The Importance Of Data Center Cooling When Constructing A Data Center

A data center is a large, powerful system of computer components designed to provide the very highest level of network performance to an organization.  Daily workflow, shifting resource demands, information storage and retrieval, and countless remote access protocols are all handled by one of these state-of-the-art systems.  A data center is much more than the traditional networks of computers so often seen in business environments.  Instead, a data center is a flexible, dynamic operational hub that can handle even the heaviest resource demands.  In order to perform these important functions and to continue to do so for many more years to come, careful attention must be paid at every stage of data center construction.  So when it comes time to bring a data center into your organization, make sure you work with a data center design firm that knows everything about building the best possible centers.

data center constructionOne of the most important parts of data center construction involves the cooling system.  All computer components generate a certain amount of heat.  This is a by-product of the electricity required to run these components.  On a small scale, you can see this process for yourself in your own laptop or desktop computer.  The longer your machine is on, the warmer it gets.  To prevent the computer from overheating, a small internal fan has been installed.  This fan turns constantly to circulate the air inside your computer.  The warm air is pushed away and cooler air from outside is drawn in.  This is a constant process that continues without interruption.
The fans and cooling systems inside personal computers are relatively small, in keeping with the small size of the machines.  As computers and other electronic devices get larger, larger fans must be installed.  In the case of data centers, more extensive and elaborate cooling systems have to be designed and installed during the data center construction phase.  It’s essential that the cooling system be installed during construction and not as an afterthought.  Methods of cooling must be an integral part of the design in order to work most effectively.

data center construction and coolingThere are several cooling methods that may be considered during the design phase of data center construction.  Fans are a traditional choice, though the size of a particular data center may make fans impractical.  An air conditioning system separate from the one that serves the rest of the building may be installed.  Often, data centers are located in basement spaces in order to take advantage of the natural temperature control provided by the earth.  And finally, coolant systems may be considered to manually reduce the temperature of the many components inside the data center.  Any or all of these methods may be chosen as part of the finished design.

Which cooling system is chosen for a particular data center depends on several things.  Cost is one of the biggest considerations; it might simply be too expensive to install an extensive manual cooling system.  Space is also taken into account.  Not every organization has enough basement space to install large fans.  Ultimately, the needs of the data center must take priority.  Even if a little extra cost has to be incurred during data center construction, if that money is spent on cooling, it’s money well spent.  Keeping your data center cool will prevent damage and keep it running well.

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Benefits Of A Knowledgeable Data Center Maintenance Provider

A data center operation is a lean operation that is designed to use both computer storage and input power as efficiently as possible.  Because the technology is straightforward, and many customers have alternatives between several competing data centers, the cost of services is often the key deciding factor in obtaining new clients.  Other performance parameters include access speed, data storage capacity, and the ability to scale operations to match time-varying demand.  However, one of the most important aspects of a data center is reliability.  Customers do not want to have their data server connections fail at the whims of a power blackout or any other problem.  Customers who do not originally choose a data center with high reliability often reconsider after they discover the problems associated with lack of performance.  This is the time when both data center clients and data center managers truly learn the importance of data center maintenance and service.

Data center clients do not generally understand the technical details of a data center but they do know one thing: they want it to be properly functioning at all times.  The wise clients are monitoring the center’s monthly performance and quality reports and watching for anomalies.  They want to get the sense that they have contracted a rock-solid system.

For a data center with a solid design, maintenance should be straightforward and manageable.  However, a data center manager should not be lulled into the idea that he can skimp on the credentials when choosing his site maintenance technician.  Just the opposite, this man safeguards the reliability of the system, and will quickly become the unsung hero that fixes problems quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, transparently to the customer.

An effective data center maintenance technician will wear several hats.  First he should have extensive IT experience.  He should understand the quality standards necessary for his data center and perform accordingly.  For instance, he should know whether his data center is more of a cost-savings or a reliability setup.  He applies this for instance to a malfunctioning computer.  It the data center is cost savings, then he starts the repair by performing analysis, and isolating the problem.  On the other hand, if the data center is designed for reliability then he will waste no time trying to fix the bad server, but he will rather simply pull it out for a new one.  An even more efficient data center will have a data redundancy configuration, where two servers perform the same work, allowing one to take over for the other in case of a problem.  This allows all faulty servers to be repaired offline, with no interruptions to the server operation.

An effective data center maintenance technician will have power distribution experience and understand the loading plan for his center.  He should be able to monitor the power distribution at all points and ensure proper operation.  Many data centers minimize costs by reducing power consumption to the bare minimum.  They also do this to get a green rating.  The knowledgeable technician should understand each of these systems.

