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Cloud Connectivity

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Does Your Business Have a Strategy for Cloud Connectivity?

 Over the next few years, cloud infrastructure spending among businesses is expected to take up more of your IT budget. In 2014, cloud expenditures accounted for about five percent of the IT budget. In 2018, it’s expected to jump to 11 percent. The cloud is not going away, and it’s important for your business to take steps to create a strategy for your organization now.

Do You Really Need Cloud Connectivity?

Many businesses have invested in on-premise cloud infrastructures, so you may be wondering if you need anything more. One of the big issues with an on-site system is that it requires a great deal of administration and resources. Then you have the public cloud systems. There are some real concerns about security when using a public connection. An enterprise cloud connection combines secure protocols to integrate your storage and usage components to build your business. When you have a strategy in place to utilize both types of cloud storage, it lets your organization grow and keep your computer system to scale.

Types ofPublic Enterprise Cloud Connectivity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one option that gives you more flexibility in your public and private networks. With their Direct Connect option, you can establish a dedicated connection between your network and the AWS servers. You have more options because it integrates with all of the AWS cloud options. You have a lot of options when it comes to reconfiguring the networks to meet your growing business changes.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is very similar to AWS, but it doesn’t use the public internet as a connection. Your business gets more reliability and security between the public cloud and your own network. It extends your system without requiring more resources and equipment from your organization. You also have the option to build your own ecosystem for different applications. ExpressRoute lets you connect with other Microsoft services outside of Azure.

Leveraging Your Options

Both Direct Connect and ExpressRoute offer significant cost benefits over creating your own private cloud storage. As more businesses become both global and mobile, give your organization the strength to grow your own data infrastructure with an Enterprise cloud connectivity strategy that helps your data center grow as your organization grows. If you’ve made the investment in an on-site system, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have more options with the cloud. Build on what you have with the technology available to you and create reliable connections that have the speed you need to get business done.



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