center has been installed and brought online, the data service company you’ve been working with will provide the training necessary to teach your workforce how to use it.  You can also purchase a comprehensive maintenance plan with the design company so you won’t ever be taken by surprise if anything ever goes wrong.  Regular maintenance is a necessary part of data center ownership and it’s a good idea to get a plan with the data center design firm that helped create your valuable center.

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Managing the Power Needs of Your Data Center

In many ways, the heart of any organization is its data center.  This nexus of powerful computer hardware guides all the network functions of an organization, collects and stores a vast amount of data, and provides secure access at lightning speeds.  Without the information contained in its data center, an organization would quickly find itself adrift.  Because your organization depends on its data center for the information necessary to run all daily processes, regular data center maintenance is an absolute must.
data center maintenanceComprehensive data center maintenance consists of several elements, each one essential for the proper function of a data center.  You will need to work with a company that specializes in providing these services to organizations like yours.  Expert knowledge is required to make sure that a data center is in top working order.   Each part of the center will have to be analyzed carefully to determine its functionality.  As old hardware components get worn out or become obsolete, technicians will have to replace them.  And perhaps most importantly, your data center’s power needs will have to be regularly assessed.  Data center power management is one of the most important maintenance tasks that an assessment team will perform.

The electrical supply source that powers your data center is responsible for keeping your data center operating the way you need it to.  Even though people usually think of their data center as being the most important part of an organization, it is the power supply that keeps that center in operation.  If power were to be suddenly lost, all the data your organization relies on could be instantly lost.  However, with the right power management practices, you won’t have to worry about this happening.  In fact, a data center maintenance company can provide you with many options regarding backup and auxiliary power systems.

Implementing a power management program in your organization is easy with the right resources.  Any company that specializes in providing data center maintenance and design services can create management protocols that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.  A thorough power use assessment can be conducted.  That information can be used to create a battery power system backup in case the primary power source your data center relies on is disabled.  Other backup systems are also available, depending on the power needs of your particular data center.  You can talk over these options with your maintenance team.

One of the best ways to ensure that your organization’s data center is receiving adequate power is by scheduling regular maintenance checks.  Qualified data center technicians will visit your data center in person to assess the matrix and run the network through diagnostic tests.  The information gathered by these regular assessments will provide you with valuable insight into the effectiveness of your current power management practices.  If existing management protocols are not providing your data center with the power necessary to run at peak efficiency, then your data center consultants can assist you in revising your power management practices.

You should make the effort to schedule regular data center maintenance checks.  Even though the hardware components that make up a data center are durable, reliable, and built to last, the information stored in the center is too valuable to risk.  Don’t gamble that a problem won’t ever develop.  Regular maintenance should be performed on an annual or semi-annual basis.  Keep your data center’s power source in good shape!

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Experience Matters With Data Center Construction

Operating data centers is a booming market.  More and more companies are moving to IP (Internet Protocol — online) networks for their company intranets.  A growing number of companies hope to realize greater efficiencies for their IT (information technology) departments by moving a part or all of their operations to the cloud.  On the other side of the coin, technology investors and internet entrepreneurs are looking toward data centers as a profitable growth industry.  The key to a successful implementation of this type of business plan is a smooth data center construction process controlled by an experienced construction manager.

data center constructionWhen a data center is properly designed, the time until the enterprise reaches a break-even point when the business becomes profitable can be very short.  The components of a data center are standardized and can be assembled very efficiently by a knowledgeable design engineer.  It is important for the investment team and for the business manager to choose the proper engineer.  Perhaps the most important quality to look for is a successful track record.

data center constructionConstructing a new data center is a relatively new undertaking.  However, the basis for a data center is a server farm, and experts from this field will have a lot of related experience.  Managers of a server farm will not usually have a lot of general experience.  Server farms are targeted for a particular industry, such as the render farms for CG (computer graphics) movies.  However, they probably have the deepest experience for the problems of data center construction.

The potential problems and challenges of data center construction cover several disciplines, including building construction, network/server design, power distribution, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling).  The proper experience will cover all of these areas.  This is how a manager must choose the proper person to supervise the construction project; data center design is technical enough that most managers will not have the technical expertise required for detailed tracking.

An important consideration is to avoid choosing an expert that solely has computer experience.  It is likely that the project will move ahead without one or more important considerations that could seriously impact the time it takes to successfully and reliably perform the construction.  A general computer expert will likely have the expertise needed to design the data portion of the data center construction, but will not necessarily have the experience necessary to reliably operate large quantities of computers in an enclosed space.  Hiring an IT expert with experience in a corporate environment can be closer to the mark, particularly if he worked in a company with heavy data storage requirements.  But in general, a computer expert can underestimate the requirements for maintaining a large group of close-proximity computer servers.

Expertise for data center construction must come from two additional areas: ventilation and power distribution.  Ventilation problems manifest themselves as unpredictable heating failures on the units.  Once this has been diagnosed, reconfiguration of the units can be costly and time consuming.  Mistakes in power distribution manifest themselves as data failures due to insufficient power, failures due to improperly filtered power, and insufficient protection against power outages.  These can be difficult problems to diagnose and repair.  The best way to protect an investment in a data center and properly implement the construction is to find a construction manager with a high degree of experience.

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Why Quality Data Center Battery Systems Are Necessary

Managing a data center is a big job.  Additionally, it is without question one of the most important elements of your high-tech organization. A data center contains all the information that is required to run your company from day to day; everything that’s required for short term and long term operation is stored securely in its electronic archive.  This information is valuable for many reasons.  A considerable amount of highly sensitive proprietary data is stored in an organization’s data center.  If the hardware that stored this information was ever physically damaged or illegally accessed by hackers or data thieves, your organization could lose information worth hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars.  The records of your customers and employees are also probably stored electronically in your data center.  These people have trusted you with some of their most personal information.  You have to do right by them; a secure and well-maintained data center is going to help you do exactly that.

data center maintenanceOne of the most important forms of data center maintenance is the installation of a data center battery system.  This system is a powerful energy backup that will provide essential electrical power to your data center in case its usual energy source is cut off.  Even the most stable and reliable data center can lose all of its data due to a sudden power outage.  The financial and legal repercussions of lost data might be severe, not to mention the loss of time, effort, and reputation your organization will suffer as a result of lost or damaged information.  As you can see, the presence of a data center batter system is an absolute requirement for any organization.

There are a number of steps involved in the installation of a battery system.  Any company that provides data center maintenance services will be able to plan, install, and maintain your battery system, so you would be well-advised to talk with one of these companies.  All companies with experience in data center maintenance will have extensive industry experience and insight into the design and installation of all kinds of data centers and battery systems.  The design and installation team will work closely with your organization to implement the best data center battery system.

Before a battery system can be installed, it has to be designed.  This step will require an in-depth survey of your existing data center.  All the hardware components must be carefully mapped and, if necessary, a power use survey will be conducted.  Once the preliminary information has been collected, then the battery system components will be assembled.  Many data center maintenance companies have the ability to fabricate custom pieces for your data center.  It’s very important that your data center receive the elements that will exactly fit it; otherwise the power backup won’t work correctly.

The installation of the battery system elements may take a little time, depending on the size of your organization’s data center.  Once the installation is complete, the battery system will be tested and if everything goes smoothly, your organization can bring the battery system online.  You won’t have to ever worry about the devastating effects of data loss.

A data center maintenance company can provide you with all the technical support your organization requires.  From center design to battery system installation, a data maintenance company can do it all.

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