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   A Company’s Stability Starts With The Computer Room Build Plan

A Company’s Stability Starts With The Computer Room Build Plan

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Today’s company operates heavily on data—the more you can utilize your data to your advantage, the strong your company becomes. For that reason, it is important to understand that the long-term viability and stability of your company begins with a solid computer room build plan.

You may have been putting off the idea of designing a computer room for your servers and other data devices, but the longer you wait, the more valuable information you are potentially missing out on—information that could help keep your company one step ahead of your competitors. If you lose your data, or the information is compromised, your company is in danger of losing out to other competitors in the marketplace.

One of the most crucial components of a computer room build plan is the security. When it comes to information, security is paramount—whether that information is customer data or the secrets of your business success—and your computer room build plan should be created with security for the location in mind. Some of the most common ways companies secure their data is with locks, keycard systems, cameras or other detection devices, and other high-tech options. After all, you could have the best firewall in place to protect from cyber threats, but your data is still vulnerable if someone can walk into your data center unauthorized and steal it.

First of all, your security plan should include some method to keep unauthorized individuals out and keep your equipment inside, whether it is with biometric devices such as handprint recognition, voice-activated controls, a scale to weigh individuals when they arrive and when they leave the room (to prevent equipment theft) or something as simple as keycards. Even at the lower end, these systems can provide you with information about who is accessing your computer room and when. Recording devices such as cameras on the inside and outside of the computer room can also be an effective deterrent for someone planning to steal your data.

Your computer room build plan should also include a component for safety from natural disasters, such as water sensors to alert you to potential floods, or fire detection and suppression systems. This includes examining and planning for the possibility of other natural disasters that may be common in your area, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. While the safety measure you plan for may not save your entire computer room in the event of a disaster, they may be able to alert you enough in advance that you can minimize the damage.

In addition, you may want to develop a plan with some additional safety measure in place, such as keeping servers a specific distance from the floor to prevent damage if the building does flood. If your computer room is in a location where there are other businesses, be sure to examine and plan for all potential disasters that could result from the negligence of others, or of the landlords.

If your business is one that operates on data, you know the importance of being able to access to all the information your business has. Getting your computer room build plan right is essential to ensuring that your company is stable and successful long into the future.



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