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   Eaton UPS Creating Energy Efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Eaton UPS Creating Energy Efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies

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data center equipmentPower protection is extremely important in keeping IT assets protected from power loss issues. Even small outages are a problem to most companies and businesses. Losing power, even only for a second, can result in events that leave IT equipment down from fifteen minutes up to a day or more. This downtime is extremely costly for companies because lost time means a loss in money. Utility power isn’t clean and it isn’t very reliable when everything depends on the power to be stabilized and available around the clock. Voltage can vary and this means that while utility services promise that they will deliver a 208-phase voltage they can actually deliver a range approximately from 190 volts to nearly 225 volts on any given moment. These variations are wide enough that they can cause significant damage to IT equipment. Eaton UPS can create an uninterruptible power supply that can save sensitive electrical equipment in the event of a power loss.

So what is a UPS? UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. Simply put, it is a device that provides a backup power for when the electricity fails. It provides power for as long as necessary for critical equipment to shut down properly to avoid data loss or long enough to retain operational until a generator can come back online. A UPS also monitors incoming power and conditions it so that surges and lags are not able to cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment. There are three main types of UPS; single conversion systems, double conversion systems and multi-mode systems.

The Eaton UPS single conversion systems work to feed the incoming AC power from the source to the IT equipment and when the input falls out of range from the inputted limits, the UPS will work to use its inverter to draw electricity from the battery virtually disconnecting the AC input to prevent major problems from backfeeding. The unit remains on battery power until AC input resumes or until the battery dies.

A double conversion system converts power twice. Firstly AC power is converted into DC and fed into an output converter. This inverter then converts the DC power back to AC power before feeding it into the IT equipment. This process isolates and smoothes out the loads that are received from the utility power feeds, ensuring that the equipment only receives reliable and clean electricity. In the event that AC input falls under predefined limits then the converter begins to draw battery power.

An Eaton UPS multi-mode system combines features from both the single and double conversion systems while providing improvements in reliability and efficiency. While operating under normal circumstances, the system keeps voltage within safe limits. However if the AC input falls under the predefined limits then the system switches over to double conversion mode which isolates the IT equipment from the fluctuating AC source. If the electricity goes out completely then the UPS utilizes the battery to keep loads running so as to not lose any data or revenue.

No matter which system is chosen for power manageability, it is important to remember that all electrical equipment is sensitive and prone to damage from electrical instability. Eaton UPS help to protect sensitive computer equipment by providing an uninterruptible backup power system for use in home applications or large commercial applications. As technology increases, so does the need for businesses to have many options in managing the power of their data centers.



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