A reliable data center maintenance technician will also have sufficient HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning experience).  The closely-spaced, heat-generating servers must be properly vented to maintain temperature within their operating range.  This protects the units as well as optimizes the quality of the data streams.  The proper data center maintenance technician is the one who will keep all of these systems running smoothly.

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Titan Power Sponsors Arizona Technology Council Golf Tournament

Titan Power was proud to be the “Golf Ball Sponsor” Titan Power Sponsors Arizona Technology Council Golf Tournamentfor this year’s 3rd Annual Arizona Technology Council Golf Tournament. As the “Golf Ball Sponsor,” our logo was printed on all golf balls given out to players at the beginning of the tournament. Each player also received a sleeve of Titan Power golf balls in their tournament gift bag.

The tournament was a scramble format with a shut gun start at 8am on February 9th, 2012. Both members and non-members of the AZ Tech Council were invited and a total of 100 players attended the tournament.

The AZ technology Council is a non-profit trade association founded to connect, represent and support the state’s expanding technology industry. To promote economic growth and professional development in Arizona’s technology sector, the Council provides members networking opportunities, business support and access to educational forums.

Titan Power Sponsors Arizona Technology Council Golf TournamentThe Council strives to distinguish Arizona as a leader in the technology community and offer resources that are exclusive to its members. This association produces over 100 events each year that drive networking, promote continued education, and offer opportunities for new business growth for our members.

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Happy New Year! Wow, what a great 2011 Titan Power had!

Titan Power completed over #53 Construction projects. Project scopes ranged from electrical cabling, to a UPS installation to the complete design & build of a 2,000 square foot computer room. Titan Power Project Managers racked up many miles traveling around Arizona to Nevada and to Northern California managing projects.

Our Service technicians were equally busy in 2011, completing over #800 Preventative Maintenance services on UPS’s, PDU’s, Batteries and Generators for our customers. In addition, they completed over #200 UPS battery replacements and “other services” including capacitor replacements, load bank tests and  infrared thermography testing. Customers continue to compliment the professionalism and ability of our Service Technicians as the customer response cards keep coming in.

Can’t forget our productive Sales Department, we hired and trained three new sales people in 2011.  Welcome Gene, Jay & Don! The consistent efforts of our sales team added over 27 brand new customers.  Our Sales Team geared up to sell our newest product line, Gamatronic UPS, with much success.

Also in 2011 Titan Power was awarded a GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule 70 Contract for IT equipment and services. We kicked off our redesigned website, participated in the NFMA & IFMA trade shows, presented at an Uptime Institute forum and participated in several charity events (golf , of course).

We look forward to an equally great 2012!

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Visit Us at the IFMA Facilities Expo! Admission Is Free!

Come visit Titan Power’s booth at the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Facilities Expo:

  • When: Wednesday, October 26th & Thursday, October 27th
  • Where: Phoenix Convention Center

The Wold Workplace Expo trade floor is open from 11:30AM to 4:30PM on Wednesday and from 10:30Am to 2:30PM on Thursday.

You may register for free by completing and faxing the registration form or by registering onsite the day of the expo.

Titan Power will be at booth #1044 exhibiting Gamatronic, Xtreme and other critical power and air products and services. Please contact us with any other questions or visit the Conference and Expo website for more information.

What is the International Facility Management Association?

IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for professional facility managers, supporting more than 20,000 members in 78 countries.

The association’s members:

  • Include 126 chapters and 16 industry councils worldwide
  • Manage more than 37 billion square feet of property
  • Annually purchase more than US$100 billion in products and services

Formed in 1980, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educational programs, recognizes facility management certificate programs and produces World Workplace, the world’s largest facility management conference and exposition.

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Sole Source with Titan Power’s AZ State Contract

Titan Power, Inc. currently holds a State of Arizona, Department of Administration, State Contract # EPS070086-A5 for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment and services.
Sole Source with Titan Power's AZ State Contract
This “State Contract” allows Arizona governmental and municipal organizations to take advantage of a master agreement and receive up to 40% off manufacturer’s list prices without having to go out for bid. This saves not only time and money but also eliminates the bid process.

This contract includes providing, maintaining and servicing UPS systems manufactured by:

Who Can Utilize The Contract?

The below link lists all Arizona public cooperative purchasing entities, as well as all members of the Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) and Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools (GPPCS), that can purchase off of this contract.

Co-Op Member List (follow link then scroll down)
Sole Source with Titan Power's AZ State Contract
Contact us for all your Uninterruptible Power needs and mention Arizona State DOA Contract # EPS070086-A5 to receive your discounts. Titan Power is an approved contractor for the purchasing function of the State of Arizona, and is thereby pre-approved to provide its services to any Arizona municipal entity in the State.

