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   Data Center Racks Evolving to User’s Needs

Data Center Racks Evolving to User’s Needs

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A data center is a dynamic, ever-changing physical and virtual world that can present challenges in terms of efficiency and efficacy. Everything from the way the equipment is stored and cooled to the way that information is sorted presents an opportunity for improvement. Energy efficiency is often a major focus of these centers, as operators focus on minimizing power usage while still properly maintaining the equipment. Getting the right data center rack is a key part of ensuring your information is properly stored.


What Users Want


Any good data center will take into account what operators need to do their jobs well. There are several things that users have identified as key items to have in a data center rack, such as the following:


  • Strong side panels
  • Casters on racks and cabinets
  • Standard sizes and simplified components


Surveys have also shown that users want the ability to distribute the racks on an international level and have an electronic lock that grants logged access to the equipment.


The Basic Structure


Survey participants noted that not only is having a standard size rack important, but so is making sure that the racks provide enough room, both for equipment and the equipment maintenance. As needs for storage change, so may the size of the tools that are being used. A rack should be able to accommodate modern equipment. Not only that, but technicians should be able to access the equipment when necessary to diagnose problems or make repairs.


Additionally, there are often a number of cables running through a data center at any given time. Users want flexibility with managing those cables, enabling them to run cords to different machines or rearrange equipment when necessary.


Improving Airflow


Another area users identified as important is ensuring that there is a proper airflow over equipment. One of the most important things for an operator to do is to consider the system design of the center. There can be two centers with the exact same equipment, but one may generate far less power than the other simply based on design. This is where items such as airflow management comes into play. Improving airflow can be as simple as closing off gaps where cables enter and exit and covering the open areas inside racks.


The good thing about data centers is that they are always evolving, just as technology is. This creates plenty of opportunities to reevaluate an existing space and make changes to improve energy efficiency or better accommodate users. At Titan Power, we make it our goal to be an industry leader when it comes to trends and improvements in our field. To learn more about our services, please call us at (800) 509-6170.



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