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   Data Center PDUs – Why Intelligent Is Better Than Basic

Data Center PDUs – Why Intelligent Is Better Than Basic

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dataencryptionphotoEvery data center manager is familiar with power distribution units or PDUs.  PDUs help distribute power throughout a location to storage devices, servers and networking equipment so that it can function seamlessly and properly.  Facility needs and infrastructure are not static, they continue to evolve over time and power distribution units are no exception.  Basic power distribution units are what most data centers are used to but today, much like in other areas of technology, intelligence is the name of the game.  Facility managers are on a quest for improved monitoring and maintenance that not only alerts them but is intelligent and capable of making proactive helpful decisions on its own to keep a data center functioning effectively and efficiently.  In the realm of PDUs, this comes in the form of intelligent PDUs.

Intelligent power distribution units are a high availability solution for data centers looking to move in an efficient and intelligent direction with their infrastructure so that uptime can be maximized while saving a significant amount of money.  What is the difference between intelligent and basic units?  Intelligent PDUs provide some of the most important things data center managers are looking for – functionality, adaptability, reliability and much more.  Raritan points out that intelligent power distribution units are capable of power distribution and multi-point metering, sequenced outlet power cycling, remote management, environmental monitoring, and asset tracking and infrastructure security.  These invaluable advantages would benefit any operation, large or small.  Data Center Knowledge points out why intelligent PDUs will not only help play a vital role in converting data center infrastructure to a more intelligent system but will also make a significant impact on the bottom line, “Organizations and data center administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve data center control and overcome these kinds of challenges. Consider this – a recent Ponemon Institute study showed that in 2013, the average cost of downtime was a staggering $7,908 per minute. The very same study also showed us that the cost of a data breach to a company is on average $145 per affected individual and $3.5M per incident. This means we’re dealing with real capacity, management, and even security challenges when it comes to data center control. This is where intelligence can begin to make a real difference… This means creating an architecture built around intelligence and one that can resolve some of the most pressing data center control challenges out there.”  While the upfront cost of an intelligent PDU may be a challenging pill to swallow for those who determine the budget, overall they will help contribute to a massive data center overhaul that will save a significant amount of money in the long run, more than paying for themselves.



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