Titan Power has experienced UPS/battery service and installation professionals in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado.  For more information go to www.titanpower.com, or call (800) 509-6170 to speak to an emergency power professional.

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Need Equipment Service Labels?

Our Field Service Engineers try to get these “Call for Service” stickers on all of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Power Conditioning units we service so it is easier to get a hold of us in emergency situations or when replacement batteries are needed.

However, if your equipment does not have a sticker or you would like additional stickers, just send a quick email to info@titanpower.com or contact us letting us know how many you would like mailed to you.

Need Equipment Service LabelsWe are always amazed how often these stickers are put to good use. They are handy not only during normal working hours for quick reference, but really prove their worth at 2:00AM when the equipment goes down, and a limited support crew or individual scrambles to make sense out of how to restore power.

Our support center is available at 800-509-6170 for emergency calls or scheduling 7x24x365

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Titan Power Provides ASU With an 800kW Rental Back-up Generator for Their Fall 2011 Registration

Titan Power provided ASU with an 800kW rental generator for back-up power during their 6-week, Fall 2011 registration period. The generator is located alongside Palm Walk, which is a main drag through ASU campus.

Titan Power Provides ASU

ASU Rental Generator

The Sun Devil Book Stores also took advantage of this opportunity to advertise their new textbook rental program. This back-up generator is required due to the influx of online traffic during class registration.

Visit our album on Facebook for pictures of the rental generator on Palm Walk.

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Titan Power Expands Sales Team to Serve Increasing Customer Base

Titan Power is excited to announce the addition of two new Sales/Account Representatives to better serve our expanding customer base. Gene Reeck and Jack Gieseking have extensive experience in Account Management, Sales and Customer Service.

Below are Gene and Jack’s profiles, territory responsibilities and a link to press releases written about their appointment at Titan Power.

Gene Reeck, MBA
Titan Power, Inc. Expands Sales and Account Management in Scottsdale, Northern Arizona and Colorado

Titan Power Inc. headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, has undertaken a customer-centric expansion of sales and service.  In the continuing effort to fulfill the needs of emergency power customers in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado, Titan Power announces the appoint of Gene H. Reeck, MBA,  to serve customers in North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.
In addition to serving clients in the greater Phoenix area, Gene will introduce new emergency power solutions to clients in Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and Colorado. His background in Industrial Technology and Design has formed the framework for a career of finding creative, cost-effective solutions for his customers.

Read Press Release written on Gene.

Gene Reeck
Office: 800-509-6170 ext. 104
Cell: 480-223-3232
Fax: 480-968-3111


Jack Gieseking
Titan Power, Inc. Introduces New Critical Systems Sales Representative to Serve Southern Arizona

To better serve mission-critical power operations in the East Valley, Southern Arizona, and Eastern Arizona, Titan Power, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Jack Gieseking, who will add his expertise to the Titan Team. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Titan Power Inc., is a major provider of uninterruptible power solutions and maintenance across the southwest, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

Jack Gieseking brings extensive sales experience to his position at Titan Power.  As Titan Power both sells and maintains emergency power components, Jack’s history of strong client relationships fit well into Titan’s responsive culture.

Read press release written on Jack.

Jack Gieseking
Office: 800-509-6170 ext. 113
Cell: 480-223-3209
Fax: 480-968-3111

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Mission Critical Construction from Titan Power

Data Center & Computer Room Construction

Mission Critical Construction from Titan PowerData Centers, Computer Rooms and Mission Critical Facilities are very specialized and selecting the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make. With over 25 years of experience, Titan Power is at the forefront of mission critical industry knowledge with up to date technology and solutions.

Titan Power, Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor has the ability to manage the entire turn-key job including the planning, design, engineering and construction of your Data Center, Computer Room or Mission Critical Facility. Whether you are building, expanding, relocating, installing a cooling system, upgrading your UPS or adding a PDU, Titan Power will manage the entire job.

Design & Engineering

Design & EngineeringTitan Power’s highly trained team of Architects, Engineers and Consultants have decades of knowledge in designing and building secure, efficient and cost effective data centers. Read more…

Completed & Ongoing Projects

Titan Power’s Marketing Department makes an effort to document as many projects as possible to give visitors an idea of the kind of construction services we provide. This “projects portfolio” section allows you to scroll through pictures of different critical power & air related construction projects and/or installations we have completed or are in the process of completing. View all projects…

Electrical & Mechanical Installations

Electrical & Mechanical InstallationsTitan Power is a distributor of a wide range of equipment products, from manufacturers that you know and trust. Our ability to draw from multiple manufacturers is a distinct advantage in that we are positioned to responsibly recommend the right product (fit, form and function) given your facility’s unique budget, application and infrastructure. Read more…

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