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   Distributed Antenna Networks and Small Cell Networks Require Reliable Power Supply

Distributed Antenna Networks and Small Cell Networks Require Reliable Power Supply

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We have all been there – we need a wireless connection but just cannot seem to get a good signal.  We scream at our phone and shake our fists at the heavens in frustration because we expect to have constant wireless signal for our wireless devices.  When it does not happen, we are truly astonished because good and reliable wireless service has become as expected as water is when you turn a faucet on.  Distributed antenna networks or (DANs) require a reliable and strong power supply but another solution – small cell networks –  also require a reliable power supply.  Just like any data center relies on a strong and reliable power supply, so do networks that distribute wireless connections for mobile device users.

Small cell networks are believed to be a critical part of the future as mobile data traffic continues to rapidly grow each year.  A small cell network is easier to implement and also more environmentally friendly.  It does not require a large cell tower but, instead, a compact base station that are relatively lightweight and easy to deploy, making them very appealing.  These small cell networks provide data support to only a limited number of customers based on subscription so that, rather than being a part of a large group all trying to access the same network, you are part of a much smaller base accessing an network which helps control output power needs.  These small cell networks are being deployed at a wide range of locations such as event stadiums, convention centers, theme parks, malls, colleges and universities, hotels or resorts, hospitals, medical centers, and much more.  This allows for  a more reliable service with a lower power supply need.  But, even with a lower power supply need, the supply must be reliable.  Uninterruptable power supply is the crux of a good service in the data industry.  With small cell networks there will be more reliability and a decrease in delays.  They provide much more capacity than macro cells to their subscribers which means more satisfied customers.    Getting power to small cell networks can be challenging if they are outside mounted on lamp posts or other inconvenient areas.  Luckily, so often, there are reliable power supplies available from local utility companies but it is critical to ensure that you have uninterruptible supply even in the event of emergencies – when people often need their wireless devices.   Because of the rise of small cell networks there are many power supply companies that create reliable power supplies directly designed for small cell networks.  Whether talking about a distributed antenna network or a small cell network, uninterruptible power supply must be present with redundancy so that unfortunate power outages do not occur and customers remain happy.



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